Yemeni Forces Liberate 400 Square Kilometers in Al-Bayda, Marib Provinces: General Sarea


June 29, 2020

Spokesman of Yemeni Armed Forces Brigadier General Yahya Saree

The spokesman of the Yemeni Armed Forces, General Yahya Sarea, announced that the army and popular committees, supported by the “free honorable” people of Al-Bayda governorate, have completed the entire Redman district, as well Qaniyah front, reaching the areas of Ma’ale and large parts of al-Abdyia district in Marib province.

“The Armed Forces have achieved great and significant progress after being able to complete an area of 400 square kilometers of the said areas.”

The operation was begun by the army and popular committees in Redman district after monitoring a clear hostile activity of traitor Yasser Al-Awadhi, according to General Sarea who added that the states leading the aggression provided hi with a great military support.

The operation lasted three days, the results were as follows:

Freeing an area of 400 square kilometers from al-Bayda and Marib provinces

Leaving more than 250 enemy forces dead, injured or captured .

Destroying at least 20 armored vehicles.

General Sarea pointed out that various units of our Armed Forces, including the drone and rocketry forces, participated in the qualitative military operation, vowing to continue the fight till the liberation of the entire territory of the Republic of Yemen.

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Yemeni Resistance Cleans Large Swathes in Ma’rib, Al-Baydha, Inflict Heavy Humanitarian Losses Upon Mercenaries

Yemeni Resistance Cleans Large Swathes in Ma’rib, Al-Baydha, Inflict Heavy Humanitarian Losses Upon Mercenaries

By Staff

Yemeni Armed Forces Spokesman Brigadier General Yehya Saree announced a wide military operation that took place in the provinces of Ma’rib and al-Baydha, stating that the Armed Forces, along with the al-Baydha residents completely cleaned the Radman Directorate.

Brigadier General Saree further announced cleaning the Qaniyah front and reaching large swathes of territories in Ma’rib.

He further emphasized that the Yemeni Armed Forces have made important and major progress, liberating around 400 square kilometers in Ma’rib.

Saree pointed out, relatively, to the major breakdowns among the enemy lines, inflicting them heavy humanitarian and material losses.

The Armed Forces Spokesman, accordingly, announced the name of a betrayer ‘Yasser al-Awadhi’ who coordinated with the countries forming the coalition of aggression to attack the Yemeni Forces in Darman. He also said that al-Awadhi continued to collaborate with the aggression forces despite being warned, letting many mercenaries, including from Daesh [the Arabic acronym for terrorist ‘ISIS/ISIL’ group] and other Takfiri groups, inside Yemen.

“The Yemeni Armed Forces were able to monitor the collaborator’s activities, which included mobilizing mercenaries and stationing them in different areas as he sought help from the countries of the aggression that offered him cash, weapons, mercenaries and aerial support,” Saree explained.

Al-Awadhi, Saree added, contributed to establishing an explosive devices factory to target the Armed Forces in al-Baydha, with the countries of aggression putting at his disposal two military brigades, armored vehicles and weapons.

However, the Yemeni Armed Forces’ plan aimed at eliminating his scheme by advancing from four positions in an operation that saw dozens of mercenaries killed, injured and detained, not to mention those who fled during the offensive.

Saree announced cleansing large swathes of areas in al-Abdiyah, as well as inflicting heavy losses upon the collaborators and agents.

He further noted that the operation lasted for three days over the 400 square kilometers area in al-Baydha and Ma’rib.

Saree finally much appreciated the honorable stances of the al-Baydha tribes that were keen on Yemen’s security and stability. He then saluted all tribesmen who refused but to support their nation.

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