Watch: Egyptian warplanes and battleships target Libyan border in large-scale maneuver

By News Desk -2020-07-11

BEIRUT, LEBANON (5:20 P.M.) – The Egyptian naval and air forces, along with their special forces, carried out maneuvers along their western border with Libya on Saturday.

During the maneuvers, the Egyptian Armed Forces carried out an amphibious operation, with the support of their air force.

According to the Egyptian army statement, this exercise comes within the framework of the combat training plan for the armed forces’ formations and units in one of the stages of the “Decisive 2020”.

Video Here

They explained that “this maneuver is on the western strategic border, given the sharp and rapid changes that the region is going through.”

The stage began with the implementation of a group of concentrated air strikes through a number of multi-mission aircraft for the enemy’s command centers, in conjunction with the implementation of a parachute to secure the Ras Shore.

Training was also carried out on different fighting methods and selecting the most appropriate to achieve the tasks in the least possible time and with the least possible losses.

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