“Accusations that Lebanese Gov’t is Controlled by Hezbollah Sound Like Broken Record!”

 July 18, 2020

Lebanese Prime Minister Hassan Diab dismissed accusations that the government in Lebanon is controlled by Hezbollah, stressing that such claims “sound like a broken record.”

In remarks following a meeting with Maronite Patriarch, Cardinal Beshara Boutros Rahi in his residence in Diman, Diab said:

“Talks that the government is Hezbollah’s one, now sound like a broken record.”

Meanwhile, the premier commented on the issue of “neutrality”, which has been recently raised by Rahi, by saying that is political par excellence.

“Neutrality needs dialogue by all the political components,” he was quoted as saying by National News Agency.

“Lebanon is basically a point of convergence and a bridge linking both East and West together, and this is a point of enrichment for the country. This issue should be the center of dialogue between all political parties.”

In this context, Diab said that Lebanon is governed by the Constitution and the Taif Agreement, affirming that ‘Israel’ is an enemy that violates the country’s sovereignty every day.

Meanwhile, the Lebanese PM called on all Lebanese sides to resume national dialogue to be “on the same wavelength” and to gather the Lebanese together.

Diab defended his government by saying: “There is a strong internal and external campaign that harms Lebanon and not the government,” stressing that these actions will not lead to the fall of the government, but rather to Lebanon’s fall.

Source: Al-Manar English Website and NNA

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