7,000-year-old artifact returned to Iraq from Italy


By News Desk -2020-07-250

The statue of the Mother Goddess at the ceremony in Rome.

BEIRUT, LEBANON (1:45 P.M.) – The Iraqi Foreign Ministry spokesman, Ahmed Al-Sahaf, announced on Friday, that his country has received the statue of the “Mother Goddess” from Italy.

He said in a press statement, “The Embassy of the Republic of Iraq in Rome received the statue (the Mother Goddess) from the Italian government within an official ceremony that took place in the Italian Ministry of Property and Cultural Activities.”

He added, “The Iraqi ambassador to Rome, Safia Al-Suhail, attended the ceremony in addition to the Italian Minister of Culture.”

The statue of the Mother Goddess is an Iraqi artifact that dates back to prehistoric times (5000 years BC), and symbolizes motherhood and fertility.

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