Huge number of human organs found in one of terrorists’ hideouts in Syria


Wednesday, 29 July 2020 16:34

Syrian army units in cooperation with residents found a huge number of human organs  saved inside transparent bottles including chloroform in one the hideouts of terrorists in Ghadfeh village in Maarret al-Noaman region in south Idlib.  According to the Syrian News Agency (SANA), one of the doctors turned a home, located 10 km to the east of Maarret al-Noaman into a laboratory where human organs, including heads, eyes, hearts and other organs were saved in bottles.  Names of men and women were written on the bottles.  Terrorist groups have used the sale of human organs as a way to finance their terrorist acts, especially in norh Syria.  Western media reports have talked about the abduction of dozens of children and women with the aim of stealing their human organs. Turkish brokers are running the sale of organs, according to media reports. 

Basma Qaddour


The hideout included a room detected for religious studies with radical books and publications. This indicates that the militants were not members of a gang, but rather of a Jihadi group.

Hearts, Heads&Livers: Syrian Army Uncovered Hideout Of Organ Traders In Greater Idlib (Photos)

Al-Ghadfah, which is located in the vicinity of the city of Ma`arat al-Nu`man, was controlled by al-Qaeda-affiliated Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham. The town was liberated by the SAA and its allies a few months ago.

Greater Idlib is known to be a hub for organ traders in Syria. Turkey is the main market for this horrific trade. Militants in the region rely on organ trading, among other criminal activities, as a means to finance their terrorist operations.

Turkey, which deployed thousands of troops and loads of equipment in Greater Idlib over the past few months, is turning a blind eye to illicit activities in the region.


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  1. Well, this is hugely revolting, and I’m (almost) wordless. I do note this statement in the text just below the first photo: “Turkish brokers are running the sale of organs, according to media reports.” I don’t know which “media” are involved and therefore must be and remain skeptical. Then, at the ‘MORE ON THIS TOPIC” itemization at the conclusion of this post, I find reference to “Israel” — directly (9) or inferentially (1) — at no fewer than 10 of the 12 citations. That information I find most instructive, and suspicious, and telling. I recall several years ago that one of my few heroes, Alison Weir (IfAmericansKnew), issued a fine piece of investigative journalism exposing many and precise details about Zionism’s/Israel’s penchant/appetite for (non-Jew) human organs for transplant into “pure Jew” bodies. Alison, predictably, was excoriated for her research and reporting. All in all, I smell a rat, er, Zionist connection here. The Zios (America’s “entangled ally,” remember…) are reportedly skin-tight with the terrorists trying to dismember and destroy Syria. Turkey, I think I can write reasonably, is a hotbed/haven for clandestine/shady/back-alley operators…so my circuitously derived conclusion is that my nose’s detection of the stench of a “rat…Zionist” is something on which I would invest a US$100 bet. Any takers? Intelligent/analytical dissenters?

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