Iran announces seizure of UAE ship

By News Desk -2020-08-20

The Iranian Foreign Ministry has announced that the United Arab Emirates regrets the incident and that it is ready to compensate for the damage.

Tehran said that it had captured a United Arab Emirates (UAE) ship and detained its crew over alleged violation of Iranian territorial waters on Monday, according to the Islamic Republic’s state TV.

The news outlet also cited the Iranian Foreign Ministry as saying in a statement that the UAE had expressed regret over the incident and is ready to compensate for the damage.

The incident reportedly saw the UAE coast guard firing at Iranian boats and killing two Iranian fishermen on Monday.

“On Monday, an Emirati ship was seized by the border guards of Iran and its crew were detained due to illegal traffic in our country’s waters. On the same day, UAE guards shot dead two Iranian fishermen and seized a boat […]. The UAE has expressed regret for the incident and in a letter on Wednesday announced its readiness to pay compensation”, the Iranian Foreign Ministry’s statement pointed out.

Earlier on Thursday, the Ministry reportedly said that it had summoned an UAE envoy in connection with the killing of Iranian fishermen.

The Emirates’ state-run WAM news agency, in turn, reported on Monday that that several Iranian fishing boats had allegedly entered UAE waters near Sir Bu Nair Island in the Persian Gulf.

After the vessels did not stop when ordered to do so, “rules of engagement were applied,” WAM added without elaborating.

The developments came after an incident in the Gulf in late June, when Saudi Arabia’s coastguard fired warning shots at Iranian boats that refused to stop, said the country’s state news agency SPA.

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A spokesman for the Saudi coastguard said at the time that after the shots were fired, the Iranian vessels retreated, adding that any violations in the kingdom’s waters would not be tolerated.

Iran’s Mehr News, for its part, reported that the incident occurred on 24 June when the country’s fishing boats were pushed off their course by waves. The outlet said that no fishermen were harmed in the incident and the boats returned to Iran the following day.

Source: Sputnik


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  1. Noted. I had to read this three times to get even a halfway sensing of the incident and its June predecessor (too much potential for such standoffs in cramped waters…!). Regrettable that two human beings were killed; I hope UAE “compensates” in great fullness.

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