Lebanon’s Security Forces Arrest Number of Syrians in Refugee Camps in Akkar over Koura Shooting


 August 24, 2020

SourceAl-Manar English Website and NNA

An ISF (Internal Security Forces) unit raided an apartment belonging to a Syrian refugee in Akkar, as part of search efforts for wanted individuals involved in a deadly shooting in the district town of Kaftoun in Koura.

According to primary reports, an explosion was heard at the raid scene; it turned out that the 40-year-old wanted, identified as Youssef Kh., had blown himself up.

The security forces managed, while raiding a number of refugee camps in the outskirts of Al-Kawashera, Al-Bireh and Khirbet Dawood towns, to arrest a number of Syrians and confiscate two laptops, according to media reports.

Suspected suicide bombing reported at Syrian refugee camp in northern Lebanon

By News Desk -2020-08-24

BEIRUT, LEBANON (12:35 P.M.) – A person blew himself up while the Lebanese security forces besieged him in a Syrian refugee camp in the Akkar region of northern Lebanon, the Al-Jadeed TV reported, citing a correspondent nearby.

Al-Jadeed TV said that the explosion caused a number of dead and wounded, which occurred during a raid by the strike force in the Information Branch.

The report said a Syrian man blew himself up in a small room inside the Al-Fotouh area that is located between Khirbet Daoud and Al-Bireh in Akkar.

The mayor of Khirbet Daoud explained that the explosion was not within the vicinity of Khirbet Daoud, and that there was a strike operation in the morning of the strike force, and this explosion took place.

He said: We do not know until the moment whether the explosion was caused by the detonation of a bomb or if the young man blew himself up, pointing out that the room is owned by a person from the town of Ain al-Zayt, and we do not know if he had rented it from him since the time of the crime.

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