Imam Khamenei’s advisor: US “Barking” Won’t Bear Fruit or Have Any Effect

Imam Khamenei’s advisor: US “Barking” Won’t Bear Fruit or Have Any Effect

By Mokhtar Haddad

Iran – Both US President Donald Trump and his Secretary of State Mike Pompeo remain delusional about re-imposing UN sanctions on Iran after Security Council members and signatories to the nuclear agreement – that the Americans violated and withdrew from – refused to do so.

This leaves Washington faced with a dilemma at a time when Trump is looking for a component of strength to boost his reelection campaign. But the administration has been dealt multiple defeats on the international arena. Meanwhile, the Iranian people are continuing their march to development and prosperity with their legendary steadfastness.

According to senior Iranian official Dr. Ali Akbar Velayati, the Americans “will not be able to wrong or do anything against the Iranian people.”

The international affairs advisor to Grand Ayatollah Sayyid Ali Khamenei, told Al-Ahed News that if the US “wants to trigger the snapback mechanism as it claims, no one in the world will follow it.”

Velayati, who also serves as the Secretary-General of the World Assembly of Islamic Awakening, added that his country isn’t concerned by the US. 

“We have faced sanctions from the United States and its allies since the victory of the Islamic Revolution, and we are able to preserve our sovereignty, pride, and dignity. We can face sanctions and manage the country’s affairs. We are not concerned about such measures that have no impact on international issues. This is just an American play,” Velayati explains.

“The martyr Haj Qassem Soleimani was proud that he trampled America in dirt and that he defeated the Daesh terrorist organization Since Daesh is the product of an American-Zionist operation, he was able to defeat the American plan and project,” Imam Khamenei’s advisor added. “Hence, the Americans are terrorists, and they carry out government terrorism. The truth and the cause of their misdeeds are known to everyone.”

Velayati concluded by saying that “the spirit of martyr Hajj Qassem Soleimani elevates day after day because of the prayers of the free and Muslim peoples for him. The Iranian people and other nations hold him in a high regard. And the barking of this American dog will not bear fruit.”

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