South Front

On October 2, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) released details on two alleged precision-guided missile factories of Hezbollah located in the Lebanese capital, Lebanon.

The location of the alleged factories was originally revealed by Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in a speech before the UN General Assembly on September 29. Back then, Hezbollah responded to the accusations by allowing journalists into one of the sites, that turned out to be a metal workshop.

In its new statement, the IDF repeated Netanyahu accusations, claiming that the workshop, that is located in the Jnah neighborhood, was used to produce missile parts.

The IDF said the bending machines, rolling machines and cutting machines, which were spotted in the workshop, were being used to manufacture missile engine casings, warheads, navigation component housings and missile stabilization fins.

According to the IDF’s claims, the Jnah workshop’s owner, Muhammad Knurl Fouad Rimal, is a member of Hezbollah’s missile production unit, who has flown to Iran several times.

The IDF also claimed that it had detected “suspicious traffic” at the other precision-guided missile factory, which is located in the Chouaifet neighborhood, after it was revealed by Netanyahu. The suspicious traffic was just a truck leaving the site to a civilian building in the Bat El Brajneh neighborhood. The IDF claims that the building is a Hezbollah headquarters.

Israel has been working for the last two years to promote the narrative that Hezbollah is storing weapons and making missiles in the heart of Beirut. No credible evidence has been presented by Tel Aviv, yet.

During the 2006 war, Israel used similar allegation to justify a bombing camping that wiped out a large part of the Lebanese capital. Dozens of civilians were killed while thousands others were displaced.


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