Israel Bombs an Elementary School in Quneitra Southwest of Syria

October 21, 2020 Arabi Souri

Israel bombed a school in Quneitra southwest of Syria

Israel bombed an elementary school with a missile shortly after midnight in the village of Hurriyah in the northern countryside of Quneitra Province, southwest of Syria.

The school has six classes for elementary learning and all the school’s windows and doors were broken in this bombing, the Syrian Ministry of Edcuation dispatched its maintenance teams to estimate the damage and removing the rubble and the repairs started immediately.

At 12:05 after midnight the Israeli IDF launched a missile at the school which caused material damage with no given reason and in breach of Syrian sovereignty, the international law, the UN charter, and the 1974 truce and under the watching eyes of the useless United Nations UNDOF observers.

Embattled Israeli PM Netanyahu needs an escape from the pressing protests against him by the foreign imported settlers and land thieves in occupied Palestine, just how corrupt he is that land thieves protest against his corruption!

Israel bombed an elementary school in Quneitra sothwest of Syria

Israel also needs the US cannon fodders to be involved in any war it might starts because it can surely start it but wouldn’t be able to handle it, especially not after the the year 2000 when the Lebanese Hezb Allah forced it out of southern Lebanon and later in 2006 when the same party brought it to the point of begging for a ceasefire from the USA and Qatar. Trump needs to withdraw his forces from West Asia before end of year standing, otherwise they’ll return laying in coffins as Iran and the Iraqi PMU vowed to force them out after Trump killed the Iranian General Qasim Soleimani and the Iraqi PMU Top Commander Abu Mahdi Muhandis.

The latest cross-border bombing of a school from the Syrian occupied Golan might be testing fire or just a message that Israel still has an army that can come out of their bunkers they’re hiding in since August when they killed a soldier of Hezb Allah near Damascus, and the Party’s chief vowed to kill an Israeli IDF soldier in response.

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