Fearing Being Killed by Iran or Saudis… MBS Not to Normalize Ties with ‘Israel’ Now!

Fearing Being Killed by Iran or Saudis… MBS Not to Normalize Ties with ‘Israel’ Now!

By Staff

It is a dual effect that has this time terrified the young Saudi crown prince and hindered his most dangerous step ever.

According to Haaretz newspaper, the Saudi heir, Mohammed bin Salman [MBS] told ‘Israeli’-American billionaire Haim Saban that he couldn’t have joined neighbors Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates in normalizing ties with the Zionist entity because doing so would get him “killed by Iran, Qatar and my own people.”

The report cited Saban relating the story of his meeting with MBS at an online campaign event on Wednesday called “‘Israel’s’ Security and Prosperity in a Biden White House,” sponsored by Florida for US Democratic presidential candidate Joe Bide and vice-president runner Kamala Harris.

Perhaps MBS fears being killed by his own people due to his accumulating shameful record of human rights violations firstly against his own people. MBS would be afraid that the suppressed Saudi public, fed up with the young prince’s horrible crimes, are awaiting the opportunity that would serve as the last nail in his own coffin.

Although some Saudis would welcome open relations with the occupation regime, the vast majority still -just like the free people in other Arab states; Bahrain as an example- oppose such disgraceful step.

Despite all the heinous crimes he has committed, what the weak-kneed prince cares for most is his own image, according to previous testimonies by the co-authors of “Blood and Oil: Mohammed bin Salman’s Ruthless Quest for Global Power.”

Justin Scheck commented on MBS’ reaction to his ruthless killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi: “I think he was very surprised by the outrage and by the fact that people in these other countries that he considers as important were going to harp so much on the death of one Saudi citizen.”

The other author, Bradley Hope said: “Mohammed bin Salman, despite being seen as a reformer, in the Western media and also among Saudi youth, he’s completely allergic to anything close to political reform. I’ve never in any of my reporting heard of him having anything close to a discussion of political reforms . . . He is completely politically illiberal, but he’s socially liberal. And that is something that everyone needs to know when they’re trying to think about Mohammed bin Salman.”

But why would MBS fear that he might be killed by Iran, here is the question!

Did Iran kill the Bahraini or the Emirati rulers after they announced formal ties with the occupation entity? Or what did MBS commit so that he fears the result so much?

Time will show us, but until then, the good point is that the Saudi heir is deterred from committing such a sin against Palestine, Islam and the Arab world.


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