In the Name of Judeo-Christian Zionism

See Behind The Veil

From 9-11 to COVID-19 & Ahead

Events, whether they occur in the individual arena or collective, are never coincidences or random happenings. Each comes as a sign that carries an encrypted message. And, if we don’t listen, the lesson perpetuates itself in our life in various disguises. It kicks us in the ass with varying levels of severity. The nudges keep getting bigger and harder, if we insist upon delusion and subsequently defy what is staring us right in the face. When I watch the state of affairs mankind finds itself embroiled in today, I am time and again reminded of the ‘People of the Lie’, a book by the late Dr. M. Scott Peck. Wherein a number of psychological case studies entail a stark conclusion. Part of the end note insists persistent denial of truth precipitates evil, and holds the potential to translate into an absolute rejection and…

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