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In the early hours of November 4th, the vote for the US Presidential Election is being counted between incumbent president Donald Trump, and former Vice President Joe Biden.

As of 9:00 Central European Time, Joe Biden is in the lead with 49.8% of the vote and 236 electoral votes, compared to Trump’s 213.

Despite the preliminary results, Trump came out after his Texas and Florida wins and announced that he had achieved victory in the Presidential Election.

Joe Biden With A Slight Lead Over Trump, As Preliminary Results Show Heavy Contention

To secure victory and 4 years as president, the necessary number of electoral votes is 270.

In terms of swing states, Trump currently leads in Texas and Florida, both of which provide the most electoral votes.

Trump is also in a slight lead in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Michigan and Georgia, but counts are not finalized yet.

Joe Biden takes away Arizona and New Hampshire.

These are no final results yet, and it is quite possible that they will not be provided on November 4th.

Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin are expected to finalize their vote counting some time on November 5th.

From the preliminary results, several conclusions can be drawn.

First, there was a final burial of the residual respect for the “mathematical models” and polls of almost all American political technology and sociological companies, as well as trust in the “expert assessments” of the mainstream media.

Even if Biden wins, it will be a very tough win, just barely, as it seems.

And this does not fit with what the polls showed, especially since Biden lost miserably several states in which all mainstream polls gave him a colossal advantage, starting right with Florida, in which Trump received a record number of votes from “Latinos”, blacks and especially “Cubans”.

Polls missed all this or were originally aimed at purely manipulating the vote in order to suppress Trump voters.

In Ohio, judging by the exit polls (which actually give a very rosy picture for Democrats), 56% of workers’ union members voted for Trump, and this kind of hints at the fact that the American “deep electorate” is somehow not very enthusiastic about the LGBT-green-leftist agenda and accusations of racism. Polls also missed everything or were initially biased.

At the funeral of the industry of “polls and models” on Twitter, the button accordion was torn by Nassim Taleb personally, who three years ago publicly mocked the chief sociologist and modeler of the United States Nate Silver, and practice has once again confirmed his correctness.

The legendary “quantum” analyst of JP Morgan Marko Kolanovich joined the kicking of political charlatans, who also pointed out that all this pseudo-mathematical rubbish promoted by mainstream sociology was biased and unrealistic.

Now about bankruptcy. It is not yet completely obvious to everyone, but the most competent observers of international (and, in particular, American) political discourse – Chris Arnaid and Victor Marakhovsky – have already noted that the industry of “militant liberal irony” has suffered serious damage.

As Viktor Marakhovsky rightly noted “for a long time, the most promoted and, therefore, the most successful votes of Donald Trump were not at all the brightest and funniest ironists – but the most heart-rending, moreover, having the maximum number of “signs of voices that must be heard.” In other words, a crowd of hysterical minorities who are not very good at sarcasm simply because sarcasm is a product no, but still a critical analysis.”

Before everybody is the defeat of the “collective American Dudya”, and the victory will go to Biden (if at all) not due to total media domination and powerful propaganda, but thanks to the officials of the “deep state” who have stopped counting in key states and are now stuffing pre-prepared ballots for Biden in “voting machines” or in boxes for storing “mail ballots”.

It remains to find out whether another bankruptcy will be added to the funeral and bankruptcy – namely, the total loss of legitimacy of the American judicial system, which may and will have to determine the final winner of the electoral race.

More than 1000 people protesting US President Donald Trump descended on “Black Lives Matter Plaza” on the evening of November 3rd, just a block from the White House, while hundreds more marched through parts of downtown Washington, sometimes blocking traffic and setting off fireworks.

The demonstrations in Washington were largely peaceful, with people shouting, “Whose streets? Our streets!” and “If we don’t get no justice, they don’t get no peace!”

Groups of teenagers danced in the street as onlookers cheered. Large banners, including one reading “Trump lies all the time,” were unfurled.

The situation in the US is quite precarious, with either Presidential candidate winning having to deal with a largely divided population, with numerous issues.

It is, however, showing that the Trump administration, which evidently mishandled the COVID-19 pandemic, and several other issues, and has gathered so much American ire after months of Black Lives Matter protests, is still heavily contesting the vote.


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