Defense of Shushi

Colonel Cassad, Nov 7, 13:47

As usual cool Anna News report from Shushi. Filmed yesterday on the northern road leading to Shusha. The armored vehicles in the video are being pulled up from the side of Stepanakert.

Today, the Armenians hold Shusha, but the Azerbaijanis continue to press, trying to cover the city from the west and at the same time try to break through the positions of the Armenians in the mountains to the east of it in order to take it into a half-ring. Attention is drawn to the very bad weather, which in the current conditions plays into the hands of the Armenians, as it complicates the operation of the Azerbaijani and Turkish UAVs. The Armenian command states that the attempts of the Azerbaijani special forces to enter Shusha were repelled with losses for the enemy. Nevertheless, over the past 24 hours, Shusha has been subjected to serious artillery and MLRS attacks, and Azerbaijan will obviously bring up additional forces from the Jebrail region to increase pressure.

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