After 38 Years of Denial, Israeli Shin Bet Officers Acknowledge Hezbollah Responsibility for Command Headquarters Blast in Tyre

November 11, 2020

The images of fear, gloominess and awe have been haunting the Zionist soldiers and officers who witnessed the explosion which rocked the headquarters of the military command of the occupation forces in the Lebanese southern city of Tyre 38 years ago.

Yossi Mansharof on Twitter: "Taking pride in Imad Moughniyeh and  Hezbollah's first so-called martyrdom-seeker, Ahmad Kaseer, who committed  the November 1982 suicide attack against the IDF headquarters in Tyre,  Hezbollah TV al-Manar
Shahid Ahmad Qassir Executes Operation: Enemy leadership in panic and alarm

On October 11, 1982, the martyr Ahmad Kassir carried out the first martyrdom bombing operation, detonated his explosives-rigged car at the headquarters of the Israeli military command in Tyre, southern Lebanon, killing 76 soldiers as well as officers and injuring 118 of others.

Shahid Ahmad Qassir Executes Operation: Enemy leadership in panic and alarm

A number of Shin Bet officers recalled the images of fear they witnessed on that day, narrating how the Israeli military police prevented them from circulating the booby-trapped car attack hypothesis.

It is worth noting that the Israeli military censorship have repeatedly refrained from acknowledging Hezbollah responsibility for the losses inflicted upon its troops for fear of the psychological consequences of such conformation.

The Shin Bet officers emphasized that, after the blast, they obtained enough reports which confirmed Hezbollah involvement in the attack.

Source: Al-Manar English Website


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