Breaking/Exclusive: Iran Assassinates Mossad Chief in Downtown Tel Aviv (updated/videos/proof)

By VT Editors -December 6, 2020

VT: Two days ago, VT published an exclusive story based on news we received from Tel Aviv. 

Short months go, VT was the only media to report the nuclear bombing of Tel Aviv until, of all things, VT’s story was confirmed by President Donald Trump.

Our sources say teams of Iranian intelligence officers entered Israel under false identities more than a week ago.  They had long established safe houses inside Israel.

Their task was to kill the the operational head of the Mossad, Fahmi Hinawi, who had planned the murder of Iranian scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh in Tehran.

Our reports confirmed that Hinawi was hit in a hail or bullets and that there may have been other attacks as well.  Confirmation have come in from Arab News, Sputnik News in Russia and the Iranian media.

The 15-bullet riddled car of senior Mossad officer Fahmi Hinavi, December 3, 2020 (screenshot via Twitter)

VT: Confirmed, Fahmi Hinavi, operational chief of Israel’s Mossad, was killed by an Iranian team inside Tel Aviv on Thursday night.

Hinavi is thought to be the force behind the assassination of an Iranian nuclear scientist a few short weeks ago.  This is the only killing we have been able to learn about but it is suspected that others have been killed inside Israel as well, totally censored in the Western press.

On the evening of Thursday, December 3, a 45-year-old Israeli by the name of Fahmi Hinavi was liquidated while he was traveling in his car, south-east of Tel Aviv: 15 bullets were reportedly fired by assailants who then evaporated most easily in nature, without leaving any trace  : for an entity whose secret services claim, in the wake of the terrorist attack of November 27 and the targeted assassination of the nuclear physicist in Iranian leader Fakhrizadeh, makes Iran “a playground”, and whose leader, Yossi Cohen goes so far as to suggest that it is far from the last “, it is rather borderline.

This is all the more limited as for 48 hours, no Israeli media dared to speak about it for fear that the Zionist settlers, panicked that they are already at the idea of ​​having to pay the price of the blood of the Iranian, begin to make links between this liquidation and two other similar liquidation cases produced in recent days at X and Y and to think that the “Resistance” is much closer to them than the blows suggest. bluff of Cohen et Cie …

But on Friday evening, things started to get out of hand and social networks to disseminate images of a shooting that would have everything to look like “a response”: the attackers would have approached the vehicle of Officer Hinavi while he had stopped at a red light before unloading their machine gun and then leaving. The media tried to pass the “guy” by a quidam, victim of a family quarrel but the presence of Mossad forces and security services even before the police arrived at the scene left no doubt: Cohen lost a big hat!

The big question: does the liquidation of Hinavi have any connection with the cowardly assassination of Fakhrizadeh, seven days rather while the latter was traveling in his car not far from the Iranian capital Tehran? Possible and the blow would be much cleaner: if the Mossad took 20 years to have Fakhrizadeh and this, not with the help of a commando composed of 12 assassins as suggested by the Golf press in their excess of enthusiasm, but by a “remote-controlled machine gun”, Hinavi was himself liquidated in the middle of the street, by “several attackers” who “did it most easily”. This being the case, there is something fishy about it!

Since the assassination of the senior Iranian scientist, there are reports of a real earthquake within the intelligence apparatus and the Israeli armed forces which accuse the Netanyahu-Cohen couple of having acted against Iran without them. warn:  it is even said that the Minister of War Gantz, whose Chief of Staff repeats to whoever wants to hear that Israel is ready for all Iranian war scenarios, refuses to assume “militarily” the consequences of “Netanyhau’s act”since Israel would be “ruined” at the “first Iranian missile fire” or its “proxies”! A sign of existing tensions, Friday, December 4, and even though so far he boasted of having designated Fakhrizadeh’s name as a target to be shot in 2018 and finally managed to get it, Netanyahu appeared on the screen of the American Hudson Institute to accuse Iran of accusing Israel of any event that occurs there. Visibly embarrassed to have been questioned about the murder of November 27, he launched: “the Iranians are accusing us of everything true or false.”

In short, for the past week Israel has been in a mess and the temptation is great in any way, including self-mutilation, to “ease the pressure”. Self-mutilation would be welcome. Moreover, an Iranian response would go well beyond the Hinavi cases. On Thursday, a general alert was raised at the Dimona nuclear reactor in the Negev, the Tel Aviv regime having warned its “old and new employees” against “the danger” which now awaits them at the turn of every street, every alley or even when they were at home… Thus, the response promised by Iran paradoxically comes to be grafted to that of Hezbollah for the murder of “Kamel Mohsen” to thus widen the “circle of anguish” of the Zionist soldiers to “researchers”, “academics “, to the” Think Tankists “, … of Israel, Nasrallah having already promised the bullet from his snipers to the Israeli military, Iran having sworn that his” response “will be” painful and precise “.

And Iran will strike Israel …
Cowardly Murdered Fakhri Zadeh: The Misstep of Too Much
Sign of the hell that the Zionist entity saw, Israel Hayom attacked Thursday against the cyberwar units of the army, target Saturday, a few hours after the assassination of Fakhrizadeh, of the super hackers of BlackShadow: “these are people who demand bitcoin from us by threatening to publish the data of thousands of clients of insurance companies, including officers, officials, military, academics … Israelis. A first ransom amount reaches a million dollars. .but one has the impression that it is only a decoy and that this intermittent reappearance of BlackSadow has something with Iran … “

In August 2020, the Zionist army, on high alert on the Northern Front and waiting for Hezbollah to fire, engaged in a ridiculous maneuver by sending its units to hunt ghosts and claiming to have neutralized an Israeli commando operation. At the time, all intelligence sources laughed at an Israel which, well aware of its military and intelligence flaws, was carrying out shoddy “False Flags” since a “false flag” operation was intended in principle to be given to the strongest the pretext of attacking the weakest … But here again the Zionist regime intends to reverse the principles … clumsily. Fakhrizadeh is worth more than a thousand thousand Hinavi … he is worth all of Israel and more …

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