Lebanese Military Tribunal Sentences ‘Israeli’ Collaborator to Three Years in Prison

Lebanese Military Tribunal Sentences ‘Israeli’ Collaborator to Three Years in Prison

By Staff, Agencies

The Lebanese Military Tribunal sentenced Kinda al-Khatib to three years of prison with hard labor for collaborating with the ‘Israeli’ enemy.

The Military Tribunal’s ruling stripped Khatib of her civil rights after she was convicted for collaborating with the Zionist regime, entering enemy territory, working with ‘Israeli’ spies and providing them with security information.

Khatib, who is in her 20s, was arrested and charged back in June and indicted in September by Military Investigative Judge Najat Abu Shakra.

The charges against her also included her facilitation of the collaboration of another Lebanese with the ‘Israeli’ enemy, Charbel Hajj, who was also charged with the same crimes, by helping him appear on a Zionist channel through her contacts with an ‘Israeli’ journalist.

Hajj was also sentenced Monday to 10 years of hard labor in absentia.

According to a report by Al-Akhbar newspaper, the indictment noted Khatib’s desire to open the border between the occupied territories and Lebanon, which she had publicized on her social media accounts. The indictment also said that Khatib had offered advice on how the Zionist regime could improve its image among the Lebanese.

The daily reported that Khatib had conducted an audio interview with an ‘Israeli’ television channel, and helped ‘Israeli’ journalist Roy Qays to conduct an interview with a US-based Lebanese individual.

The indictment further accused Khatib of having provided security information about Lebanon to a Kuwaiti intelligence officer named Yasser Kandari, who she met in the Dead Sea area.

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