Hussein Al-Shartouni: A Boy with Nine Years of Age, A Lifetime of Dignity, Persistence


Hussein Al-Shartouni: A Boy with Nine Years of Age, A Lifetime of Dignity, Persistence

Subtitled by Staff

This video shows a nine-year-old boy from South Lebanon, telling the story of his chicken that ran away towards the ‘Israeli’-occupied Palestinian territories, along the border of his village of Meis al-Jabal… 

As much as Hussein al-Shartouni’s words reveal his childish innocence, they also represent a very small example of how the free people pursue their rights in this piece of land, the land of dignity and resistance


Hide and Fire: ‘Israeli’ Soldiers Terrified by Boy Chasing Hen along Lebanon-Palestine Border!

By Staff

A nine-year-old boy from South Lebanon has frightened the ‘Israeli’ occupation soldiers stationed in a point near the Lebanese border with the occupied Palestinian territories, prompting the Zionist soldiers to open fire in the air.

In further details, al-Manar TV correspondent in South Lebanon, Ali Shoaib, posted on his Twitter account that the enemy forces fired ten bullets in the air along the border of Meis al-Jabal village, from where the boy comes.

He then added that the incident took place after the nine-year-old boy came near the border while chasing a hen beside his house that is next to the barbed wire.

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