Gaza’s Strong Support Military Drill: Our Decision Is Unified, And Our Weapons Are Ready

Gaza’s Strong Support Military Drill: Our Decision Is Unified, And Our Weapons Are Ready

By Staff

The Joint Operations Room [JOR] – also known as the Common Room – of the Palestinian resistance factions announced the commencement of the Strong Support military drill. Fighters and mujahideen from all military wings are taking part in the drills using live ammunition in multiple scenarios extending from the north of the Gaza Strip to the south.

 “Thank God, we remain loyal to the pledge to our martyrs and captives. We have not abandoned our pledge and promised to our people to continue the path of resistance, jihad, and struggle, with a pure rifle and a weapon drenched with the blood of the martyrs and the sweat of the fighters in the fields of giving,” the JOR’s spokesperson said. “The joint military and jihad work is not new to the fighters and the mujahideen from our rebellious Palestinian people.”

He explained that “these maneuvers simulate the expected threats from the enemy and aim to improve the efficiency and ability of the resistance fighters to carry out combat operations under various circumstances and at different times.”

“The maneuvers are an affirmation of the readiness of the resistance to defend our people in all cases and under all circumstances,” he added. “The leadership of the resistance is ready to fight any battle to defend our people and our land.”

The spokesman for the JOR affirmed that “we will not accept that the enemy poses a danger to our people, and our weapons are ready.”

Moreover, he pointed out that their “decision is unified in waging any confrontation imposed on our people at any time and place, God willing.”

“The occupation leadership must realize that the mere thought of an adventure against our people will be met with all strength and unity and will carry many surprises, God willing,” the spokesman warned. “These joint maneuvers clearly express a unified decision among the different wings of the resistance factions with all its spectrums.”

“Today, the resistance is stronger, stiffer, and more capable of confronting it, deterring it, and hurting it. It will not allow the Zionist enemy to impose rules of engagement that it does not accept.”

“The message of our resistance to the whole world is that our word will remain decisive, and our hand will remain with the power of God the highest. The shameful agreements and failed normalization ceremonies will not change anything on the ground.”

The spokesperson extended greetings from the resistance factions and the leadership of the Common Room to all people embracing the resistance and standing in the face of all conspiracies.

He saluted the souls of our righteous martyrs who watered this land with pure blood. He also saluted the wounded and injured, saying, “Greetings to the free and heroic prisoners who are the title of freedom and dignity.”

Palestine Resistance Groups Hold First Joint Military Exercise

Palestine Resistance Groups Hold First Joint Military Exercise

By Staff, Agencies

Palestinian Resistance groups started their first-ever joint military exercise on Tuesday.

The Joint Chamber of Military Operations for Palestinian Factions announced the start of the first joint military exercise across the Gaza strip.

Palestinian Resistance drones were flying over the Gaza strip, it added.

The Joint Chamber of Military Operations for Palestinian Factions announced that the Resistance to react ‘fiercely’ to any ‘Israeli’ ‘adventurism’.

The drill comes as part of the cooperation between Palestinian Resistance groups and in a bid to show continuous efforts aimed at raising their military readiness.

In one of their latest attacks, on December 26, Zionist fighter jets targeted a number of hospitals and schools in the Gaza Strip.

On December 27, the Spokesman for the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement [Hamas] said that the Zionist regime is responsible for the consequences of the recent attack on the Gaza Strip.

The resistance movement will not give up its national duty to defend the inalienable interests of the Palestinian people and to break the equations of the Zionist regime, Fawzi Barhoum stated.

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