Lebanese Representative at UNHRC: Hezbollah Part of Resistance, Political Life; Blacklisting It Is False Slander

Lebanese Representative at UNHRC: Hezbollah Part of Resistance, Political Life; Blacklisting It Is False Slander

By Staff

Once again, Lebanon’s representative at the Geneva-based United Nations Human Rights Council denied the Zionists the permission to falsify the clear facts.

During a session that discussed Lebanon’s national report as part of the inclusive periodical exhibition of the state of human rights at the UNHRC, Salim Baddoura responded to the Zionist entity’s envoy who accused Hezbollah of ‘terrorism and controlling Lebanon’, stressing that this is a false slander, and that Hezbollah is a Lebanese component that represents a big portion of the Lebanese people.

In his speech, Baddoura underscored that “Hezbollah is part of the resistance against the occupation, and that it participates in the political life,” adding that “accusing Hezbollah of terrorism is a false slander, especially that it is voiced by a power based on occupation that is trying to defame all parties resisting it, minding its record full of Palestinian and Arab human rights violations.”

Baddoura also rejected the occupation’s claims about being keen on Lebanon and the rights of the Lebanese people and their future, noting that ‘Israel’ has long been the source of their suffering due to its occupation, violations, crimes, and destruction of the Lebanese facilities.

According to a statement issued by the Lebanese Foreign Ministry, Lebanon has taken part in this exhibition as a measure of its loyalty to international commitments and strong believe in the importance of the constructive dialogue with the international family to boost the human rights status and the public rights in the country.

The statement noted that as usual, the enemy’s delegation tried to abuse the occasion for hitting at Hezbollah and belittle the Lebanese state, prompting the Lebanese people to confront it strongly and expose its true record which is full of crimes and human rights violations.

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