Palestinian Child’s Eye Blinded by Israeli Rubber Bullet in Al-Khalil (Hebron)

April 10, 2021

A 13-year-old Palestinian child lost his right eye today after he was shot at by Israeli occupation forces in the neighborhood of Bab al-Zawiya, in the southern West Bank city of Al-Khalil (Hebron), according to medical sources.

Izz el-Din Nedal al-Batsh lost his eye after Israeli occupation soldiers fired a rubber-coated round directly at him. The child’s father said his son was standing inside a commercial store in the neighborhood when the bullet hit his eye.

Clashes were taking place between the Israeli occupation forces and Palestinian teenagers near the area where the child was shot by the soldiers.

In November 2019, Palestinian videographer Muath Amarneh was blinded in one eye after being shot by an Israeli sniper while covering protests in Al-Khalil (Hebron).

Source: Agencies

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  1. God bless this child and the Palestinian people. At the moment, we are battling on all fronts, and it’s sad the lockdowns and Great Reset are taking away the focus on this and Syria. Good will overcome evil. The present fight against the globalists might just lead to a sea-change in attitude by Western people towards oppressed nations.

  2. Goddam/satanic Zionists target Palestinians’ eyes, knees, (soccer players’) feet, etc.

    This *must* end; the scourge of colonial/militant Zionism *must* end…but HOW?

    (Sympathies to/sorrow for 13 yo Izz el-Din Nedal al-Batsh, his parents, and all his countrypeople….)

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