All sides are “locked and loaded”: what comes next? (OPEN THREAD #9)

All sides are “locked and loaded”: what comes next? (OPEN THREAD #9)

April 10, 2021

By all accounts, all sides are ready for war. That does NOT mean that war is inevitable, only that there are no more objective factors making war impossible.

How long can this “neither quite here, nor quite there” situation last?

A long time, at least until the Fall of 2021.

Let’s not pretend like anybody is a prophet and can predict the future (all those who do are, in reality, clueless).

The most likely next phase would be a Ukronazi diversionary/terrorist attack, either in the Donbass, or in Crimea or even somewhere else in Russia.  Keep in mind that the Ukie special services have a proven track of successful clandestine operations.

So what I suggest for a topic today is this: what kind of diversionary/terrorist provocations (as opposed to purely military moves) could the Ukronazis pull off the provoke the LDNR (or even Russia) and then declare itself a victim of aggression?

Hugs and cheers

The Saker

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  1. Good, concise update. “diversionary/terrorist provocations”: aka “false-flag events,” I presume. It would seem that such would be very easy to orchestrate and make happen over there in what seems a veritable hellhole….

    It’s a waiting ‘game’…until one or the other blinks….

    Above all, I don’t envy President Putin…but, if anyone, I think he, FM Lavrov, and their military cohort are up to the/any task of guarding Russia’s nationalism and honor in the face of malign actors and fraught odds….

    (Sadly, I’m just b.s.’ing — it’s I who is “clueless,” to be candid…. I simply and viscerally abhor war and dishonorable conduct and injustice–esp. when my [U.S.] tax dollars are in the mix….)

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