Sitrep: Here Comes China – Propaganda and BRI

April 26, 2021

Selections from Godfree Roberts’ extensive weekly newsletter: Here Comes China.   You can get it here:

Further selections and editorial commentary by Amarynth.  This will be a short one, as some links that are necessary cannot be used.  This first video will give you an idea of why.

In a video by Daniel Dumbrill, the true hegemonic ‘other war with China‘, the one of propaganda, becomes crystal clear.  He talks about the true intentions behind the anti-China propaganda campaign push, explains why it will soon increase, and further warning signs.   He plays clips from an Australian think tank who clearly expresses that even in the very unlikely event that China accepts the full US Constitution today, they will gladly put China back to the stone age, as they ‘should not have a peer competitor’.  A good video for everyone (not just those interested in China), on propaganda and power today.

Only one of the questions in the clip and I paraphrase:  Can we get the American people ‘exercised’ enough that they are willing to fight in specific situations?  The United States is so good at thread inflation and fearmongering that we have no problems with that issue.

Biden’s nuclear threat. President Biden and Japan’s PM Suga said China actions “are inconsistent with the international rules-based order peace and prosperity in the region. “The alliance between Washington and Tokyo has become a cornerstone of peace and security in the Indo-Pacific region and around the world. Japan resolved to bolster its own national defense capabilities…The United States restated its unwavering support for Japan’s defense… using its full range of capabilities, including nuclear”Read full article →

And to contrast the warmongering message in the previous two reports, Belt and Road Studies:

This is the overview of Belt and Road.  The thinking that BRI is simply a trading mechanism, is not accurate.  It is an alternative development path for the world that works in a multi-lateral and non-hegemonic framework and it is a Zone B initiative. Xi Jinping states that “the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) is a public road open to all, not a private path owned by one single party.”

This first link is a thorough overview, almost up to the minute as to the progress of this massive initiative.

And here is a fact box style – where most questions can be answered.

As some of us expect a sea change in the economics of the world, this is a not-to-be-missed reading from Asia Times, with the headline of China’s digital yuan displaces the dollar.

The economic penny is dropping.  You will find comments by all the western self-styled ‘economic greats’.  Although you should read the article, it can be summarized with this quote:

China’s dominance in digital currency will follow naturally from its position as the world’s top exporter. And because the digital yuan will be the largest currency in international trade, and China will have a market leader advantage in introducing CBDC’s, other exporters will use the digital yuan as a matter of convenience.

This would be of minor consequence to America’s world position, except for the fact that the United States now must borrow 15% to 20% of its GDP each year to finance its internal budget deficit, and also must attract about $1 trillion of capital inflows to finance its growing current account deficit with the rest of the world.

So no need to spell out where this is going.

A quick clip from a tweet to illustrate:

And finally Sino-Serbian relations:

Sino-Serbian relations under the “microscope”: China’s footprint In Serbia

Cover Image:  The “O” Tower – Danish architecture studio BIG has designed the O-Tower for Chinese smartphone manufacturer OPPO in Hangzhou.The circular skyscraper will surround an open courtyard. It will be built within Hangzhou’s Future Sci-Tech City and act as an “iconic landmark and gateway” to the business district. The tower will be built alongside a natural lake and a 10,000 square-meter park. Read full article → 

This is but a fraction of what I gleaned from the Here Comes China newsletter.  If you want to learn about the Chinese world, get Godfree’s newsletter here:

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  1. China and Russia have thrown a bucket of water over the Wicked Witch of the West and are watching it being liquidated.

    The Wicked Witch of the West : [her final lines] You cursed brat! Look what you’ve done! I’m melting! melting! Oh, what a world! What a world! Who would have thought a good little girl like you could destroy my beautiful wickedness? Oooooh, look out! I’m going! Oooooh! Ooooooh!

    The China Moment

    China has achieved the almost impossible – a free trade agreement with 14 countries – the ten ASEAN, plus Japan, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand, altogether 15 countries, including China.

    ………..The dollar is already today in decline. When some 20-25 years ago about 90% of all worldwide held reserve-assets were denominated in US dollars, this proportion has shrunk by today to below 60% – and keeps declining. The emerging international RMB / yuan, together with a RCEP- and BRI-strengthened Chinese economy, may further contribute to a dedollarization, as well as dehegemonization of the United States in the world. Simultaneously and progressively the international digital RMB / yuan may also be replacing the US-dollar / euro reserves in countries’ coffers around the globe.

    The US-dollar may eventually return to be just a local US-currency, as it should be. Under China’s philosophy, the unilateral word will transform into a multi-polar world. The RCEP and New Silk Road combination are rapidly pursuing this noble objective, a goal that will bring much more equilibrium into the world………..…

    “………..The second (US) task, their true and ultimate agenda, is to create an all-out war economy—the final attempt to terrify the East into submission. This will bring extreme austerity and repression…………….”

    “………….This is “end game” for the governing oligarchy. This is their Götterdämmerung, their Armageddon. In the death throes of their 400-year-long reign, they will impose a desperate economic, financial and social reorganization which the World Economic Forum calls the “Great Reset.”

    One of the world’s most prominent merchant-banker organizations, the World Economic Forum, issued a report, titled:

    “This is Now the World’s Greatest Threat—And It’s Not Coronavirus”

    “Affluence is the biggest threat to our world according to a new scientific report.

    “True sustainability will only be achieved through drastic lifestyle changes.

    “The World Economic Forum has called for a ‘great reset’ of capitalism in the wake of the pandemic.

    “A detailed analysis of environmental research has revealed the greatest threat to the world:
    affluence… we have to change our affluent lifestyles and reduce overconsumption in combination with structural change.” (Mind you, this is written by the world’s most wealthy individuals.)

    With lockdown-caused destitution, unemployment, lack of food and shelter for hundreds of millions of people worldwide, one would expect that the WEF would be satisfied that “overconsumption” had been sufficiently curbed. However, they know there is still substantial wealth in the American and European middle classes that can be tapped for the post-lockdown economy. They have big plans to get rid of that “overconsumption.”

    The first task is to reduce unemployment, now probably 25 million long-term jobless in the U.S. Make-work projects will be “green” and “sustainable” (low technology). This will be paid for by taxing the middle class.

    The second task, their true and ultimate agenda, is to create an all-out war economy—the final attempt to terrify the East into submission. This will bring extreme austerity and repression…………….”

    Linda (not Glinda) stated at about the 8 minute mark of her speech that little old Australia is to make a $200,000,000 investment upgrading its military equipment and no doubt will be getting the unemployed workforce signed up as gun fodder. To help pay for all the war expenditure no doubt all the vaccine resisting useless eaters will get the poisoned jab by defence personnel .

  2. General Angus Campbell on War in 2025

  3. Linda Reynolds on Going to War in 2025

  4. “……Before becoming Defence Minister, Linda Reynolds worked as a project director at Raytheon. Her first speech in Australia after becoming minister was to an ASPI conference called “War in 2025.” A number of Defence Department personnel attended that conference for which they handed ASPI $30,723 of taxpayers’ money for the privilege of hearing their boss speak………..’

    War with whom – China?

    Propaganda Wars: US state department funds anti-China news outlet in Australia

    by Marcus Reubenstein | Aug 4, 2020 | Government

    Office bearers of US-backed Chinese language news service Decode China are linked with Falun Gong, the spiritual group that has spent millions backing Donald Trump through fake social media accounts. The same people are on the board of the National Foundation for Australia China Relations, raising scepticism about its ability to repair fractured relationships. Marcus Reubenstein investigates US state funding of anti-China media in Australia and links to global arms dealers via ASPI.

    The US State Department is quietly funding a Chinese-language news service in Australia, a move more typically associated with China’s state media propagandists.

    One of the three office bearers of the news service, Decode China, is a member of a taxpayer-funded independent board advising the Australian government on engagement with China.

    Corporate records show Maree Ma became secretary of Decode China Pty Ltd just eight weeks before Foreign Minister Marise Payne appointed her to the board of the National Foundation for Australia China Relations.

    Wai Ling Yeung, who was previously listed as a director of Decode China, was appointed to the NFACR Board at the same time as Ma. The Department of Foreign Affairs declined to respond to questions about other company directorships of any NFACR board members.

    The NFACR replaced the Australia China Council (ACC), which was set up by the Fraser government in 1978 and later chaired by former prime minister Gough Whitlam.

    The retired Curtin University academic Dr Yeung is a vocal critic of the Chinese government, while Ma is the general manager of the Falun Gong-aligned, largely anti-Chinese government Vision Times newspaper. According to journalist and former Australian Falun Gong practitioner Ben Hurley, Vision Times is part of the apparatus of Falun Gong media in Australia, led by The Epoch Times and New Tang Dynasty Television.

    The spiritual group Falun Gong is banned in China and there is substantial evidence that its mainland Chinese followers are harshly persecuted by the Chinese government.

    However, former practitioners say it’s a dangerous cult, whose leaders claim to have the power of levitation and tell followers that aliens from other planets are responsible for interracial marriage and mixed-race children.

    Falun Gong-aligned media affiliates in the US have been accused of pouring millions of dollars into fake social media accounts and Facebook advertising, since banned, supporting Donald Trump. A recent investigation by the ABC’s Foreign Correspondent and Background Briefing programs revealed Falun Gong-affiliated media in the US have spent more than US$11.5 million in social media advertising to promote Trump.

    ASPI lurking in the background

    The US State Department funding of Decode China comes via a murky not-for-profit group the Institute for War and Peace Reporting (IWPR), which was founded in the former Yugoslavia and is headquartered in London.

    In 2018-19 the US State Department funnelled $88,964.37 into the coffers of the Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI) through the IWPR, a payment that was never publicly declared. Though ASPI calls itself an independent think tank, its constant anti-China rhetoric has led one former cabinet minister to call it “the centre of Sinophobia” in Australia.

    Another omission from ASPI’s public disclosures is a $203,000 payment this year from the US State Department, directed through the US Embassy in Canberra.

    In July, a joint APAC News/Michael West Media investigation revealed that ASPI had received millions of dollars in undeclared Defence Department contracts.

    Among some of the generous contracts, in October 2019, Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s department “sponsored” a free talk and light refreshments function for ASPI, which cost taxpayers almost $1000 per head.

    ASPI’s cluster of cash

    In 2018-19 ASPI picked up a $50,000 payment from Raytheon, which used to be one of the biggest manufacturers of cluster-bombs. Until 2016, the world’s biggest sovereign wealth fund, Norway’s GPFG, blacklisted investment in Raytheon because of its involvement in cluster munitions.

    Before becoming Defence Minister, Linda Reynolds worked as a project director at Raytheon. Her first speech in Australia after becoming minister was to an ASPI conference called “War in 2025.” A number of Defence Department personnel attended that conference for which they handed ASPI $30,723 of taxpayers’ money for the privilege of hearing their boss speak.

    Last financial year Reynolds’ department gifted ASPI $1.7 million in contracts, over and above an annual grant of $4 million.

    Trouble on the NFACR board

    In March last year, when the Morrison government announced it would replace the Australia China Council with the National Foundation for Australia China Relations, it was to be chaired by incumbent ACC chairman Warwick Smith. A former Howard government minister, highly respected for his three decades of political and business experience with China, Smith was seen a sensible choice.

    Foreign Minister Marise Payne announced the full membership of the board in February this year, and Smith quit NFACR a few weeks later.

    A board of China sceptics

    Along with Maree Ma, three other NFACR board members are linked to ASPI. Journalist Stan Grant is a Senior Fellow at ASPI, academic John Fitzgerald is an Emeritus Professor at ASPI and Rory Medcalf is a contributor to ASPI magazine The Strategist.

    A number of NFACR board members have either been openly antagonistic towards the Chinese government or have little or no experience in northern China, from where the majority of Chinese-Australians trace their ancestry.

    Long-time China observer and former Sydney Morning Herald foreign editor Hamish McDonald recently described the board as “Overall, a China-sceptical line-up”. Meanwhile, academic and former executive director of the Australia China Council, Jocelyn Chey, has criticised the NFACR as being unrepresentative, saying she has “no confidence” it can repair China-Australia relations.

    Editor’s Note:

    An earlier report in the South China Morning Post, which stated that Wai Ling Yeung, Director of Decode China Pty. Ltd is the same Wai Ling Yeung who is a member of the NFACR advisory board, was relied upon in writing this article. Efforts are currently being made to determine the accuracy of this assertion.

    Note: While articles by Marcus Reubenstein have been republished by some Chinese media outlets, he has no editorial or commercial arrangements with such media.

    Marcus Reubenstein
    Marcus Reubenstein is an independent journalist with more than twenty years of media experience. He spent five years at Seven News in Sydney and seven years at SBS World News where he was a senior correspondent. As a print journalist he has contributed business stories to most of Australia’s major news outlets. Internationally he has worked on assignments for CNN, Eurosport and the Olympic Games Broadcasting Service. He is the founder and editor of China-focussed business website, APAC News. You can follow Marcus on Twitter @ReubensteinApac.


    China Genocide fabricated by Epoch Times fake News and NY Times disinformation

    China Genocide fabricated by Epoch Times fake News and NY Times disinformation The New York Times recycled flimsy claims by a right-wing apocalyptic extremist to accuse China of “genocide,” in an op-ed by an American with 1/8th Uighur heritage who worked for Epoch Times, a far-right, pro-Trump outlet backed by cult Falun Gong.

    • Great to see you here Crisscross – thanks for all your contributions (just WOW!).

      • China


        PROTOCOL No. 7

        We must be in a position to respond to every act of opposition by war with the neighbors of that country which dares to oppose us: but if these neighbors should also venture to stand collectively together against us, then we must offer resistance by a universal war.

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