Many Palestinian Civilians Killed as Israel Renews Air Raids on Gaza (LIVE BLOG)

May 11, 2021

Israeli warplanes attacked several locations in the Gaza Strip. (Photo: Mahmoud Ajjour, The Palestine Chronicle

32 Palestinians killed in Israeli strikes on Gaza following Israeli security forces’ crackdowns on Jerusalem worshippers and unarmed protesters. Follow our regularly updated Live Blog below for more information. 

Wednesday, May 12, 05:16 (GMT+3)

Israel dispatches 80 more war planes to take part in the bombing of Gaza.

Thousands of Israeli soldiers sent to areas adjacent to the besieged Gaza Strip.

Israel resumes bombing of Palestinian homes and other targets in Gaza.

Number of Palestinian causalities in Gaza rises to 35; hundreds more wounded.

Number of Israeli casualties rises to 5.

Wednesday, May 12, 03:45 (GMT+3)

The latest by our editor Ramzy Baroud, published in Middle East Monitor.

Wednesday, May 12, 01:41 (GMT+3)

Wednesday, May 12, 01:32 (GMT+3)

REUTERS: “A 13-story residential block in Gaza collapsed after one of several dozen Israeli air strikes.”

Wednesday, May 12, 01:24 (GMT+3)

Wednesday, May 12, 01:08 (GMT+3)

BREAKING: Israeli army says it has carried out over 500 strikes against ‘Palestinian targets’ in the Gaza Strip.

Wednesday, May 12, 00:48 (GMT+3)BREAKING | Israeli war planes resume Gaza bombardment; number of deaths rises to 32 Palestinians and wounded to 220. BREAKING | Israel destroys the Hanadi residential tower in Gaza city which is made of 13 stories and many flats. Causalities are yet to be reported. BREAKING | Two Israelis reportedly killed in Tel Aviv as a result of rockets coming from Gaza. BREAKING | Israeli government plans to send 16 army units to the Arab city of Lod inside Israel to suppress mass protests. More than one hundred Palestinians inside Israel were arrested in the last 24 hours. Earlier, a Palestinian protester – Musa Hassouna – was killed by Israeli police. (Source: Aljazeera Arabic)

Palestinians bury woman, her son in Gaza’s Shati Refugee Camp. (Photo: Fawzi Mahmoud, The Palestine Chronicle)

Wednesday, May 12, 00:08 (GMT+3)

US Senator from Vermont, Bernie Sanders’ Facebook statement on the Israeli escalation in Palestine:

“I am extremely concerned by the growing conflict in Israel and Palestine. Once again we are seeing how the irresponsible actions of government-allied right-wing extremists in Jerusalem can escalate quickly into devastating war. Israeli children should not have to spend the night scared in bomb shelters, as many are doing tonight. Palestinian children should not have to grow up under the constant violence and oppression of occupation, as so many do, and have done. The United States must call for an immediate cease-fire and an end to provocative and illegal settlement activity. And we must also recommit to working with Israelis and Palestinians to finally end this conflict.”

Wednesday, May 12, 00:03 (GMT+3)

Egyptian international footballer Mohammed Salah tweets in solidarity with Palestine.

Tuesday, May 11, 11:00 pm (GMT+3)

Al Jazeera: Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv has been reopened.

Tuesday, May 11, 10:30 pm (GMT+3)

Media Reports: Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv has been shut down and all flights to Israel have been diverted to Greece and Cyprus.

Tuesday, May 11, 9:30 pm (GMT+3)

The US State Department released a statement on the situation in Palestine, Israel. Here are a few excerpts as communicated by spokesman Ned Price:  

“We are deeply concerned about the escalation between Israel and those launching rockets from Gaza and we call for restraint and for calm.

“Israel has a right to defend itself and to respond to rocket attacks. The Palestinian people also have the right to safety and security, just as Israelis do,” said Price.

“We are deeply concerned about the reported loss of life in Gaza, in Israel, including the deaths of children as well as many innocent civilians injured.” 

Tuesday, May 11, 9:00 pm (GMT+3)+++BREAKING+++Gaza resistance groups say they targeted Tel Aviv with 130 rockets starting at 9 PM Palestine time (GMT+3), in response to Israeli strikes targeting Palestinian residential areas. (Source: Al Jazeera)

Tuesday, May 11, 5:00 pm (GMT+3)

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that Israel will intensify its Gaza strikes.

“At the conclusion of a situational assessment, it was decided that both the might of the attacks and the frequency of the attacks will be increased,” he said in a video statement.

Tuesday, May 11, 4:20 pm (GMT+3)

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas received a letter from US President Joe Biden regarding the latest political developments, current situations, and bilateral relations between the United States and the State of Palestine.

Tuesday, May 11, 4 pm (GMT+3)

Former leader of the UK Labor Party, Jeremy Corbyn, strongly condemned Israeli attacks on Gaza and al-Aqsa.

“Deliberately provocative attacks on the Al-Aqsa mosque and the ongoing home invasions #SheikhJarrah have led to horrendous violence in Jerusalem,” he said in a Twitter post.

“As the occupying power, the Israeli government has it in its gift to rectify the current situation and not exacerbate it,” Corbyn added.

Tuesday, May 11, 12:30 am (GMT+3)

Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz called in troop reinforcements near the fence separating besieged Gaza Strip from Israel.

Tuesday, May 11, 11:30 am (GMT+3)

At least two people were killed in an Israeli airstrike that struck a residential building in Gaza, bringing the total number of deaths to 26.

Tuesday, May 11, 9 am (GMT+3)

Gaza Health Ministry said that three people were killed in Israeli airstrikes overnight, including an elderly woman and a man with special needs, so taking the total number to 24.

At least 103 people were wounded, according to the Ministry.

Monday, May 10, 9:50 pm (GMT+3)

The number of people killed in an Israeli airstrike today on the northern Gaza Strip was put at 20, including nine children, according to the Health Ministry in Gaza.

An Israeli drone fired missiles at a group of people east of Beit Hanoun, killing 20, among them nine children, and injuring 65 others, three of them critical.

Monday, May 10, 8:30 pm (GMT+3)

The US Administration has “serious concerns about the situation” in Jerusalem, White House press secretary Jen Psaki said.

Monday, May 10, 7:00 pm (GMT+3)

Israeli forces have carried out several airstrikes in Northern Gaza.

Gaza’s Health Ministry said that at least nine Palestinians were killed by Israeli airstrikes. Three of those killed are children.

(WAFA, PC, Agencies, Social Media)

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