Russian Military Helicopters Help Extinguish a Fire in Jableh Countryside


Russian Military Helicopters Help Extinguish a Fire in Jableh Countryside

Russian helicopters from the Russian forces in the Hmeimim military base helped extinguish a fire in the Jableh countryside, in the Syrian coastal Lattakia province.

The fire, most probably from the excessive summer heat, burned 8 donums (approximately 2 acres) of a wooded area in the vicinity of the village of Deroutan in the Jableh countryside, the fire has been completely extinguished, and no casualties reported.

The video is also on BitChute.

Russian helicopters help extinguish fire in Deroutan village 12 July 21 – Google My Maps

Russian forces deployed in Syria, in addition to their military role in fighting the US-sponsored terrorist groups of ISIS, Nusra Front, and their affiliates, play an important role in humanitarian relief, reconciliation efforts, the restoration of archeological sites destroyed by the terrorists like in Tadmor (Palmyra), and demining liberated areas from landmines and explosive devices planted by the terrorists in large quantities in the areas they infested.

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  1. Good on Russia! Viva Syria! Viva Russia!

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