The Empire is throwing in the towel on North Stream 2

The Empire is throwing in the towel on North Stream 2

July 21, 2021

This was expected for quite a while now, but nonetheless, this is huge news: the Biden Admin has given up on US plans to prevent the NS2 from being completed.  Not only that but, apparently, Blinken wants the Ukies to stop bitching about NS2.

Yet another “ally” betrayed by Uncle Shmuel when needed.  True.  And, tonight, the Ukro nationalists are busy mixing mourning, hysterics and vague promises/threats to “do something about this”.

Still, good news.  This might well be the first time Europe has shown some tiny little balls, but maybe they will now start growing, God knows the EU needs them 🙂

Yet another proof that the Empire is already dead and the USA in agony.

The Saker

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  1. Noted. With satisfaction. USA: Agonize away…way away. What goes around (i.e., to be clear, imperial hubris) comes around in due course…more, faster, please. Common/peasant folk like yours truly have truly had enough of imperialism, inequity, colonialism (for me, esp. the vile Zionist variety), and other vestiges of “the worst in us.” When will civilization advance itself?–faster, kinder-gentler, equitably, please. Liberte, egalite, fraternite…in 2021 and beyond!

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