Putin: We Can Carry Out Unpreventable Strikes Against Any Enemy

Jul 25, 2021

Source: Al Mayadeen Net

By Al Mayadeen Net

On the Russian Navy Day, Russian President Vladimir Putin stresses that his country is capable of discovering and striking any naval target.

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Putin participates in inspecting the course of the military parade (Sputnik)

Russian President Vladimir Putin has declared that the Russian Navy can detect any enemy and, if necessary, carry out an unpreventable strike against it.

On the occasion of the Navy Day, Putin said at a grand naval parade in St. Petersburg on the Baltic Sea, “Today, the Russian Navy has everything it needs to guarantee the protection of our Motherland and our national interests. We can detect any underwater, surface, or airborne enemy and carry out an unpreventable strike against it, if necessary.”

Noting that the Russian Navy possesses now powerful ships in the global oceans, and nuclear-powered missile submarines, he stressed: “We have effective long-range and short-range naval aviation, reliable coastal defense systems, the latest hypersonic high-precision weapons systems that still have no analogs in the world, which we are constantly and successfully improving.”

Putin added that “The naval presence of Russia is ensured in almost all regions of the World Ocean, and the watch in the northern and southern latitudes is carried out by the faithful heirs of the naval military glory.”

325th Anniversary of #Russian Navy.#INS Tabar is part of the mobile column being reviewed by President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin. #RussianNavy #IndianNavy pic.twitter.com/9Ce6Nzysci— Shivani Sharma (@shivanipost) July 25, 2021

On the Russian Navy Day on July 25 of each year, the Commander of the Armed Forces, President Vladimir Putin, participates in the main naval parade in the waters of the Neva River in Saint Petersburg.

Around 4,000 sailors, more than 50 ships, boats, and submarines, as well as 48 combat aircraft and helicopters from naval aviation will participate in the parade.

Also partaking in the naval military parade are naval vessels from several European and Asian countries, including India, France, Iran, and Pakistan.

Before the start of the main part of the parade, the head of state inspected the course of the warships’ parade in the waters of the Gulf of Finland and on the Kronstadt waterway on the coast guard boat. Putin also congratulated the crew on the day of the Russian Navy, which celebrates its 325th anniversary today. 

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  1. Russia is impressive and must not be taken lightly or with disdain! I cannot but be impressed, again and again, by the “agility” of President Putin and his FM Sergey Lavrov! The US should have such leadership….

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