Lebanese Army: Ammunition Hidden in a Car in North of Beirut during event Marking Anniversary of Port Blast

 August 4, 2021

Security sources told  Al-Manar TV Channel that Lebanese army seized car loaded with ammunition and arrested its owner Elie Haikal in Zouk Mosbeh area, north of Beirut, during the event marking the first anniversary of the Port Blast.

Demonstrators quarreled with the military units which were arresting Haikal and confiscating his munition-loaded car.

The Lebanese army circulated the photo of the ammunition whose owner posted the logo of Amal Movement on one of the vests in order to stir sedition.

Moreover, one of the citizens attending the event stated that a group of Lebanese Forces members attacked him physically for rejecting the flag of their party.

Lebanon marks the anniversary of Beirut Port blast which left around 200 martyrs, injured more than 2000 people, and destroyed the port as well as over 300 thousand houses.


Al-Manar English Website

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