“Israel” Surrenders to Demands of Palestinian Prisoners: Hunger Strike Called Off

Wednesday, September 15, 2021

“Israel” Surrenders to Demands of Palestinian Prisoners: Hunger Strike Called Off

By Staff, Agencies

The Palestinian Prisoners Club announced on Wednesday morning that the Palestinian prisoners have suspended their hunger strike, which was supposed to begin on Friday.

The club said in a statement that the “prisoners, in a unified and harmonious manner, decided to suspend the collective hunger strike, after their demands were met.”

According to the statement, the “Israeli” authorities agreed to cancel the “collective punishments” imposed on the prisoners after six Palestinian prisoners succeeded in fleeing from Gilboa Prison last week.

The apartheid “Israeli” entity also reportedly agreed “to stop targeting prisoners affiliated with Palestinian Islamic Jihad [PIJ], the statement added, without providing further details.

Qadri Abu Bakr, head of the Palestinian Prisoners Affairs Commission, had said before that the first phase of the hunger strike would include 1,380 prisoners.

“The prisoners and detainees have decided to go on a hunger strike to improve their conditions,” Abu Bakr said in an interview with the Palestinian news agency Ma’an.

 “The prisoners’ demands in the upcoming strike aim to restore the situation to what it was before the recent punitive measures,” he explained, referring to the prison authority’s measures in the aftermath of the escape.

The prisoners added new demands, such as removing the glass separating them from visitors, and allowing families from the Gaza Strip to visit their jailed sons in the Zionist entity, the Palestinian official said.

Israeli Occupation Submits to Pressure, Mass Hunger Strike Suspended

Source: Al Mayadeen

Wednesday, September 15, 2021

By Al Mayadeen Net

The Captive Movement decided to suspend the collective hunger strike after the occupation forces acquiesced to its demands. The most substantial of these demands was putting a halt to collective punishment.

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Palestinian Prisoner Club: One of the most prominent demands is to stop targeting Islamic Jihad prisoners.

The Palestinian Prisoners’ Club announced in a statement today, Wednesday, that the captive movement decided to suspend the collective hunger strike after the Israeli occupation acquiesced to its demands.

The Prisoner’s Club said that one of the most prominent demands is the abolition of the collective punishments imposed by the occupation after the Freedom Tunnel operation, as well ceasing to target Islamic Jihad prisoners and its organizational structure.

The Palestinian Political Captives’ Movement had announced that it would resort to an escalation to stop the Israeli abuse, suppression, and isolation of the prisoners after the success of the Freedom Tunnel operation in breaking from the Gilboa prison. 

The Commission for Detainees and Ex-Detainees’ Affairs quoted the Captive Movement announcing that 1,380 prisoners will start an open hunger strike next Friday under the slogan “The Battle to Defend the Righteous.”

Earlier today, Al Mayadeen‘s reporter said that the situation of the re-arrested prisoners is severe and that there is real concern for their lives, pointing out that the Israeli occupation is trying to fabricate new charges against them.

Last Monday, the Commission for Detainees and Ex-Detainees‘ Affairs reported that the movement decided to escalate in the face of the “Israel Prison Service,” which continues to abuse, suppress, isolate and brutalize prisoners at the hands of its repressive units in various prisons.

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