Families of Beirut Blast Victims Spokesman Urges Bitar to Step Down

Source: Al Mayadeen

By Al Mayadeen

After the armed ambush in Tayouneh, former Lebanese Prime Ministers express their “deep shock and sorrow,” condemning the reprehensible events.

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Former Prime Ministers have called for immunities to be dropped

Former Lebanese Prime Ministers Fouad Siniora, Saad Hariri, and Tammam Salam expressed their “deep shock and regret,” and completely condemned the reprehensible events which left seven martyrs in the Tayouneh (Beirut) area on Thursday. 

The Ministers released a statement articulating that instead of directing efforts to agree on the adoption of reforms that would bring Lebanon out of its economic disaster, there are those who still try to distract and divert attention and attempt to push Lebanese people back to their sectarian and doctrinal squares and stir up strife.

The statement added that in light of the incident, the Ministers reiterate their firm position with a commitment to respect public freedoms, the first of which is the right to express an opinion and peaceful demonstration, and the inadmissibility of using violence in any form and under any circumstance.

On Thursday, October 14th, 7 peaceful protesters were martyred in the Tayouneh by snipers.

There is also a need, the statement added, to work through Parliament to issue a law that lifts immunities for everyone without exception, in order to achieve full and non-selective or fragmented justice.

Former ministers urged the Lebanese Army and security forces to use extreme vigilance in order to prevent all types of violence and shooting, as well as to promptly apprehend the shooters who perpetrated these crimes, in order to protect people, prevent assaults on them, and maintain civil peace.

A national tragedy

Lebanon mourned its martyrs on Friday in a warmhearted ceremony which was attended by the head of Hezbollah’s executive council Hashim Safi Al-Din. The official said the victims were murdered treacherously, adding that death and killing “do not scare us, and martyrdom is our dignity.”

Seven were martyred in the peaceful demonstrations, where protesters were taking a stance against the politicization of the Beirut Blast probe by Judge Tariq Bitar.

The kin of several martyrs held their funerals, and Al Mayadeen‘s correspondent reported, on Friday, that bitterness and sadness prevailed in Chiyah due to the treacherous ambush. Despite the feelings of grief and sorrow, the people of Chiyah were still insisting on averting the strife that brought Lebanon to the brink of civil war.

Our correspondent to the area reported that three funerals were held, and among them was that of Maryam Farhat, who was shot in her own home by a sniper. 

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