Valentina Capurri: Canada imposing vaccine to ‘protect’ people will let her die without MS meds



Eva Bartlett

Valentina Capurri is an Italian researcher with a Masters and Doctorate in history and a Masters in geography, living in Canada since coming here as a student in 2001.

She talks about her experience participating in an extended trial for medication for Multiple Sclerosis, comparing that experience to the recent roll-out of untested, experimental, Covid vaccines.

“When you’re testing a new medication, you cannot give it to people, arguing it is safe, if it has not gone through a very tight trial.

That’s why I knew, from the beginning, that with the vaccines, something was missing. Because lots of people in these 12 years where I was taking the medication, they had severe effects for MS, they would have benefited from the medication. And yet they were not able to access the medication for a reason: because you cannot give a medication whose effect—if everything goes wrong—can be worse than the cure.

This is something that happens with every medication. All vaccines go usually to a similar trial period. Once you allow people to take it, you test it on a select group of people for prolonged period of time. And none of this has been done in this particular case. So that’s what made me a little suspicious about what was going on.”

For the past nearly two years, she has not been able to see her neurologist, instead having phone consultations, essentially useless.

“In 2003, when we had SARS, I used to go once a month to the hospital. Despite the fact that SARS in 2003 had much higher mortality rate than Covid, we still were allowed to enter the hospital on a regular basis. None of our visits were cancelled back then as they are now.”

Like many others living under the new fascism in Canada and around the world, Valentina & her husband will lose their jobs for refusing, with good reason, to be injected with an experimental jab. And with that, they lose their incomes & ability to buy her MS medications.

“You are forcing me to lose my job, to lose my ability to support myself, just because I am exerting my right not to have an experimental medical procedure done on me.

This is worse than fascism, this is absolutely appalling.

I may actually remain without medication, because my husband is losing his job, I’m losing my job, we’ll have zero income. I have zero medical coverage, and I won’t be able to access my medication. That’s what you’re doing to save me?”


Do any of you still think these policies are about public health?

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