Russian President Vladimir Putin comments on the Beirut port explosion.

21 Oct 2021

Source: Al Mayadeen

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Russian President Vladimir Putin comments on the Beirut port explosion.

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the statements were made at the Valdai Discussion Club, held in Sochi, Russia.

Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed that “the Beirut port blast disaster was linked to the desire of some to achieve financial gains, by selling fertilizers at better prices.” 

Putin’s words came during the conclusion of the Valdai Discussion Club, held in Sochi. The Russian President stressed that the position on Hezbollah differs from one country to another, and explained in response to a question, “I know very well that different people in different countries take different positions on Hezbollah.” As for the Russian position, he divulged that “Hezbollah is a significant political force in Lebanon.”

Putin indicated that his country is working with all Lebanese political forces to maintain security, stability, and peace in Lebanon. He stressed Russia “practically communicates with all political forces in Lebanon and will continue to do so.”

“In Russia, they are completely concerned with finding common ground for an agreement between the Lebanese parties without a fight,” and he added, “We are working with all the Lebanese to prevent bloodshed.”

About the Beirut Blast investigation

On the issue of the investigation into the Beirut port blast, he announced that “we will study the possibility of assisting in the investigation of the Beirut port explosion, and we will provide satellite images, if available.”

Putin added, “We cannot comment on political processes related to the Lebanese judiciary. We cannot support one party against another, because that will have counterproductive results on our efforts to reconcile between the Lebanese parties.”

2020 Beirut Blast

On August 4, 2020, a massive explosion rocked the Lebanese capital, Beirut. The blast followed a fire in a warehouse inside the port. Investigations showed that this warehouse was storing large quantities of ammonium nitrate.

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  1. Noted with increasing appreciation for President Putin: Russian patriot first and always with its priorities and core national interests foremost (and how could/should it not be so?!); mature and seasoned (with his great FM Sergey Lavrov) observer — and activist, as it may serve Russia’s interests — of and on this complex and too-often frustrating and fragile and obstreperous planet inhabited, like it or not, by all of (almost universally )suffering humanity. As for simple, naive me: liberte, egalite, fraternite with “the least” of us….

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