US bases in Syria, Iraq targeted as anti-US sentiment builds up

December 06 2021

US military vehicles at Al-Tanf base in Syria. (Photo credit: TRT World)

Anti-US sentiment continues to grow in Iraq and Syria with US-trained troops stealing the resources of both countries

ByNews Desk- 

On the morning of 5 December, two US military bases used by the illegal occupation forces in Syria, as well as a US convoy in Iraq were attacked by several blasts, according to Syrian state TV and a local Iraqi Telegram channel, Sabereen News.

Various blasts were heard at Al-Tanf base in Syria, situated near Syria’s borders with Iraq and Jordan, according to the Syrian state TV report.

The US has come under attack for the first time by Syria and Iraq on the same day, as anti-US sentiment rises due to their illegal presence in both countries.

The cause of the explosions is yet to be known, but seemingly, no US troops were wounded or killed.

This is not the first time that Al-Tanf base has been attacked.

The US military base in southern Syria was attacked on 20 October by drones and rockets, in a strike described as “complex, coordinated, and deliberate” by Pentagon spokesman John Kirby.

According to US officials, five drones loaded with explosives attacked Al-Tanf, and they hit both the US side of the base and the side where US-supported militants resided.

Al-Tanf is the base where the US trains its collection of mercenary militias.

On the evening of 4 December, RT Arabic reported that three missiles were also fired at a US military base in Syria’s Deir Ezzor province, citing a local source.

The source also said that, as a result of the attack on the US base inside the Conoco gas field, a large number of military helicopters went into action over the area.

Anti-US sentiments continue to build up in Iraq and Syria, as the illegal US-trained troops plunder the resources of both countries.

In Syria’s Hasaka governorate, Syrian citizens, along with the Syrian army, have managed to stop three US convoys attempting to enter the area, forcing them to retreat.

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