UAE bans drones days after Ansarallah attack on Abu Dhabi

The timing of the decision suggests that the ban on drone strikes is a result of the attack on Abu Dhab

January 23 2022

Ansarallah’s Samad-3 long-range drones, assumed to be used in its strikes on Abu Dhabi in JanuaryPhoto Credit: The Cradle

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On 22 January, authorities in the United Arab Emirates suspended the use of drones and light-sports aircraft. According to a statement issued by the Emirati interior ministry, the decision is in response to the “misuse” of drones.

The Emirati interior ministry accused some operators of “trespassing into areas where these types of activities are prohibited.”

It warned that it would take legal action against any organizations or individuals violating the suspension. The statement did not provide any detail on when the suspension will be lifted.

The move comes a few days after the Ansarallah resistance movement of Yemen attacked the Emirati capital, Abu Dhabi, in retaliation for the aggressive military assaults of the UAE against the people of Yemen.

The spokesperson for the Yemen armed forces, Brigadier General Yahya Saree, said drones and missiles were used to hit two locations in Abu Dhabi on 17 January.

The Ansarallah attack, which left three people dead, has unsettled authorities in UAE who did not expect Ansarallah to strike deep inside the country.

Ansarallah had previously warned that the UAE should brace itself for more attacks if it continues its military operations in Yemen.

The UAE is a key member of the Saudi-led alliance that has been waging a brutal ground and air assault against the people of Yemen since January 2015.

In addition to deploying its forces to participate in the operations of the coalition, the UAE also finances and arms Yemeni armed groups fighting against the Yemeni armed forces.

On 21 January, one of the UAE-backed militias announced that it was suspending its military campaign in Marib province, where it has been clashing with the Yemen army.

The so-called Giants Brigade claimed that this decision was taken in order to avoid civilian casualties.

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