Russian SMO in the Ukraine – Day 34

March 30, 2022

Lot’s of good stuff to share with you today.  So let’s begin

First, the misunderstandings resulting from an absolutely terrible public information policy explaining the reality of what is being negotiated between the Ukraine and Russia has resulted in a massive “NIET!” from the Russian public opinion.  There is a Russian saying “нет худа без добра” which can roughly be translated as “even a bad situation can have a silver lining”, in this case, the truly tremendous pressure put upon the Kremlin has resulted in a lot of damage control which, in turn, has strengthened the position of those who want to prosecute this war till its end and weakened those who dream about some kind of Minsk 3.0.

Second, General Shamanov, the former commander of the operation in Chechnia, Hero of Russia and Duma member has announced that Russian special forces have successfully snatched away the two Ukronazi soldiers which filmed themselves torturing Russian prisoners.  Yes, that is only two out of many thousands, but this still sends a chilling message to the Nazis.  The Russians have also publicly shown the photos and name of the Ukronazi who stuck a bayonet into a Russian POW eye to kill him.  Here I want to remind everybody that the Russians ended up killing almost all the Wahabi terrorists which ruled over Chechnia during the civil war.  It is now clear that the Russians will summarily execute any Nazis they find unless they present a public interest, in which case they will send in their special forces to capture them and judge them, à la Eichmann.  Finally, some will simply be executed where found.  Either way, the message here is clear: “we will not forget or forgive, we are coming for you.  God willing, this message will save the lives and limbs of the Russian POW currently held in Nazi captivity.

Third, Scott Ritter wrote a good piece explaining the basic nature of the Special Military Operation (SMO) which you can read here:

Fourth, maps.  Here are two maps showing the exact same thing:

Remember the Russian “gesture of good will”?  The idea was that Russia would dramatically DECREASE her combat activities around Kiev and Chernigov?

Okay, now read Ritter above and please understand that Russia had no intention of occupying either city or, at least, no intention of taking the city in street-to-street fighting.

Both Kiev and Chernikov are blocked, but evacuation corridors are opened on a regular basis, utilities all work and besides Ukie hallucinations about Russian reconnaissance-diversionary groups all over the city resulting in innumerable cases of Ukies security forces shooting each other, no Russians are to be found inside these cities.  In fact, the point for the Russians is not to take Kiev or Chernigov, but only to prevent the Ukronazi forces from using these cities to resupply, rotate, reinforce or otherwise support other Nazi forces.  Which ones?  We will come to that in a second.

Here is the 2nd map I would like you to take a look at:

This maps shows the same area, but from a wider perspective.  The most important thing here is that Mariupol has now been taken, at least from a purely military point of view.  There STILL is an ongoing “mopping up” operation in and around the Azovstal industrial facilities, but this operation is executed by the Russian National Guard and not the military.  So look at the 2nd map.  What you will see is that forces from the north and the south are now moving to encircle the large Ukronazi force, which has already been cauldroned-off (see first map) into an even bigger cauldron.

So translated from diplomatese into plain English “we will dramatically reduce our military operations around Kiev and Chernigov as a sign of good will” would be “we are liberating a large force to go and finish off the Ukrainian military in the Donbass“.

Hopefully, this explanation will reassure those who assumed that what the Russians offered was a ceasefire.  It was not.  It was ONLY a REDUCTION of military activities around two cities which the Russians never planned to invade in the first place.

You might wonder what the Eurolemmings are up to these days.  Simple!  They are still waging a glorious and heroic battle against the letter “Z”: “Samsung drops letter ‘Z’ after Ukraine’s request“.  This just makes me wonder what these hate-filled infantiles will come up next…

The hyena of Europe smells blood

As for our Polak friends, they have just made russophobia “mainstream”.  What a surprise!  Who would have ever thought….  They are also planning to attack, sorry, liberate the western Ukraine as soon as it looks like a safe thing to do, with minimal risk and maximal pomp.

Will they do it?

It all depends on one thing: will the Kremlin be able to convince them that Russia means business and that, if needed, Iskanders can also be landed on the other side of the Polish-Ukrainian border.

When I look at freaks like Morawiecki, Duda or Sksipchak, I see the, shall we call it, “more extreme version” of the garden variety hate-filled infantiles I see in most European capitals.  That such people expect anybody to treat them with sincere respect absolutely amazes me.

Speaking of hating Russia, I want to share with you an example of the kind of things which now have been canceled by the Empire of Lies:

Okay, that’s it from me for right now.

I will “see you” later, God willing 🙂



Zionists Tell The Tale of Horror They Are Facing

March 31 2022

By Al-Ahed News

Palestinian Factions Call For Escalating Resistance after Latest ‘Israeli’ Provocations

March 31 2022

By Staff

In wake of the latest development that have been taking place on the ‘Israeli’-occupied Palestinian territories since Thursday morning, resistance groups called people for stepping up their anti-occupation actions.

As Hamas affirmed that the response to the Zionist crime is the escalation of resistance and confrontations with the occupation regime and its settlers, it warned the ‘Israelis’ by saying: “Let this arrogant enemy learn that the blood of our people is dear.”

“The unending crimes of the occupation signal to an inclusive explosion that will be more powerful and more painful, in which all the people in our occupied land will take part,” Hamas warned after Zionist member of Knesset [‘Israeli’ parliament] Itamar Ben Gvir raided the holy al-Aqsa Mosque this morning, and following a series of attacks targeting the city of Jenin as well as the Jenin refugees camp.

The resistance group underscored that the train of liberation has moved thanks to the heroic revolts, stressing that it won’t backtrack.

Meanwhile, the Islamic Jihad resistance movement called on the Palestinian people to move for defending the Aqsa Mosque. The comments came short after the group’s Secretary General Ziad Nakhala announced general mobilization of the Islamic Jihad’s military wing, al-Quds Brigades, after the ‘Israeli’ raid on the Jenin camp, which left two Palestinian youths martyred and many others injured.

The resistance movement also commented on allowing “settler Itmar Ben Gvir to raid the Aqsa Mosque” referring to it as “a grave violation of sanctities and a signal for a new Intifada.”

The brutal regime’s military further attacked the area surrounding the Jenin Public Hospital with teargas that was leaked to inside the Emergency Unit, before they attacked the Infant Incubator Unit at the same hospital, also using teargas.

In the same context, the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine urged escalating all kinds of resistance and field confrontations with the occupation everywhere.

2 Palestinians martyred, several injured during IOF storming of Jenin

March 31 2022

Source: Agencies + Al Mayadeen Net

By Al Mayadeen Net 

Israeli occupation forces kill two Palestinians and injure several others while storming Jenin, as Knesset member Itamar Ben-Gvir storms the Al-Aqsa Mosque.

The Israeli occupation forces stormed the city Jenin in large numbers

Two young Palestinian men were martyred Thursday and several others were injured as the Israeli occupation forces (IOF) stormed the city of Jenin.

According to local media, the martyrs that were shot dead by the IOF during the storming of the Jenin camp were identified as 17-year-old Sanad Abu Atiya, and Yazeed Al-Saadi.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health pointed out that the occupation forces opened fire on Palestinians while storming Jenin, confirming that some of the injuries are critical.

The ministry indicated that the IOF fired tear gas in the vicinity of the Jenin Governmental Hospital, where the gas entered the emergency department.

An IOF spokesperson admitted earlier that a soldier was wounded during the storming of the Jenin refugee camp.

The Secretary-General of the Islamic Jihad Movement in Palestine, Ziad Al-Nakhala announced the general mobilization of the movement’s Al-Quds Brigades in light of the storming of the Jenin camp.

For his part, Al-Quds Brigades military spokesperson, Abu Hamza, confirmed placing all fighters on top alert upon Al-Nakhala’s announcement.

Al Mayadeen‘s correspondent in occupied Al-Quds said the occupation forces encircled a house in Jenin, adding that the residents of the Jenin refugee camp responded to the large Israeli incursions, which led to violent confrontations.

Vicious provocations in Al-Quds

In a separate context, Al Mayadeen’s correspondent confirmed that Israeli Knesset Member Itamar Ben-Gvir stormed and toured this morning the Al-Aqsa Mosque under the protection of the Israeli occupation police, despite warnings of further escalation in case of Israeli provocations. 

Biden orders unprecedented use of US oil stockpiles

March 31 2022

Source: Agencies

By Al Mayadeen Net 

Biden is being bashed by US citizens for rising prices everywhere from the supermarket to car dealerships.

Biden is being bashed by US citizens for rising prices everywhere from the supermarket to car dealerships.

Stickers featuring President Joe Biden pointing at the gas total and saying, “I did that!” (The Washington Times)

President Joe Biden will announce, on Thursday, the release of a record million barrels of oil per day from US strategic stockpiles for about 180 days in an effort to cool soaring fuel prices. 

“After consultation with allies and partners, the president will announce the largest release of oil reserves in history, putting one million additional barrels on the market per day on average — every day — for the next six months,” a statement said.

“The scale of this release is unprecedented: the world has never had a release of oil reserves at this one million per day rate for this length of time. This record release will provide a historic amount of supply to serve as a bridge until the end of the year when domestic production ramps up,” it added.

The measure will add significant supply to the already overheated global oil market, sending inflationary shockwaves through the US economy.

Biden is already struggling with low poll numbers ahead of looming midterm elections in November where Republicans are expected to take over Congress from Democrats.

The US President is facing a number of issues that contribute to his low approval ratings, including his handling of the Ukraine crisis, the pandemic response, a border crisis, and low ratings for personal qualities such as leadership, crisis management, and mental sharpness.

US thirst for oil

A million barrels per day released over a six-month period will be by far the largest and most sustained tapping of stockpiles in US history. The release would amount to about a 1% increase in global supplies.

It is worth mentioning that Biden was scheduled to lay out the details in a speech later Thursday.

Oil prices fell sharply after initial reports of the plan, which came as the OPEC+ group of petroleum exporters decided to raise output only modestly, despite the rise in crude prices caused by the West’s hysteric sanctions on Russia.

The release dwarfs previous uses of the strategic stockpile announced by the Biden administration in collaboration with other countries on March 1 in the light of the war in Ukraine, as well as last year in response to rising inflation.

Today, Biden is getting little credit from voters, who blame him for rising prices everywhere from the supermarket to car dealerships.

And for US drivers, the price shock as they fill up their cars at gas stations is a constant annoyance. “I did this,” read a sticker with a picture of Biden that has been placed next to pump handles in a number of gas stations.

Gasoline prices are currently at an average of $4.23 per gallon, up 47% from a year ago.

Oil prices rose near $140 per barrel in March on concerns about lost Russian crude supply, as some “self-sanctioning” oil buyers avoided Russian crude in the aftermath of hysteric sanctions against Moscow.

Prices have fallen slightly since the United States banned Russian energy imports on March 8, but have remained above $100 per barrel for the majority of the time since.

الشهر الثاني للحرب نحو مسارين متعاكسين: تماسك روسيّ صينيّ وتفكك أميركيّ أوروبيّ

الخميس 31 آذار 2022

ناصر قنديل

نجح الغرب الأميركي والأوروبي برسم مسار الشهر الأول من حرب أوكرانيا، سواء تحت عنوان تغليب الطابع الإقليمي للحرب على جوهرها الدولي، فتقدمت بصفتها حرباً روسية على أوكرانيا بهدف احتلالها والسيطرة عليها، أو تغليب معادلة العقوبات على معادلة التداعيات الاقتصادية خصوصاً في قطاع الطاقة وتظهير المشهد على خلفية التساؤل عن قدرة موسكو على الصمود تحت وطأة العقوبات، أو خصوصاً النجاح باستعادة مشهد التماسك الأميركي الأوروبي بعد سنوات من التصدع والتباين والشكوك، والانطلاق من هذا التماسك نحو العالم وخصوصاً نحو الصين وإيران لمحاصرة روسيا.

يبدأ الشهر الثاني والمشهد مختلف جذرياً، فالحرب في أوكرانيا صارت خلفية تصويرية لمشهد أوسع عنوانه مستقبل نظام العلاقات الدولية، فيطفو على السطح مشهد الاستقطاب بين مرجعيتين دوليتين متقابلتين، روسية صينية في ضفة، وأميركية أوروبية على الضفة الأخرى، ويأتي الاجتماع المشترك لوزيري خارجية روسيا والصين أمس، والبيان الصادر عنه لجهة التأكيد على قيادة بكين وموسكو لمسار بناء نظام عالميّ جديد متعدّد الأقطاب، اختصاراً لهوية المعركة التي يدور الشق العسكريّ منها في أوكرانيا. وبالتوازي يصعد الى الواجهة البعد الاقتصادي والمالي، المتصل بمستقبل سوق الطاقة والتعامل النقدي ومستقبل الدولار، مع إمساك موسكو بمعادلة الغاز الروسي إلى اوروبا والتحكم بعملة الدفع؛ فيما يبدأ الشهر الثاني وقد بدأت تظهر التباينات بقوة في الجبهة الأوروبية الأميركية، وداخل الجبهة الأوروبية نفسها، فالإيقاع مختلف لنتائج الحرب، على أطراف الجبهة الأميركية الأوروبية، خصوصاً في ملف الحاجة للغاز الروسي، وفي ظل الإحجام الأميركي عن التورط المباشر في الحرب، يبدأ التفكير بحساب المصالح المتباينة تجاه قضايا وجودية بحجم مخاطر الانهيار الاقتصادي لدولة بحجم ألمانيا، بينما يفتتح الشهر الثاني بتظهير تماسك واضح على جبهة موسكو وبكين. ويبدو أن المسارين المتعاكسين، التماسك الروسي الصيني والتفكك الأوروبي الأميركي، الى مزيد من التصاعد.

مع بدء الشهر الثاني للحرب ترسم موسكو إطار الحرب في أوكرانيا بدفع المشهد العسكريّ الى الخلف، وفتح الباب واسعاً لتفاوض طويل ومرير سيجري، بينما تقع المدن الأوكرانية الكبرى تحت الحصار، وتنتظر مواعيد وقف النار الصادرة عن الجيش الروسي، وقد فقد الجيش الأوكراني أنيابه، فدُمّرت مطاراته ودفاعاته الجوية وطائراته وغرف عملياته، ويمكن للتهدئة الميدانية أن تفسح المجال أكثر للقوات الروسية لملاحقة شحنات السلاح الآتية عبر بولندا، ومخازن الوقود التي تتحول الآلة العسكرية الأوكرانية الى مشهد شبيه بالآلة الألمانية في الحرب العالمية الثانية عندما هزمها الجيش السوفياتيّ مستفيداً من حرمانها من الوقود، وعلى هذا الإيقاع يفاوض الروس ببرودة، يحصلون على ورقة تتضمن نصاً على حياد أوكرانيا وقبولاً بالوضع الخاص للدونباس والقرم فيرحبون بها، ثم يقولون إنها غير كافية ولا تشكل اختراقاً يمكن البناء عليه، ويضبطون أيضاً إيقاع التفاوض على مسار حرب الطاقة والعملات، فيشدون الحبل ويرخونه، لكنهم يبقون عليه حاضراً، بسقف لا تراجع عنه اسمه ربط الغاز الروسيّ بالروبل، واستعداد لمرونة تطبيقيّة تراعي خصوصيات الشريك التجاري الأوروبيّ والألمانيّ خصوصاً، سواء بالتدرج في التطبيق أو في آليات هذا التدرج نفسه بصورة سلسة لا تشكل هزيمة كاملة لهذا الشريك التجاري، لكنها تؤسس للمعادلة الاقتصادية والمالية الجديدة، التي سترافق ولادة نظام دولي جديد.

تجنّبت موسكو الاستفزازات الاميركية التي نجحت بالسيطرة على الإعلام، في الحديث عن ضعف العمليّة الروسية وبطئها وأحياناً فشلها، ولم تذهب لتكرار المشهد الأميركي في غزو العراق، الذي كان السعي الأميركي لتوريط روسيا بتكراره، لإثبات القدرة والتفوق، بل إن موسكو تراجعت عن مناطق سبق ودخلت إليها، وهي تؤكد اهتمامها بتدمير القدرات العسكرية الأوكرانية أكثر من التوسع في الجغرافيا، والتحول الى احتلال او إنشاء حكم تابع لها. فالقضية لا تزال ضبط الأداء العسكري بصفته منصة تفاوض سياسي سينضج كلما أدركت اوروبا أنها لا تتحمل تبعات المضي قدماً في الوصفة الأميركية، فتظهر نتائج هذا التبدل على المسار التفاوضي سواء في ملف الطاقة أو في الملف الأوكراني، بعدما نجحت في احتواء الصدمة الكبرى للعقوبات، وأعادت فتح البورصة، وها هو الروبل كمرآة للمشهدين العسكري والسياسي يستعيد ما فقده من وزنه منذ إعلان العقوبات.

فيديوات متعلقة

Repercussions of the escape of arrest in the Russian ruble and the European economic suicide
Turkey and the booby-trapped neutrality in the Ukrainian crisis.. The truth of the Turkish position and the warmth of the relationship with Israel

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Ramzan Kadyrov speaking about the negotiations with Ukraine

March 30, 2022

Please make sure to press the “cc” button to see the English captions!

and, just in case the Ministry of Truth decides to block that video on YouTube (they did so with the original one, calling it “hate speech” which makes me conclude that Nazis are now a protected minority, but whatever), here is the BitChute version:

Michael Hudson: Interview with Margaret Flowers, WBAI, March 29, 2022

March 30, 2022

Michael Hudson interviewed by Margaret flowers, Clearing the Fog, March 29, 2022.

Posted with Dr Hudson’s permission

Margaret Flowers: You’re listening to Clearing the FOG, speaking truth to expose the forces of greed, with Margaret Flowers. And now I turn to my guest, Michael Hudson. Michael is the president of the Institute for the Study of Long-term, Economic Trends, ISLET. He’s a Wall Street financial analyst and a distinguished research professor of Economics at the University of Missouri, in Kansas City. He’s also the author of numerous books and recently updated his book, “Super Imperialism: The economic strategy of American Empire.” Thank you for taking time to speak with me today, Michael.

Michael Hudson: Well, thanks for having me on Margaret.

MF: You’ve talked a lot and written a lot about dollar hegemony and what’s happening now with de-dollarization. Can you start out by explaining to my listeners what dollar hegemony is and how it has benefited the wealthy class in the United States?

MH: Dollar hegemony seems to be the position that has just ended as of this week very abruptly. Dollar hegemony was when America’s war in Vietnam and the military spending of the 1960s and 70s drove the United States off gold. The entire US balance of payments deficit was military spending, and it began to run down the gold supply. So, in 1971, President Nixon took the dollar off gold. Well, everybody thought America has been controlling the world economy since World War I by having most of the gold and by being the creditor to the world. And they thought what is going to happen now that the United States is running a deficit, instead of being a creditor.

Well, what happened was that, as I’ve described in Super Imperialism, when the United States went off gold, foreign central banks didn’t have anything to buy with their dollars that were flowing into their countries – again, mainly from the US military deficit but also from the investment takeovers. And they found that these dollars came in, the only thing they could do would be to recycle them to the United States. And what do central banks hold? They don’t buy property, usually, back then they didn’t. They buy Treasury bonds. And so, the United States would be spending dollars abroad and foreign central banks didn’t really have anything to do but send it right back to buy treasury bonds to finance not only the balance of payments deficit, but also the budget deficit that was largely military in character. So, dollar hegemony was the system where foreign central banks keep their monetary and international savings reserves in dollars and the dollars are used to finance the military bases around the world, almost eight hundred military bases surrounding them. So, basically central banks have to keep their savings by weaponizing them, by militarizing them, by lending them to the United States, to keep spending abroad.

This gave America a free ride. Imagine if you went to the grocery store and you just paid by giving them an IOU. And then the next week you want to buy more groceries and you give them another IOU. And they say, wait a minute, you have an IOU before and you say, well just use the IOU to pay the milk company that delivers, or the farmers that deliver. You can use this as your money and just you’ll as a customer, keep writing IOU’s and you never have to pay anything because your IOU is other people’s money. Well, that’s what dollar hegemony was, and it was a free ride. And it all ended last Wednesday when the United States grabbed Russia’s reserves having grabbed Afghanistan’s foreign reserves and Venezuela’s foreign reserves and those of other countries.

And all of a sudden, this means that other countries can no longer safely hold their reserves by sending their money back, depositing them in US banks or buying US Treasury Securities, or having other US investments because they could simply be grabbed as happened to Russia. So, all of a sudden this last week, you’re seeing the world economy fracture into two parts, a dollarized part and other countries that do not follow the neoliberal policies that the United States insists that its allies follow. We’re seeing the birth of a new dual World economy.

MF: Wow, there’s a lot to unpack there. So, are we seeing then other countries starting to disinvest in US dollars? You’ve written about how the treasury bonds that these central banks buy up have been basically funding our domestic economy. Are they starting to shed those bonds or what’s happening?

MH: No, they haven’t been funding our domestic economy because the Federal Reserve can create its own money to fund the domestic economy. We don’t need to borrow from foreign countries to fund our economy. We can print it ourselves. What the dollar hegemony does is fund the balance of payments deficit. It funds our spending in other economies, our spending abroad. It doesn’t help our economy, but it does help us get a free ride from other countries. The more dollars we spend in making a military base, all these military expenditures get turned over to the local Central Bank that turns and sends them back to the Federal Reserve or deposits them in US bank accounts. So, it’s the international free ride we get, not a domestic free ride.

MF: Okay. So are we seeing countries now, since this past week, starting to move their assets back to repatriate them because I know for Afghanistan, a big problem is that most of the government’s money was outside of the country and that has been used as a weapon against Afghanistan by seizing those assets and not allowing the Central Bank of Afghanistan to have them. Are we starting to see other countries repatriating their money and gold?

MH: Well, figures are only available at the end of each month, reported at the end of each month and then there’s a two-month delay, so we don’t have any idea what’s happening. But I’ve been talking to people all over the world in the last few days and the consensus is that everybody is now deciding the only place, certainly if you’re China or Russia or Kazakhstan or you’re in the Eurasian orbit, South Asia, East Asia, you realize, wait a minute, if all we have to do is something like Allende did in Chile or all we have to do is refuse to sell off our industry to American investors and they can treat us like they’ve treated Venezuela. So you can imagine that everybody’s watching this and there’s an expectation that as a result of the war in Ukraine, that’s really America’s NATO war, that this is going to create a balance-of-payments crisis throughout the whole Global South as their energy prices go up, oil prices soar, food prices are going to soar and this is going to make it impossible for them to pay their foreign debts unless they go without food and energy. Obviously, this is a political crisis. That is, the only result can be to split the world in two.

MF: You’ve been writing about this happening. You’ve written that the de-dollarization has been happening relatively quickly in recent years. So, are we now we’re now just seeing the end result of that? I mean, people said it could happen quickly. Is that exactly what we’re seeing right now?

MH: Yes, and nobody expected that it would happen this quickly. Nobody expected that it would be the United States itself that ends de-dollarization. People thought that, well, most of the sales of my book describing this super imperialism were bought by the Defense Department and they looked at it as a how -to-do-it book. And I was brought down to the White House and the Defense Department to explain to them how imperialism works.

I had expected that maybe China, Russia, and other countries would say, “We don’t want to give America free rides.” And yet it was the United States itself that broke all of this, by grabbing Russia’s reserves right after it grabbed Afghanistan’s and Venezuela’s reserves.

Nothing like this has happened in modern history, even in the 19th century wars. In the Crimean War in the mid-19th century, Russia, England and Germany, everybody kept paying the debts to the countries they were fighting against because the idea is that debts were sacrosanct. And now, all of a sudden, not only are debts are not sacrosanct, but countries can just grab foreign savings. I guess the problem began after the Shah of Iran fell and the United States grabbed Iran’s money and refused to let it pay its bond holders and started the whole war against Iran for trying to take control of its own oil resources. So, all of a sudden, the United States grabbing this has ended what everybody thought was an immutable morality.

MF: So that was in 1979 that the Shah fell in Iran and, and over the last number of decades, the United States has been increasingly using economic warfare against countries through what people call sanctions, but they’re actually, illegal unilateral coercive measures, has that been kind of driving and setting the stage for what is happening today?

MH: Yes, the International Monetary Fund has operated, basically, as an arm of the Defense Department. It’s been bailing out dictatorships, bailing out Ukraine, lending money to countries whose client oligarchies America wants to support, and not lending any money to countries that America doesn’t want to support, like Venezuela. So, its job is basically to promote neoliberal policies, and to insist that other countries balance their payments by undergoing a class war against labor.

The conditionality that the IMF insists upon for foreign borrowing is that countries devalue their currency and lower their wage rates and pass anti-labor legislation. Well, when you lower the currency’s exchange rate, what do you really lower? Food prices are set in dollars internationally, raw materials prices are, and prices for machinery and many goods. The only economic variable devalued is domestic labor (and domestic rents). The IMF has been using this kind of junk-economic free-trade policy as a means of keeping the wage rates in the Global South down. You could say it’s a financialization of an ultimately military conflict to promote neoliberal ideology.

MF: And you mentioned the lowering wages and things like that. And this is actually done because it’s favorable to US investors and US business, right? I mean, the World Bank actually has an index, the cost of doing business index, that helps inform large corporations about laws that countries pass that make them more favorable to businesses to come in.

MH: It’s even worse than that. The central aim of the World Bank is to prevent other countries from growing their own food. That is the prime directive. It will only make loans for countries to earn foreign currency and it has insisted ever since about 1950 that countries that borrow from it must shift their agriculture to plantation export crops to grow tropical crops that cannot be grown in the United States for environmental and weather reasons. And the countries must not grow their own food and must not undertake Land Reform or small family-based farming. So, it insisted on foreign-owned agribusiness in large plantation agriculture. And what that means is that countries that have borrowed for agricultural loans have not been loans to produce their own food. It’s been to compete with each other producing tropical export crops while being increasingly dependent on the United States for their food supplies, and for their grain. And that’s part of the corner they painted them into that is going to be creating such a world famine this summer.

MF: I definitely want to get into that as well as the energy situation and the climate crisis, but before we do that, I just want you to comment quickly on how this has also been driving countries to seek alternatives. The United States removed Russia from the SWIFT system, which is the international mechanism for doing trading and finance. It threatened China if they didn’t denounce what was happening with Russia and Ukraine to kick them out of the SWIFT system. So, this hubris of the United States is also kind of driving countries away to seek other alternatives, right?

MH: That’s the whole point. Well, fortunately they’ve been threatening to kick Russia out of SWIFT for the last two years. And so, Russia and China have been putting in place an alternative system. So, they almost pretty smoothly are shifting over to using their own currency with each other instead of using the dollar. And that’s part of what has ended the dollar standard and ended dollar hegemony.

If the way you have dollar hegemony is to have other countries deposit your money in your banks and handle their oil trade with each other by financing it in dollars, but all of a sudden you grab all their dollars and you don’t let them use US banks to pay for their oil and their trade with each other, then they’re going to shift to a different system. And that’s exactly what has ended the dollar hegemony, as you just pointed out.

MF: So, let’s get a little bit into where things are headed with this new situation, a rapidly changing situation. It may be hard to say what’s happening, but you talked about a food crisis this summer. Can you talk a little bit about more about that and does the conflict in Ukraine feed into that?

MH: Well, as President Putin and Lavrov have said, the fighting in Ukraine isn’t really over Ukraine at all. It’s a fight over what shape the world will take and whether the world will be unipolar or, as it now appears, multipolar. The US, for the last year before it began to escalate attacks on the Russian-speaking Ukraine, was trying to block Europe from, and especially Germany, from buying Russia gas and oil.

There are three pillars of American foreign policy that base American power. The first pillar is the oil industry. That’s the most powerful industry next to banking in the United States. And United States throughout the 20th century, along with Britain and France, have controlled the world oil trade.

That has benefited the United States in two ways. Number one, we are a major oil exporter because we have a big oil and gas industry. But, number two, our US companies control the foreign oil trade. So that if some country, say Chile or Venezuela, does something that the United States doesn’t like, like growing their own food or pursuing a socialist policy, the United States can simply cut off their oil and sanction them. Without oil, they don’t have energy to drive the cars or power their factories or drive their GDP.

So, the American war in Ukraine is really a war against Germany. Russia is not the enemy. Germany and Europe are the enemy and the United States made it very clear. This is a war to lock in our allies so they cannot trade with Russia. They cannot buy Russian oil. They must be dependent on American oil for which they will have to pay three or four times as much. They will have to be dependent on American liquefied natural gas for fertilizer. If they don’t buy American gas for fertilizer, and we don’t let them buy from Russia, then they cannot put fertilizer on the land and the crop yield will fall by about 50% without fertilizer.

So, the, the war in Ukraine was to make Russia look so bad by defending itself against the attacks by the Ukrainian right wing in the Russian-speaking areas that the US has said, look at how bad Russia is. You’ve got to forego buying oil and gas or grain or titanium or palladium or anything else from Russia.

And so, the effect of this war has been to lock the NATO countries into dependency on the United States because the great fear of the United States in the last few years is that as America is de-industrializing, these countries are looking to the part of the world that’s growing, China, Central Asia, Russia, South Asia. And the United States feared losing control of its satellites mainly in NATO, but also in South America. So, it sanctioned and blocked their ability to buy non-US energy. They’re blocking their ability to buy non-US food, blocking their ability to invest in or use their surplus to get prosperous by investing in China, Russia, or Eurasia.

So, this is basically a war of America to lock in its allies. Well, the result is that oil prices, now that you can’t get Russian oil, are going to go way, way up, and that is going to create a crisis for many of the Global South countries that are oil deficit countries. The fertilizer companies in Germany have already been closing down because they say, without Russian gas, we make our fertilizer out of gas, and if we can’t get Russian gas, we can’t produce the fertilizer that. So, world fertilizer prices are going way up.

Russia is the largest grain exporter. And now that grain exports are being blocked by the sanctions, the question is, what are North Africa and the Near East going to do that have been depending very largely on Russian grain exports? Their food prices are going to go way up.

You can imagine just from seeing what’s happening in the United States when gas prices go up here, food prices go up here, not only does it put a squeeze on individual family budgets, but throughout the world, it puts the squeeze on the balance of payments of other countries. And so, they’re desperate. How are they going to pay the higher prices unless they borrow even more money from US banks? And of course, that’s another arm of US policy. The US banks hope to make a killing in making loans at rising interest rates to third world countries.

And of course, arms exports. NATO in the last few days has agreed to make American arms exports to increase their purchase of arms. So, the stock market has been soaring in the last few days. They say this, the world famine, the world crisis is a bonanza for Wall Street. The oil company stocks are going way up, the military, industrial stocks, Boeing Raytheon way up, the bank stocks. This is America’s great power grab, and it realizes, when it can create a crisis and tell the Global South or poor countries your money or your life. This is how most of the great property grabs and conquests have been made throughout history.

MF: And just this week at the NATO meetings, President Biden basically said food prices are going to go up in the United States and Europe as a result of what’s happening. And that’s just the price we have to pay.

MH: Well, what he should have said, this is the price they have to pay us. That’s how the stock market took it. When he said this is the price we have to pay, this is the price consumers have to pay to the American oil companies, to the American Agricultural food distribution companies. It’s the price other countries have to pay to the United States.

This is to say to the rest of the world, you know, we’ve got you completely, I don’t know how to put it, what phrase to use, but you don’t have any choice, your money or your life. We’ve got you trapped. And he’s crowing over the fact that this resulting inflation is exactly what was intended by the war in Ukraine that has led to the isolation of Russia and other countries following a non-US policy.

MF: But more and more countries in Latin America, in Africa, are turning to countries like China for partnerships, for investment. Do you see a point coming where there is just this real shunning of the United States and turning to these alternatives?

MH: That is exactly what’s going to happen. What’s going to happen is, China’s investment is very different from US investment. US and European investment will give financial investments to countries at interest that the whole country is liable for to repay. China’s investment is taking place by means of the Belt and Road Initiative and direct capital investment in developing ports, infrastructure and railways. And instead of having a general financial claim against these countries, China has an equity claim, a property claim backed by the physical means of production that it puts in place.

Well, this summer, when countries say they cannot afford to pay their foreign debts, the United States has as a backup plan, okay, let’s write down everybody’s debts, government debts, to each other so that governments can pay the private bond holders and the banks. And they’re going to try to, essentially the US will forgive its debts so that Latin America can pay Chase Manhattan Bank and Citibank and the bondholders. And China is going to say, wait a minute, we don’t have any financial claim against these countries. We didn’t lend them dollars. We didn’t lend them our foreign currency at all. We built assets there and the assets are still in place. There’s no problem there.

So, the question is, whose debts are going to be written down to whom? And all of this is going to lead to, as you can imagine, destabilization. The United States is probably going to try to push regime change on countries that try to trade with China as it’s already threatened China with. And the more sanctions the United States imposes on Latin America, Africa and the Near East and South Asia, they will be creating a crisis, but the crisis will lead the rest of the world to treat the United States in the same way that Russia and China are treating the United States as just the enemy threatening the entire world with their neoliberal power grab. So, the United States in a way is isolating itself from the rest of the world by declaring war on it.

MF: And I think that’s not going to be good for us here at home in the United States. You’ve talked about the way that the current economy has been structured. You’ve also raised a lot of concern about the climate crisis. And of course, we have the recent IPCC report basically saying that we’re way behind in taking action to even adapt to the climate crisis or the warming that we’re going to be experiencing. So now in this new situation, how do you see that impacting the climate crisis?

MH: Here’s what Biden said, in effect: “We’re way behind in the pace of global warming.” American policy is based on increasing and accelerating global warming. That has been a central point of US policy ever since I joined the Hudson Institute in the 1970s. The United States is opposing any attempt at trying to prevent global warming because you can imagine what would happen if other countries go to solar energy and renewable energy. That will reduce their dependency on the US oil industry. If you look at American policy, it is being run basically by the oil industry to establish dependence of other countries on oil. Then obviously the last thing the United States is ever going to do is prevent global warming. So, if we’re behind in global warming, it’s that the sea level is not rising fast enough. The world is not getting hot fast enough not to lock in foreign reliance on America’s oil.

And I think you’ve seen what in the last few weeks, what President Biden has said, the fuel of the future is coal and oil. Right now, he’s in Poland. I think he’s suggesting that Polish coal, which is one of its major products, should be used in Europe instead of Russian gas. So, American foreign policy is based on the accelerated use of coal and oil, not renewable energy.

Now, that’s why I think the environmental movement should become an anti-war movement and the movement against this neoliberal dollar hegemony. You’re not going to avoid global warming unless you stop the dominance of American foreign policy by the oil industry.

MF: I think we’ve been seeing that shift over the last few years where the climate movement is starting to understand we can’t address this crisis without addressing the US military. So just in the last minutes that I have with you, what do you have to say to the listeners about where this is going for us materially as people living in the United States, a country that has been showing itself to be a failing state? The Covid-19 pandemic, I think, has really exposed that in so many ways, the financial insecurity that people are facing, housing, education, health care, all of the failures of the government to meet the basic needs of the people. How do you think that’s going to change with this new situation?

MH: Well, the United States has been getting a free ride internationally. So, much of the prosperity here has been the result of our not having to pay for our own military spending, not having to pay for many of the foreign investments that we’ve got that supply the US with low priced foreign raw materials. All that is being ended by President Biden’s policy, which, of course, the Republicans support just as much as the Democrats.

So, there’s really a political movement that is ending up impoverishing, I’d say, 99% of Americans. While the Federal Reserve saves the stock and bond market for the 1%, there’s going to be a huge squeeze that’s going to force, I think, most American families into debt leading to probably a close down of a lot of businesses just as you had the Covid crisis closing down a lot of businesses. You’re going to have the rising fuel prices, the rising food prices utterly force families into default and an inability to be self-supporting without either running into debt or selling their homes and becoming renters.

MF: And that’s a whole other problem with the buying up of the housing in the United States by these investment corporations so that they can then control those rent prices. It sounds like difficult days are ahead.

MH: Yes. Well, and nobody can really ,it’s really Uncharted Territory because nobody thought there was an alternative. The economic view was as Margaret Thatcher said, “There is no alternative.” Well, now, America’s forced the world to find its own alternative.

MF: Well, thank you for sharing that wisdom with me. I encourage people to continue to follow you and read your books and follow your writing. Where’s the best place to find you?

MH: I have a website: And I’m on Patreon. I post my articles on the website and on Patreon.

MF: Well, thank you so much for taking time to speak with me today, and for the important work that you’re doing.

MH: Well, I’m awfully glad we had to talk about this, Margaret.

Sitrep: That ‘bumbling’ presidential aide Medinsky ….

March 30, 2022


Posted by Amarynth

… kept the real goodies for this day, a day after the talks.

The news is breaking now.  Medinsky says in a presser with Rossiya-24 broadcaster, that for the first time, Kiev is ready to fulfill the key demands from Russia.

These stories are still in development both on RT and on Sputnik.  I quote from RT:

“Yesterday, for the first time, the Ukrainian party announced, not only orally but also in written form, that it’s ready to fulfill a number of the most important conditions for building normal, and, hopefully, good-neighbourly relations with Russia in the future.

Let me remind you that after the 2014 coup d’état in Ukraine Russia has been making these demands to the Kiev regime, to its patrons, especially the United States, for years. Russia proposed negotiations, proposed to conclude various kinds of agreements that were supposed to guarantee Ukraine’s security and provide Russia’s national interests in this area.

All these demands had been ignored for years. And the North Atlantic Alliance has also been creating an anti-Russian foothold from Ukraine, more precisely, from Ukrainian territory, for years.

Ukraine’s entry into NATO, the creation of NATO military bases on its territory seemed to be a settled issue. It was a matter of time.

I’ll note, and this has already been proven, that there were also efforts on creating biological weapons. Moreover, the issue of Ukraine’s acquisition of nuclear weapons was also made public knowledge.

All these years, the Kiev regime has carried out an open genocide against the residents of Donbass. There’s a lot of evidence for this. There’s irrefutable evidence that Kiev was planning to launch an offensive against Donbass in the near future. In that case Russia would have had to stand up for tens and tens of thousands of our Russian citizens living there anyway.

Under these circumstances, Russia was forced to launch a pre-emptive special military operation.

Yesterday, for the first time in all these years, the Kiev authorities declared that they are ready to negotiate with Russia and conveyed the provisions of a possible future agreement, which states the following:

• the refusal to join NATO, fixation of Ukraine’s bloc-free status;

• the renunciation of nuclear weapons;

• an obligation to conduct troop exercises only with the consent of the guarantor states, which must include Russia.

That is, Ukraine stated that it’s ready to fulfill these demands that Russia has been insisting on all these years.

If all these obligations are fulfilled, the threat of creating a NATO bridgehead on Ukrainian territory will be eliminated.

That’s why it’s so important to agree upon this treaty at the highest level.

However, the negotiations and our work continue.

I’d like to stress that Russia’s position regarding Crimea and Donbass remains the same.”

A reminder of Lavrov’s talks with the Serbian Media

💬 FM Sergey Lavrov: What matters the most right now is to stop indulging the Ukrainians who want to use talks and solutions as a smokescreen. They have succeeded in this posture when they derailed the Minsk Agreements immediately after signing them in February 2015. In the end, they said that they refused to fulfil them. We know how good they are at pretending to be involved.

This time, they will not get away with it. We need to make sure that the talks yield results, and once they do, the Presidents will formalise them.

(Excerpt from the Minister’s interview ( with the Serbian media, Moscow, March 28, 2022)

There is of course another piece of news widely reported, and I quote from Pepe Escobar (in true Escobar style) Telegram channel:


The Vatican Bank used 10 million euros to BUY RUBLES from the Russian Central Bank so they could pay for their gas.

They followed the instructions by the Russian Federation government to the letter.

If this multinational organization In Nome del Padre, Figlio & Spirito Santo can do it, why not some bloody Germans?

US, Europe afraid of sanctioning Kaspersky Lab: WSJ

March 31 2022

Source: Agencies

By Al Mayadeen Net 

The White House’s National Security Council has postponed discussions with the US Department of Treasury about prospective sanctions against Kaspersky Lab, according to sources.

The US, Europe are afraid of imposing sanctions against Kaspersky Lab.

The US and Europe are concerned that sanctions against Russia’s Kaspersky Lab software company will increase the risks of cyberattacks against Western countries, which is why the US administration did not make any agreements regarding restrictions against that company, according to The Wall Street Journal, citing sources.

The White House’s National Security Council has postponed discussions with the US Department of Treasury about prospective sanctions against Kaspersky Lab, according to the sources. 

The Federal Communications Commission of the United States added Kaspersky Lab products to its list of devices and services that pose a security risk on Friday. Following that, the business expressed dissatisfaction with the commission’s decision to prohibit the use of federal funds to purchase Kaspersky Lab’s products, describing it as politically driven.

The software company nevertheless revealed it is willing to work with US government authorities and answer regulators’ questions.

Russia had launched a special military operation in Ukraine over NATO’s eastward expansion, the Ukrainian shelling of Donbass, and the killing of the people of the Donetsk People’s Republic and Lugansk People’s Republic, in addition to Moscow wanting to “denazify” and demilitarize Ukraine.

Following this step, the United States, the European Union, the United Kingdom, and several other countries announced sanctions against Russian individuals and legal entities.

11 قتيلاً خلال أسبوع: إسرائيل في كابوسها المديد

الأربعاء 30 آذار 2022

يجتمع مساء اليوم «الكابينيت» في تل أبيب، لإجراء تقييم للوضع عقب عملية أمس (أ ف ب )

فلسطين الحدث الأخبار 

«تعمود (قف)»! بهذه الكلمة توجّه الشهيد ضياء حمارشة (27 عاماً) إلى سائق سيارة إسرائيلي، آمراً إياه بالتوقّف، قبل أن يعاجله برصاصة واحدة في رأسه، ومن ثمّ يقترب منه، ويتأكّد من مقتله ليتابع عمليته «الفدائية»، التي قُتل فيها خمسة إسرائيليين، أحدهم من عناصر شرطة العدو، في منطقتَين مختلفتَين في «بني براك» بالقرب من تل أبيب، مساء أمس. وبحسب وسائل إعلام العدو، فإن فلسطينيَين آخرين شاركا في العملية، تمّ اعتقال واحد منهما، بينما كان يجري البحث عن الثاني

مع هجوم «بني براك» أمس، يكون المشهد الفلسطيني أمام ثالث عملية نوعيّة في غضون أسبوع واحد؛ أوّلها في بئر السبع الأسبوع الفائت، وثانيها في الخضيرة أول من أمس، وآخرها قرب تل أبيب أمس. وخلّفت هذه العمليات مجتمعة، 11 قتيلاً إسرائيلياً، وعدداً من الجرحى بينهم مَن هم في حال الخطر، تاركةً العدو وأجهزته الأمنية في حالة من الصدمة والضياع، لاسيما وأن «رادار» جهاز «الشاباك» لم ينجح في كشف أو إحباط أيّ من العمليات الثلاث. وانهال مسؤولون أمنيون سابقون وحاليون في الكيان، بانتقادات شديدة على أداء الجهاز الذي ما فتئ يحذّر منذ أكثر من شهر من «التصعيد» المُحتمل في شهر رمضان وقبيله، وانعكست تحذيراته في أكثر من خطوة، شملت لقاءات على مختلف المستويات بين مثلث رام الله ـــ عمّان ـــ تل أبيب، لكن من دون أيّ نتيجة كما يبدو، حيث تمّت العمليات الفدائية بنجاح، سواءً تلك التي نفّذها أبناء المنطقة المحتلة عام 1948، أو عملية أمس التي نفّذتها – كما يبدو – خلية قادمة من الضفة الغربية.

الصدمة الكبرى لدى قادة الأجهزة الأمنية الإسرائيلية أمس، مردّها تمكّن الشهيد من تنفيذ العملية، على رغم أن أجهزة العدو رفعت منذ أول من أمس حالة التأهّب في صفوف قواتها، وشنّت حملات اعتقال مختلفة طاولت «مشتبهين ومحتملين لتنفيذ عمليات»، في أكثر من منطقة في فلسطين، بينها أم الفحم وسخنين، انطلاقاً من توقّعات «الشاباك» بأن العملية المقبلة سينفّذها فلسطينيون من هذه المناطق. لكن الشهيد حمارشة، إبن قرية يعبد في قضاء جنين شمالي الضفة الغربية المحتلة، سواء وحده أو مع شركاء له، استطاع وسط كلّ إجراءات العدو، الدخول إلى المناطق المحتلة عام 1948، التي يحدّها جدار الفصل العنصري، ومن دون تصريح مسبق. وطبقاً لتقديرات مؤسسات العدو، التي نقلها المحلل العسكري ألون بن ديفيد، فإن الخلية تنتمي إلى حركة «الجهاد الإسلامي»، بينما جرى الحديث عن انتماء الشهيد حمارشة الى «كتائب شهداء الأقصى»، الجناح العسكري لحركة «فتح».

وفي التفاصيل، أشارت «القناة 12» العبرية إلى أن الشهيد المنفّذ استقلّ دراجة نارية، وأطلق النار في ثلاث مناطق مختلفة، بينها شارع «بياليك» حيث سقط ثلاثة قتلى، قبل أن يتّجه إلى شارع «هرتسل» في منطقة «بني باراك» مطلقاً النار، مُوقعاً قتيلَين إسرائيليين آخرين بينهما ضابط في شرطة العدو، ثمّ يصل أخيراً إلى شارع «مجاديم»، حيث أطلق النار مجدداً قبل استشهاده، علماً أن أشرطة مصوّرة من أكثر من منطقة أظهرته وهو يتنقّل راجلاً وليس على درّاجة نارية. وتداول نشاطون إسرائيليون وفلسطينيون، على منصّات التواصل الاجتماعي، مقطع فيديو تظهر فيه مستوطنة إسرائيلية من مكان تنفيذ العملية، تتحدّث عن أن «المنفّذ طلب منها مع نسوة أخريات الابتعاد عن المكان»، وأنه «على ما يبدو كان لا يريد قتل نساء».

باركت فصائل المقاومة الفلسطينية العملية «البطولية» بينما دانها محمود عباس

في غضون ذلك، أجرى وزير أمن العدو، بني غانتس، تقييماً للوضع، بمشاركة رئيس الأركان، أفيف كوخافي، ومنسّق عمليات الحكومة في المناطق المحتلة، غسان عليان، ورئيس «الشاباك»، رونن بار، ورئيس شعبة الاستخبارات العسكرية، ورئيس شعبة العمليات. وإثر العملية، أمر المفتش العام للشرطة، يعكوف (كوبي) شبتاي، برفع حالة تأهّب الشرطة الإسرائيلية إلى المستوى الأقصى، واستدعاء آلاف القوات في تعزيز لمهام تأمين المؤسسات والمحطات المركزية والأماكن المزدحمة. وهذه هي المرّة الأولى التي يأمر فيها بذلك منذ عملية «سيف القدس»، وهبّة الأقصى في أيار من العام الفائت. كما أوعز رئيس هيئة أركان الجيش، أفيف كوخافي، بتعزيز فرقة الضفة بأربع كتائب مقاتلة أخرى، ليصل مجموع التعزيزات الأخيرة إلى ثماني كتائب. أيضاً، من المُزمع أن ينعقد المجلس الوزاري المصغّر للشؤون الأمنية والسياسية (الكابينيت) اليوم، لمناقشة موجة العمليات الأخيرة، طبقاً لما نقله المراسل العسكري، باراك رافيد. كما أعلنت سلطات العدو وقف العمل بتصريحات العمل الممنوحة للفلسطينيين في الضفة الغربية، للعمل داخل الأراضي المحتلة عام 1948.

ومن جهتها، باركت فصائل المقاومة الفلسطينية المختلفة، العملية «البطولية»، واعتبرتها رداً طبيعياً على إجراءات العدو الاستيطانية والظالمة. كما خرجت عدّة مسيرات شعبية في الضفة الغربية، وتحديداً في بلدة يعبد ومدينة جنين، تأييداً للعملية الفدائية، وتأكيداً على خيار المقاومة. أما رئيس سلطة رام الله، محمود عباس، فقد دان الهجوم، وأكد في بيانه أن «مقتل مواطنين إسرائيليين وفلسطينيين لن يؤدّي سوى إلى تدهور الوضع، حيث إن الجميع معنيٌّ بدعم الازدهار، وبشكل أساسي على خلفية حلول رمضان والأعياد اليهودية والمسيحية المرتقبة». وحذّر عباس «من استغلال هذا الحدث لتبرير الاعتداء على فلسطينيين من قبل مستوطنين». وكان كشف أكثر من تقرير إسرائيلي، في وقت سابق، عن نيّة إسرائيلية لتأجيج التوتّرات الأمنية في الأراضي المحتلة عام 1948، عبر استغلال هذه الهجمات للزجّ بالتنظيمات الاستيطانية اليهودية، وخصوصاً في مدن الساحل الفلسطيني، في مواجهة الفلسطينيين هناك.

5 قتلى إسرائيليين بينهم شرطي في عملية إطلاق نار شرقي “تل أبيب”

الثلاثاء 29 آذار 

المصدر: وسائل إعلام إسرائيلية

وسائل إعلام إسرائيلية تتحدّث عن سقوط قتلى وجرحى إسرائيليين في عملية إطلاق نار في “بني براك” في “تل أبيب”.

أفادت مراسلة الميادين في القدس المحتلة، اليوم الثلاثاء، بسقوط 5 قتلى، بينهم شرطي للاحتلال الإسرائيلي، في عملية إطلاق نار في “بني براك” في “تل أبيب”. 

وأكدت مراسلتنا أن عملية إطلاق النار وقعت في 3 نقاط في منطقة “بني براك” التي “يقطنها مستوطنون متشددون”، مشيرةً إلى أن المرحلة “الحالية تشهد موجة من التحريض العنصري الإسرائيلي ضد الفلسطينيين”.

وأعلنت وسائل الإعلام الإسرائيلية سقوط 5 قتلى في عملية إطلاق نار من مسلّح على دراجة نارية في “بني براك” شرقي “تل أبيب”.

وبحسب موقع “0404” الإسرائيلي، فإن إطلاق النار وقع في أماكن متعددة في “بني براك” في “تل أبيب”، وأن “القوات الطبية تعالج الجرحى، بينما جراح بعضهم خطيرة”.

وأعلنت شرطة الاحتلال “حالة الطوارئ ومنع التجول الشامل في شوارع تل أبيب”.

كذلك، “سادت أجواء من الخوف والهلع في صفوف المستوطنين”. ووفقاً للإعلام الإسرائيلي، فإن “منفذ عملية بني براك من سكان الضفة الغربية، وأطلق النار في ثلاثة أماكن”.

ومنفّذ العملية الذي استشهِد، هو الفلسطيني ضياء حمارشة (26 عاماً)، من يعبد في جنين في الضفة الغربية، وهو أسير محرَّر. 

ونقلت وسائل إعلام إسرائيلية أنه “في الساعة القريبة المقبلة سيُجري رئيس الحكومة ووزير الأمن ورؤساء المؤسسة الأمنية مشاورات أمنية بعد عملية بني براك”.

والأحد الماضي، قتل إسرائيليين اثنين، وأصيب 3 من عناصر شرطة الاحتلال، في إطلاق نار بمدينة الخضيرة،فيما استشهد منفذا العملية.

وشنت شرطة الاحتلال حملة اعتقالات في مدينة أم الفحم ومنطقة وادي عارة، وسخنين والناصرة والطيبة، عقب عملية الخضيرة التي أسفرت عن مقتل شرطيين من قوات الاحتلال، وإصابة 10 آخرين.

وفي 22 آذار/مارس الجاري، قتل 4 مستوطنين إسرائيليين في عمليتَيْ دهس وطعن في بئر السبع، ونقلت حينها “القناة الـ12” الإسرائيلية، عن مصدرٍ سياسي قوله: “نأمل أن لا تكون عملية بئر السبع هي براعم ما نتوقعه في شهر رمضان”.

مقالات مرتبطة

Moscow: Kiev used Jewish synagogue as gathering point for nationalists

March 30 2022

Source: Agencies

By Al Mayadeen Net 

Russia says Ukraine is using worshipping places as gathering and transfer points for weapons and Nazis to participate in hostilities.

Ukrainian nationalists and neo-nazis used a Jewish synagogue as a gathering point

Russian Defense Ministry Spokesperson Major General Igor Konashenkov revealed Wednesday that Ukraine used a Jewish synagogue in the city of Uman as a gathering point for nationalist formations, TASS reported.

According to Konashenkov, Kiev is using worshipping places as gathering and transfer points for weapons and Nazis to participate in hostilities, violating international humanitarian law and morality norms.

“Today we present evidence received from a member of the Uman Jewish community of the use by the [Ukrainian President Volodymyr] Zelensky regime for these purposes of the building of the new city synagogue, located at 1 Shosseiny Lane,” Konashenkov highlighted.

The Russian spokesperson stressed that the defense ministry has “recorded the formation of two nationalist columns on the territory of the synagogue,” according to TASS.

Konashenkov explained that “the property, weapons, and ammunition stored in the synagogue were first loaded by the nationalists into dump trucks, and then disguised as bags with construction waste. At the same time, to transport nationalists and foreign mercenaries from Ukraine’s western regions, buses with school vehicle markings and appropriate Children signs are used, as can be clearly seen in the photographs.”

Ukraine used a Jewish synagogue in the city of Uman as a gathering point for nationalist formations

He considered that “the object of the Jewish cult in Uman is deliberately used by the Kiev nationalist regime for military purposes in order to provoke a conflict and political pressure of Jewish religious organizations on Russia in case of fire on it.”

The major general pointed out that “on March 20, President Zelensky, in a video address to the Israeli Knesset, accused Russia of allegedly striking the city of Uman in the Cherkasy region.”

He reiterated that during the ongoing war, the Russian Armed Forces do not strike civilian sites or places of worship.

Zelensky’s address to the Israelis: Drawing false parallels

March 30 2022

Source: Al Mayadeen Net

Hussam AbdelKareem 

To say that Russia is aiming at “exterminating” the Ukrainian people, as Zelensky did, is a wild exaggeration and distortion of facts.

Zelensky’s address to the Israelis: Drawing false parallels

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky addressed the Israeli Parliament (the Knesset) on March 20. Apparently he wanted his speech to be a kind of rallying cry for the Israelis, so he was keen to use language that resonates deeply in the ears of all Israelis regardless of their political affiliations. 

The “Holocaust language” was evident all over his ten minutes speech. Zelensky resorted to Nazi-era Europe and to the memory of early Zionist leaders – the so-called “founding fathers” of “Israel”. His goal was to extract historical parallels with today’s war between his country and Russia. 

He began by talking about the “great woman from Kiev”, as he put it, referring to the Israeli leader and former Prime Minister, Golda Meir. He quoted Meir’s famous words “We intend to remain alive. Our neighbors want to see us dead. This is not a question that leaves much room for compromise”. Zelensky went on to say, “the threat is the same: for both us and you – the total destruction of the people, state, culture”. Well, Zelensky deliberately ignored the basic fact of the matter: Golda Meir was never in the “victim” shoes! In fact, she and her government were the perpetrators of mass crimes against the real victims, the Palestinian Arabs, who were forced to leave their country and become refugees. Golda Meir was a usurper and aggressor, not an innocent victim as Zelensky portrays her.

Then comes the Nazi party! Zelensky said that the date of the start of Russia’s military operations against Ukraine, 24th February, coincides with the date of the founding of the Nazi party in Germany, 102 years ago! The implication is clear: Russia today goes in parallel with Hitler’s Germany of the last century! Here again, Zelensky ignores the historical fact that Russia was indeed the victim of Nazi Germany. Moreover, today’s Ukraine, with its fascist groups and fanatics, is closer than ever to its Nazi-collaborationist history, when many Nazi-inclined Ukrainians joined the Germans during their invasion of the Soviet Union in 1941.   

Zelensky moved on with his “Holocaust language” and said that Russia is talking about the “final solution” to the Ukraine problem in the same way Nazi Germany talked about the “final solution to the Jewish issue”! That is, Zelensky is saying that Russia wants to inflict extermination and total destruction on the Ukrainian people. Well, that’s hardly the case. A month has passed since the war began and Russia has hardly used a fraction of its military power and might. Any neutral observer would have to admit that Russia actually avoids attacking populous cities and civilian targets and that’s the reason for Russia’s slow advance on the ground. To say that Russia is aiming at “exterminating” the Ukrainian people, as Zelensky did, is a wild exaggeration and distortion of facts.

The inflammatory rhetoric went on: “O People of Israel! You saw Russian missiles hit Kiev, Babyn Yar. You know what kind of land it is. More than 100,000 Holocaust victims are buried there… There is a Jewish cemetery. Russian missiles hit there”. Again, Zelensky is implying that the Russians now are targeting Jews in the same way Hitler did! While the obvious and plain historical fact is that Russians, alongside the Jews, were being targeted by Hitler’s Germany, and the Soviet Union, then, considered the Jews of Eastern Europe as natural allies in its struggle against Nazism. In fact, it was Ukraine, in 2019, that voted against condemning and criminalizing Neo-Nazism in the United Nations General Assembly along with one other member only: Trump’s America! 

Then comes George W. Bush as a source of inspiration for Zelensky! Bush’s terminology was evident when Zelensky said “Mediation can be between states, not between good and evil”. This “good guys / bad guys” language was characteristic of Bush’s doctrine which led him to invade Afghanistan and Iraq under the hype of “fighting the evil”!

It should be noted, however, that many Israeli circles were not particularly pleased with Zelensky’s reference to his country’s role in World War II as “rescuer of Jews”, as the Zionists usually prefer the narrative that the Jews were the ultimate victims whom the whole world abandoned and were left to the Nazi monster. Moreover, the Israeli government was not very impressed with Zelenky’s “accusation” that it stands “indifferent” to what’s happening in Ukraine. In view of “Israel’s” declared neutral stance on the Russia-Ukraine war, such harsh criticisms from Zelensky were expected, and probably because of that Israeli Knesset Speaker was not very encouraging to Zelensky’s request to address the Knesset directly and refused to call on an emergency session for the occasion. The Israeli MPs attended his sermon via the Zoom application while at home or even from holidays places!

The opinions mentioned in this article do not necessarily reflect the opinion of Al mayadeen, but rather express the opinion of its writer exclusively.

Israel on high alert after latest attack targeting Jewish settlers

March 30 2022

Prime Minister Naftali Bennet has issued a warning about a ‘wave of murderous Arab terrorism’

ByNews Desk

(Photo credit: AP)

A shooting in an ultra-Orthodox Jewish town outside of the Israeli capital left six people dead, including the gunman, who was identified as 27-year old Diya Hamarshah from the occupied West Bank city of Yabad near Jenin.

This is the third attack targeting Israeli settlers in the span of a week.

On 27 March a gun attack in Hadera city left two people dead and injured several others, while on 22 March a Palestinian Bedouin was shot dead after killing four Israelis and injuring two others in a knife attack in the southern city of Beersheba, in the occupied Negev region.

In response to the attack on Bnei Brak, Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett held a security meeting late on 29 March with Defense Minister Benny Gantz, later warning about a “wave of murderous Arab terrorism.”

Soon after, scores of Israelis gathered at the scene of the shooting where they could be heard chanting anti-Palestinian slogans, including “death to Arabs.”

The Israeli occupation forces have also raised the level of alert to the highest it has been since the brutal war launched on the Gaza Strip in May of last year.

According to The Times of Israel, the total of 11 victims killed in the recent attacks constitute the highest number of settlers killed in such a period within the country since the suicide bombing of a bus in 2006 killed 11 people.

Palestinian resistance factions, meanwhile, have welcomed the latest attack on Israeli settlers.

Hamas called the incident “an act of heroism” and “a natural and legitimate reaction to the escalated terrorism and crimes of the occupation against our land, people, and holy sites.”

“This is also a swift response to the shameful summit that was held in the south,” Hamas official Mushir al-Masri added, referring to the Negev Summit, in which Israel hosted a number of Arab foreign ministers.

The Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) also praised the attack, saying “the resistance to the occupation will continue with all the force.”

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) said that the attack affirms the Palestinians’ adherence to the option of resistance.

Just hours before the attack on the Tel Aviv suburb, the Israeli occupation forces deployed four additional infantry battalions to the occupied West Bank for what they called a “potential outbreak of violence during the upcoming holy month of Ramadan.”

In recent days Israel’s internal intelligence agency Shin Bet has raided several Arab cities, including Umm al-Fahm, the hometown of the men who carried out the attack in Hadera.

According to Israeli media, the raids resulted in the arrests of at least 12 individuals allegedly connected to ISIS.

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The Israeli media, the Sharm el-Sheikh summit, the nuclear agreement, and the escalating operations


Palestine’s Land Day: In 2018 mass protests, in 2022 armed struggle

March 30 2022

Source: Al Mayadeen Net

Robert Inlakesh 

This 30th of March may more symbolically represent something very different for the youths of Palestine today than it did for those of past generations.

Land Day, first started in the 1948 territories of occupied Palestine, was revived again in 2018 and has shaped the way Palestinian youths are today opposing the occupation of their lands. Whilst mass demonstrations were used a few years ago, today we see a shift towards the use of armed struggle in order to oppose “Israel’s” settler colonialism.

In 1976 Palestinian demonstrations erupted in the Galilee, in addition to areas such as Wadi Ara and al-Naqab (the Negev). The protests inside the 1948 territories of Palestine came as a reaction to the Zionist entity’s expropriation of thousands of dunams of Palestinian land, resulting in Zionist forces killing 6 Palestinians and injuring of hundreds of others. Every year since, Palestinians have marked Land Day on the 30th of March, in order to remember the resistance of their people to “Israel’s” settler-colonial regime.

The 30th of March, however, may more symbolically represent something very different for the youths of Palestine today, than it did for those of past generations. This is also the date on which the ‘Great Return March’ was launched in 2018, where hundreds of thousands of Palestinian demonstrators in the Gaza Strip protested against the separation fence/wall between them and their lands from which over 70% of the population are originally from and are forbidden to return to. The Palestinian refugees and native Gazans hoisted up banners calling for the implementation of United Nations General Assembly resolution 194, which demanded the Palestinian right of return to their homelands. 

The Great Return March continued for over a year, it was overwhelmingly non-violent and resulted in no deaths of Israeli soldiers or settlers. Many international observers thought that this was it, the international community was finally going to be forced to break its silence and the blockade on Gaza would be put to an end. They were unfortunately wrong. The nonviolent protest movement, one of the largest in history – in terms of the percentage of the population in question – only gave Israeli snipers the opportunity for mass murder. Over 300 Palestinian civilians were massacred, more than 30,000 were injured. The international community remained silent, the Western media and governments defended “Israel”, barely even paying attention to the suffering of Gaza’s demonstrators. Women, children, infants, medical workers, journalists, disabled persons, and elderly were amongst the dead and injured, overwhelming Gaza’s already brittle health sector. 

The world sat by and did nothing as the Palestinian people did exactly what is always asked of them, nonviolent resistance, quoting international law, and asking for their rights. Not only did the world media sit by and underreport the demonstrations, when they did touch on the subject they described them as “clashes” and “border riots”. This was despite the fact that no such “border” exists between Gaza and “Israel”. As for the allegation that there were clashes; if so, where are the dead Israelis? Where are the injured Israelis? What really occurred is that a heavily militarized force sat behind mounds of dirt or military towers, behind layers of barbed wire, on top of militarized fences/walls, and shot at defenseless Palestinians like fish in a barrel, often with banned explosive bullets. This was not just the likes of Fox News that reported on the demonstrations like this, it was the BBCCNNThe New York Times, and just about every other mainstream Western news outlet you could think of.

Land Day in 2018 should have been, according to the liberal pundits who preach nonviolence for the Palestinians – but not for Ukrainians against Russia’s military of course – that ended all their oppression. Instead, it was the beginning of a massacre, a catastrophe. 

On this Land Day, the Palestinian people prepare for the month of Ramadan ahead of them, where fascist Israeli settler mobs threaten to raid Al-Aqsa Mosque, they do so in a very different environment than the one we saw in 2018. The world lied to the Palestinians when they told them they could take back their rights through nonviolent resistance, and saw last May, that the only time they can extract a win against their occupiers is through armed struggle. The younger generations are tired of the lies and a Palestinian Authority that collaborates with the Zionist occupier through security coordination, they see that there is no hope in waiting on the Oslo process. The armed struggle is now rising inside the 1948 territories, the West Bank, Al-Quds, and is no longer isolated to the ‘Joint Room’ of resistance factions in the Gaza Strip. 

The Palestinian armed struggle is undergoing a new revival and this time it will take more than empty promises to stop it. A United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) report, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch (HRW), B’Tselem, and many more have declared “Israel” an Apartheid regime and this system of injustice will be confronted by any means necessary.

The opinions mentioned in this article do not necessarily reflect the opinion of Al mayadeen, but rather express the opinion of its writer exclusively.

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موسكو تقترب من إعلان النصر وواشنطن تتقهقر الى النقب…!

 الأربعاء 30 آذار 2022

محمد صادق الحسيني

تتسارع الخطى باتجاه إنجاز المهمة الروسية الخاصة في مسرح العمليات في أوكرانيا، بعد نجاح العملية استراتيجياً منذ عبور أول دبابة روسية الحدود باتجاه الدونباس او حوض الدون.

ومن يتابع بدقة كياسة موقف الرئيس الروسي وهو يلاعب مخلب الأطلسيين المراوغ المدعو أردوغان، الذي لم يتغيّر ولن يتغيّر في لعب دور الخادم الإقليمي الأمين لمصالح الأميركان وباعتباره حارس مرمى الناتو الجنوبي، يستطيع القطع بأنّ التخطيط للعملية كان محكماً.

 منذ الأيام الأولى للعملية العسكرية وهو مكلف بدور «الوساطة» بين ما تبقى من سلطات كييف لدى مالكها الأطلسي وبين موسكو التي تتقدّم بخطى ثابتة لإنجاز المهمة حسب الخطة المرسومة.

ولأنّ الأميركي المهزوم على كلّ البوابات المقاومة وعلى أسوار عواصمنا، يتوقع تسارع حركة النهضة الفلسطينية العربية على مشارف شهر رمضان المبارك، وما المؤشرات الخطيرة التي ظهرت من بئر السبع والخضيرة لعمليات نوعية فريدة من نوعها ولم يتبناها أحد إلا «مقبّلات» رمضان وما بعده كما يقول الراسخون في العلم، ولأنّ مفاوضات فيينا جوبهت بالصلابة الإيرانية المتوقعة، ولأنّ اقتحام أسد الشام عرينهم في لحظة ارتباك أميركي صهيوني شديد، فإنّ إدارة بايدن المضطربة والفاقدة للبوصلة والتي عمل اتجاه الرياح العالمية على غير إرادتها، فإنها باتت مضطرة للاعتراف قريباً بالهزيمة في أوكرانيا، من أجل الانتقال الى نسخة صيدلانية جديدة لها في كلّ من فلسطين وآسيا الوسطى والقوقاز.

لذلك هرولت الى فلسطين وهي تنسحب من أوكرانيا متقهقرة، محاولة الظهور بمظهر المنتصر لصالح اليهودي المرتعد خوفاً هذه المرة من الضفة المتراكمة غضباً ومن أراض الـ ٤٨ المتزايدة ثورة، بالإضافة الى غزة بسيفها المسلول، ولبنان المدجّج بالأسلحة الدقيقة والكاسرة للتوازن، فكان أن أشهرت مشروعها المزعوم والذي ستروّج له كثيراً:

«ناتو عربي ضدّ إيران»، وإظهاره وكأنه لحماية الأمن القومي العربي من الاجتياح الإيراني، خاصة إذا ما اضطرت للرضوخ لمطالب طهران بالتوقيع على اتفاق فيينا متجدّد…

فيما هي تقصد «تدافُع المهزومين أمام المقاومة الصاعدة»،

وما اختيارها لبئر السبع مكاناً للمتهالكين، إلا دلالة على ما نقول.

في هذه الأثناء، ولأنها تخاف سقوط العرش الأردني ومديرية رام الله الفلسطينية، بسبب خِسة اليهود وأطماعهم التي لا تجد لها حدوداً، فإنها مضطرة أيضاً لإعادة شدّ العصب في هاتين القوتين من النظام العربي الرسمي المتهافت خوفاً من ثورة قومية عربية تتدافع شرارتها من الداخل الفلسطيني ومن كلّ من سورية والعراق مع مظلة إيرانية دافعة للتغيير في حال قيام الثورة العربية على غرار ما حصل بعد العام ١٩٦٧ في عمّان يوم تجمّعت عوامل النهضة العربية وتبلورت معركة الكرامة الشهيرة .

 من جهة أخرى وهي تقاتل قتالاً تراجعياً وتنسحب القهقرى من أوكرانيا، ستحاول أيضاً تفجير آسيا الوسطى والقوقاز من جديد، موكلة الأمر لحارسها الأمين أردوغان ليتولى إثارة الاضطرابات في كلّ من اذربيجان التي بدأت تخاف واشنطن من قيادته التي بدأت تميل لموسكو ولطهران رويداً رويداً، ومن ثم في اوزباكستان وقرغيزستان وتركمانستان وسائر دول المنطقة على شاكلة ما فعلته في كازاخستان من قبل، في محاولة لخلق «نواتاة» ثورات ملوّنة جديدة، تعويضاً عن فشلها السابق هناك، وتشغيلاً لذراعها الجنوبي الطوراني المترنح في أنقرة لعلّ ذلك يضبط دقات ساعته على توقيت تل أبيب أكثر فأكثر.

من هنا يمكن تلخيص الموقف العام لما يجري من تداعيات هزيمة الأطلسي في أوكرانيا، بأنّ أولى ارتداداته ستكون في منطقتنا بنضوج أجواء انتفاضة فلسطينية، وتحوّل عربي قومي لصالح قوى الممانعة والمقاومة والتغيير، وتلاحم هاتين القضيتين بقصة التحوّل الكبير التي ترتعد منه الرياض وتتجنّب تحمّل أكلافه واشنطن لوحدها، ألا وهو الانتصار اليمني الكبير، وهو ما يمكن ان يشكل بمثابة الضربة القاصمة لاستراتيجية واشنطن في القتال بالوكالة، ايّ خسارة الكيانين السعودي والإماراتي ومعهما في الطريق طغمة المنامة، وهي خسارة ستكون هذه المرة أقوى من خسارتها لألوية جيوشها المسماة بداعش والنصرة في بلاد الشام والرافدين .

من الآن الى ذلك الحين، دعونا نتابع بصمات بوتين في صناعة العالم الجديد من خاصرة روسيا الصغرى أو ما بات يُعرف حديثاً بأوكرانيا!

بعدنا طيبين قولوا الله…

فيديوات متعلقة

مقالات متعلقة

What Does Nazism Mean?

March 29, 2022


by Batiushka

  • You must understand, the leading Bolsheviks who took over Russia were not Russians. They hated Russians. They hated Christians. Driven by ethnic hatred, they tortured and slaughtered millions of Russians without a shred of human remorse. It cannot be overstated. Bolshevism committed the greatest human slaughter of all time. The fact that most of the world is ignorant of and uncaring about this enormous crime is proof that the global media is in the hands of the perpetrators.

Alexander Solzhenitsyn

  • The West won the world not by the superiority of its ideas or values of religion (to which few members of other civilizations were converted), but rather by its superiority in applying organized violence. Westerners often forget this fact, non-Westerners never do.

Samuel Phillips Huntingdon, The Clash of Civilizations, Chapter Two

President Zelensky of the Ukraine is by race a Jew, as indeed was President Poroshenko before him. Why then does the Russian Federal government call its special operation in the Ukraine ‘Denazification’? It seems contradictory to most Western minds, where the word ‘Nazi’ relates narrowly only to the anti-Jewish genocide of Third Reich (Reich = Empire) Germany. In other words what is the Russian, and for that matter non-Western, understanding of Nazism?

First of all, for Russians, as for many others, Nazism is the creed which in the Second World War organised above all the Slav Holocaust (over 30 million dead), far outmatching the Jewish Holocaust (nearly 6 million dead), as well as the genocide of other minorities at that time. Nazism is the programme to invade, kill, rape, plunder and enslave. This is exactly what the Nazis did in the Soviet Union after 1941. Invade others’ territories, kill the men, rape the women (and then kill them – one German soldier in two was a rapist and murderer in the USSR), plunder art and culture, and make slave workers of anyone left, taking them off to slave factories and camps in Germany, where they toiled until they died as serfs of the Third Reich.

However, the Nazis, shut out from colonization in the rest of the world, only did in Central and Eastern Europe, especially in Russia, what other Western European peoples did in their colonies, as we shall see below. In other words, what is meant by ‘Nazism’ is not at all specific to what Germans did during the Second World War. In this wider sense, which is what the Russian Federal government has in mind today, Nazism is what may be called ‘Western Supremacism’, the idea that Non-Western races are ‘Untermenschen’, subhumans. Therefore, like ‘niggers’, ‘savages’, ‘monkeys’, ‘nips’, ‘gooks’, the Russians too can be ‘cancelled’.

This mentality has its roots far back in the Barbarianism which destroyed the Western part of the Roman Empire in the fourth and fifth centuries AD. At first it seemed as though the Barbarians would be Christianised, especially on the outer edges of Western Europe, in Ireland, England, the Iberian Peninsula and Italy. But in the central geographical core, controlled by the Franks, the temptation among the barbarians of restoring the pagan Roman Empire was too strong.

This renewed and justified Barbarianism can be seen in the First ‘Reich’ (Empire), founded under the Germanic prince, Karl the Tall, also known as Charlemagne (747-814). Already before he founded this Reich in 800 and appointed himself ‘Emperor’, his Frankish forces under Roland had invaded the Basque Country and were defeated by the still free Basques at Roncevalles in 778 (one of the founding myths of Western Barbarianism) and again in 782 at the massacre of 4,500 Saxons at Verden. As a result, this genocidal barbarian was then called ‘The Great’ and ‘The Father of Europe’ and was ‘beatified’ by Roman Catholicism, which new Frankish religion, come from the Babylon of Rome, Charlemagne in effect founded, substituting it for the old Orthodox Christianity, come from Jerusalem.

Although Charlemagne and his Reich soon collapsed, it was the beginning of the end. After him the Western barbarians began to reject Christianity. (See, The Formation of a Persecuting Society: Power and Deviance in Western Europe, 950-1250 by R. I. Moore, 1987). Indeed, by the 11th century, the barbarians under their new Norman shock troops, the SS of the time, began to massacre and oppress the native Greeks in the south of Italy and then the Muslims in the Iberian Peninsula and a little later the native Christian Mozarabs. As part of the same process, in 1066 the Norman SS invaded England and conquered that country, massacring the natives, imposing slavery (‘feudalism’) and Roman Catholicism. Many of the English took refuge in Constantinople and in the south of Russia.

The Western barbarians had found a justification for their barbarianism, there was no need to try and become Christians, they could carry on as before, only under the new names of ‘Catholics’, or in modern language, ‘Globalists’. After all, the barbarians were already saved, as now they belonged to an infallible organisation, whose leader held the keys to Paradise for them and which would justify any sort of pillage and murder.

After 1066 there soon followed the invasion, massacre and plunder of Wales and Scotland and the imposition of feudal enslavement and the new ‘Church’ there. In 1096 the same Western barbarians massacred the Jews in the Rhineland, on their way to massacre the ‘Greeks’ (= the Christians) and the Muslims in their genocidal campaign they called ‘The First Crusade’. In the second half of the 12th century, these barbarians, who nowadays would be called Nazis, continued their massacres (‘crusades’) in the Near and Middle East and between 1169 and 1172 also invaded Ireland. In 1204 they massacred in and plundered the Christian Capital, New Rome, which they called Constantinople.

In the early 13th century the barbarians to the north, called ‘The Teutonic Knights’, began their invasions, killings, rapings and plunderings of the Russian Lands. (See, Guy Mettan, Russia-the West, a Thousand-Year War, Geneva 2015, in French). However, this was only the beginning. At the end of the 15th century there came the Italian Nazi, Columbus. In the space of 400 years, his primitive barbarian followers massacred perhaps 100 million people, whom they called the ‘Indians’, that is, the native peoples of the Caribbean (the Spanish, the British, the French and the Dutch), South America, (the Spanish and the Portuguese), Central America (the Spanish) and North America (the British, the French and the Spanish). They stole the vast American territories of two continents and their natural resources, and raped, plundered and enslaved on ‘reservations’.

However, within the same space of time they did the same in much of Africa (the slave trade, the Boer War), Asia, India, (See, the ‘India Mutiny’ (1), the salt hedge, the Bengal famine), and in Australasia massacring the Aborigenes, the Maori, as well as Micronesians and Polynesians. What the Nazis did in the Slav Holocaust (30 million dead) in Eastern Europe, the other Europeans had already been doing among the native peoples in the rest of the world, apart from in the Americas and Australasia, the British in India, China and Africa, the Portuguese in Angola and Mozambique, the Dutch in what is now Indonesia, the French in Central and North-West Africa and South-East Asia, the Belgians in the Congo, the Germans in South-West Africa and later the Italians in Ethiopia. All of this was in the name of ‘civilisation, freedom and democracy’. Why not even plant your flag on the Moon and claim that?

This Western Barbarianism used to call itself ‘the free world’ (it was not actually meant ironically…), but nowadays terms itself ‘the international community’ (= mafia). It is the same group of countries, totalling perhaps a billion zombified serfs, whose leaders have given themselves the divine right to sit at the top of the global pyramid of banana republics and racketeer and exploit the rest under the excuse of ‘Globalism’, that is their personal global control. Today they call their doctrine Secularism; in Russia it is called Nazism; elsewhere it is simply called ruthless exploitation.

Today, as a result of what is happening in the Ukraine, there is only one question: Are we going straight to the end of the world as a result of the global corruption of this elite of leaders, or will the end be delayed because the world is about to be cleansed of this Nazi elite?


1. See how the Nazis always camouflage their massacres and wars with different names:

English Christians = the Anglo-Saxons

Christians = The Greeks

The Genocide of Native Peoples and the Theft of Their Lands = The Discovery of the New World

The Franco-British Invasion of Russia = The Crimean War

The First Indian War of Liberation = The India Mutiny

The British Genocide of the Chinese = The Opium Wars

The Genocide of Dutch Settlers = The Boer War

The Great European War = World War I

The Euro-American War = World War II

Batiushka is an Orthodox priest

The American Spring by American Spies: Fake News II

29 Mar 2022

Source: Al Mayadeen Net

With some reading, eventually, you will see how they utilize big tech algorithms, fake news, and US spies who are good at lying even to their own citizens. 

The American Spring by American Spies: Fake News II

It’s amazing how fast the news cycles are in the USA. It seems as though telling the journalistic truth these days has become akin to the days of the prophets. How ironic it is that the great USA whose thumbprint is power is filled with people who are clueless and unaware of their inner spies… I described this strangeness in my first article. And for credibility sake and journalistic standards, I hold myself to the high standards of always telling the truth. If you practice this, it means that eventually the patterns, cycles, and people emerge from the unknown war machine with names, faces, and religions across the spectrums but all have one common goal: Money and Power.

Writing about the Democrats’ fake Russian Reset, I highlighted how Michael Sussman was exposed by the Americans in a government-authorized investigation. The Durham Report, which is currently in process, proved that Hillary Clinton paid for tech information while accusing Trump of espionage.

Durham’s filing says university researchers mined internet data to establish “an inference” and a “narrative” tying Trump to Russia and that they “were seeking to please certain ‘VIPs’.” Durham identified these VIPs as individuals at Sussmann’s law firm called Perkins Coie, where Sussman was a partner. The Clinton campaign was on that VIP list. Durham’s filing alleged that Trump’s residences and the White House were spied on by a tech executive aligned with the Democratic Party…”

What this implies is that, according to the West itself, there is a wide range of political schemes happening even to the American people, and those schemes look like the Arab Spring. How big a claim but only through a steady dose of truth-filled journalism can one begin to see. As a lawyer and independent journalist, with some reading and following these articles, eventually, you will see how they utilize big tech algorithms, fake news, and American spies who are good at lying even to their citizens. 


It matters to us because a masterful strategic identity game is played in American politics, and like a torch in an Olympic game being handed over to a teammate, these American decision-makers hand over revolutions and wars. It is important to know about the American Spring and to understand their hostile powers, their military, and their intelligence capabilities, as well as what their latest scandal affords in the chess game of politics. Did Biden forfeit a massive war machine or did he hand it to the Taliban? These consistently destructive failures have devastating consequences and what we see with US mass media, now including social media, is in direct collusion with who they claim is a terrorist. 

It means the media is flagrantly and sinister in their deflection. But In order to understand, one has to first understand this is a network of closely linked individuals who share a common goal: personal power at the expense of the whole.

In an American Spring, one would see nothing less than the complete destruction of American culture and influence. This has long happened since the days of Obama whose shady Presidency succumbed to a future promising president Hillary Clinton or President Donald J. Trump. Trump won in 2020 as a result of this decaying American influence. It sounds shocking and unbelievable, but essentially Hillary, Obama, and their allies have been positioning themselves to be the Lenin and Stalin of our time. They adopted the principles of their former enemies and have years of contradictions to prove it. How do principles change with such flexibility? They don’t. News cycles change, not values. 

This American Spring is two-fold: the subversion of American culture and its replacement with socialist values, and soon we will be seeing a weaponization of Takfirists Islamic groups again to create instability, division, and ultimately regime changes. 

The Americans are either too unaware of the dirty politics or their media are too proud to admit this. You heard the name Sussman from my writing and later confirmed by the Durham Report. However, Durham is a Special Counsel assigned to investigate the truth about the Russian Democrat-led disinformation campaign which means he is an exception and the US intelligence is no longer credible. Who are they and how do they sleep at night?

To prove my point that the intelligence apparatus of the US has failed, I digress with a NY Post article that calls a list of 51 names of intelligence officers and media pundits spies who lie: 51 ‘intelligence’ experts refuse to apologize for discrediting true Hunter Biden story. These experts chose to cover for Hunter Biden, who lost a computer which has been dubbed as the laptop from hell in which he sold “introductions to his father for 10 million dollars.” The same current news cycle and its major components are happening as we speak but in multiple areas of criminal political activity. 

Let’s look at how this intelligence scandal of the 51 is no different from what we see around the world where the US invokes regime changes and how it relates to us specifically.

Front and Center Left, John Brennan 

Remember that US officials are rotated and cycled through various government institutions distancing them from suspicion or conflicts of interest. Brennan​ in 2010 stated, “And during a 25-year career in government, I was privileged to serve in positions across the Middle East — as a political officer with the State Department and as a CIA station chief in Saudi Arabia. In Saudi Arabia, I saw how our Saudi partners fulfilled their duty as custodians of the two holy mosques of Mecca and Medina. I marveled at the majesty of the Hajj and the devotion of those who fulfilled their duty as Muslims by making that privilege — that pilgrimage.” 

This tells us two things we need to know. As he claimed:

1) Brennan admits to being a ‘political officer’ with the State Dept while simultaneously the Jeddah Station chief. The second thing here to note is 

2) Brennan has an affection and admitted pro-Islamic bias. As a political officer for the Dept of State, Brennan would be granted authority to issue visas from his CIA station.

In the West, Brennan has always been questionable by his opponents even so far as rumors claiming that Brennan converted to Islam​. It’s similar to Lawrence of Arabia, but without the charm.

As a journalist, I know what it means for a laptop to be discredited by 51 lying spies and then proven to be true, which calls the spies’ integrity into question.

The American Spring continues under the strange leadership of Biden after a very long history of race-baiting and war-mongering. The laptop being denied isn’t the main story, rather it is what is on the laptop which is the true story, and here again, we see the same characters.

The same John Brennan who was located in Pakistan with Brezinsky, Obama’s university professor, and Carter’s CIA director, who would become a main face in the Arab Spring, is now again here before us. 

History is in fact repeating itself because, despite their promises to avoid history’s mistakes, they continue to commit them. 

Front and Center Right, James Clapper 

Remember that US officials are rotated and cycled through various government institutions distancing them from suspicion or conflicts of interest. The New York Post is asking Clapper to renounce the accusation that was undergirded by fake news and American Spies as they call them. 

President Bill Clinton created a task force to study the Khobar Towers bombing and assess all threats. The Assessment Task Force was led by General Downing, and a retired Air Force Lieutenant named General James Clapper served as the head of the intelligence assessment team. The task force was not asked to do a criminal investigation but only to report instances of malfeasance to the chain of command. 

Downing reported​ that the chain of command “did not provide adequate guidance and support to the commander” who “was ill-served by the intelligence arrangement within his command…” 

Not ironically, from 1999 to 2000, he was the Chief of Staff to then-CIA Director George Tenet. 

Could the whole Russian Hoax have been to protect these people from being exposed for all their ‘malfeasance’ through their appointed careers? With Trump promising to end endless wars, this could be the only path forward. All Biden had to do was win what Hillary lost: Power & Control. Yet, as Obama warned his Democratic accomplices, “Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to F*** things up.” 

If it’s an American Spring, Trump would now have to be seen as heroic as the Left made Zelenski, no different than how the Egyptians see Sisi.

This American Spring very well may be interrupted if the Americans realize they do have spies amongst them and Biden’s seat of power squeaks with rust as it is upheld by them. 

The Past

To understand the Middle East today, we must know some history. The intelligence scene is very much the fuel behind these conflicts, so consider another person of question. Louis Freeh

George H.W. Bush appointed him a judge for the US District Court for the Southern District of New York in 91. Two years later, he answered a call from President Bill Clinton, and he became the fifth director of the FBI in 93.

Freeh was the FBI Director during the Khobar Towers, the Unabomber, the Centennial Olympic bombing, Ruby Ridge, and Waco investigations. The Oklahoma City bombing happened under his watch.

He served from September 1993 to June 25, 2001, and was succeeded by Robert Mueller who reappears from the past to investigate Trump with the wasteful 3-year sham investigation which led to minimal prosecution compared to what was promised: Espionage. 

As it relates to the Russian Hoax, Freeh is connected to the Russian-owned money laundering firm ‘Prevazon’. Prevazon hired Louis Freeh to help settle a major money-laundering case with the US government for roughly $5.9 million. 

Prevazon is also represented by Natalia Veselnitskaya, the Russian lawyer who met with top Trump campaign officials in June 2016 at Trump Tower to lobby for repealing the 2012 Magnitsky Act. This would be the meeting that was planned and orchestrated against Trump. 

Louis Freeh wasn’t used by the Democrats to ensnare Trump but is an intelligence officer with a past that Trump threatened to expose and end. 

With official charges and Trump being acquitted over and over, the loser is the American people because although no charges were brought, this infamous Trump Tower meeting “with Russians” solidified the fake narrative of unproven espionage. Did Freeh have anything to be concerned about? 

Leading us to another worthy note: Natalia Veselnitskaya was indicted for her connection to Kremlin- tied Prevazon, and American mainstream media still has no interest in correcting their false lies regarding the fake and obviously orchestrated Trump Tower meeting. Join me next week as we explore how these men have impacted the Middle East and our lives. And since the Western Media cannot expose it, I invite you to journey as we get to know who the American Spies are and how they have meticulously organized in a stealthy manner what will soon be known in the history books as the American Spring.

The opinions mentioned in this article do not necessarily reflect the opinion of Al mayadeen, but rather express the opinion of its writer exclusively.


“Israel” or the wolf disguised as a sheep

29 Mar 2022

Source: Al Mayadeen

Mikhael Marzuqa 

“Israel” tried to disguise itself as an honest mediator between Russia and Ukraine, but honesty is a trait that is hard to come by once the occupation’s history is full of atrocities and war crimes.

Chile and other Latin-American countries that subscribe to the UN Charter and its resolutions, as well as international law organizations, including the ICJ, must commit themselves to their own actions

The Russian-Ukrainian conflict comes to revalue the need for the rule of International Law and a renewal of the commitment of the entire international community to subscribe to it.

The defense of the sovereignty of Ukraine revives the neglected relevance of promoting the sovereignty of Palestine based mainly on:

– The withdrawal of the Israeli army from the Palestinian territories declared in resolution 181 of the UN General Assembly of November 29, 1947, that “recommended” the partition of Palestine into two States, but without “Israel” allowing the consolidation of the Palestinian State.

– Allow the return of Palestinian refugees expelled from their homes by “Israel”, according to resolutions 194 of December 11, 1948, and 3236 of November 22, 1974, recognizing the right of self-determination of the Palestinian people.

– Israeli withdrawal from Occupied Palestine, including the Eastern part of occupied al-Quds, is based on Resolution 2334 of December 23, 2016, of the UN Security Council, which emanates from this body and is binding.

– End of colonialism and Israeli apartheid considered a form of racial discrimination according to Resolution 3379 of the UN General Assembly in 1975.

– End of the colonial expansion based on settlements of settlers brought from other nations to Palestine, based on Resolutions 446 of March 22, 1979 and 2334 of December 23, 2016 of the UN Security Council (both binding resolutions).

– Demolition of the Separation Wall or “Shame” that penetrates into Palestinian territory expropriating more territories, declared illegal by the International Court of Justice on July 9, 2004

Since 1948, and even before, with the action of the Zionist terrorist organizations, which later became the Israeli army, “Israel” has systematically invaded Palestine, expelling its original population, periodically bombing and committing crimes against the civilian population, selectively assassinating the political leaders of the Palestinian people including their former president Yasser Arafat, demolished their homes and farm fields, seized water sources, turned the West Bank into a huge concentration camp, violently expelled the residents of al-Quds and other Palestinian cities, changed the names and in general the legal status of the territory, prohibited free expression and the operation of NGOs for the defense of Human Rights, converted Gaza into the largest extermination camp and, ultimately, undermined the possibilities of installing a Free and democratic Palestinian state as declared by the national charter of the Organization for the Liberation of Palestine.

It is ironic to see how “Israel” first offered itself as the venue for negotiations between Russia and Ukraine and currently offers itself as a mediator since it is the state most condemned by the UN and international human rights organizations and one of the key suppliers of weapons to Ukraine. Therefore, ending this international hypocrisy is imperative today, since we run the risk of widening the lock gates of more flagrant inconsistencies and violations of the norms that regulate coexistence among peoples.

Chile and other Latin-American countries that subscribe to the UN Charter and its resolutions, as well as international law organizations, including the ICJ, must commit themselves to their own actions, as well as promote in the regional economic and political organizations of Latin America and The Caribbean, initiatives that lead to oblige “Israel” to cease its violations, respect international laws and adopt UN resolutions without conditions.

It is appropriate that those who have an international tradition to respect and promote international human rights. Along these lines, they are compelled to adhere to the reports of Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International and promote the existence of all the facilities for the investigation of the International Criminal Court on war crimes committed by “Israel”.
It is important that the Latin American countries deploy a diplomatic crusade at the international level so that the United States, Great Britain and the European Union, mainly, are consistent between their speech and their international action so that, just as they have deployed innumerable and forceful sanctions against Russia, similarly condemn and promote condemnation and similar sanctions against the Israeli regime so that it respects international law. It is pertinent that governments that set themselves up as defenders of democracy, do not jeopardize their declared values ​​of respect for peace, justice, sovereignty, and self-determination, that they assume the moral obligation of consequence between their words and actions and honor the reputation of the states those they represent so as not to be condemned by history as only defenders of interests of power and hegemony.

Promoting the peaceful and respectful coexistence of the legality that the international community has imposed on itself is today transcendent for the world that we are bequeathing to future generations.

The opinions mentioned in this article do not necessarily reflect the opinion of Al mayadeen, but rather express the opinion of its writer exclusively.

Russian Special Military Operation (SMO) – Day 33

March 29, 2022

Dear friends,

First, a quick announcement – I have agreed with a Russian speaking reader to have a SITREP about the Russian Special Military Operation (SMO) every 2nd day.

Here is the first one: (make sure to check it out!!!)

Please drop by and give us your feedback, suggestions, criticisms, etc.!

Second, there is a true panic going through the Russian society.  It is due to the talk happening in Turkey between Russians and the Ukronazis.  This is a sore point with most Russians because in Russian history there have been plenty of examples of Russian diplomats literally wasting away what was acquired by the blood of Russian soldiers.  And just to make it worse, Russians remember the infamous Khasaviurt agreements and the two Minsk Agreements.  The notion of a “Minsk 3.0” absolutely horrifies many Russians, including myself.  So this begs the question – are these fears founded, yes or no?

I think that they both are and are not founded, let me explain.  Here are some of the reasons why these negotiations are creating fear, uncertainty and doubts:

  • First, if you want to denazify the Ukraine, why negotiate with Nazis in the first place?   Does the concept of “denazification” not imply regime change in Kiev?
  • Second, what is the notion of dramatically reducing the combat activities around Kiev and Chernigov???  Does that mean that Russia has given up on the notion of liberating these towns?
  • Some of the delegates sent by Russia are rather pathetic looking, like the head of the delegation, Vladimir Medinsky.
  • What in the world is Abramovich doing anywhere near these negotiations???

I can try to offer a few answers:

  • Always remember that Russians always talk to everybody, including their enemies, even in case of war.  So by itself the fact that they are sitting and talking is neither good nor bad, at least in the Russian mindset.  Furthermore, if negotiating with Nazis can bring about a desirable outcome at a lower price in human lives and destruction of the civilian infrastructure, then to talk to these Nazis does make sense.
  • The one aspect which freaked out the most people is this “reduction in military activities around Kiev and Chernigov” and that fear makes no sense whatsoever.  The reality on the ground is simple: the Russians are close enough to both cities to keep them under control and nobody on the Russian side has ever claimed that the Russian intended to occupy these cities.  In fact, lowering down the force levels around Kiev and Chernogov would free up some very needed forces to finally finish off the operational cauldron in Donbass.  Finally, as with any unilateral gesture of goodwill, the side which said “yes” cannot say “no” 30 seconds later, that is the key characteristic of a unilateral “sign of goodwill” and any well trained negotiator will immediately recognize that kind of “gestures of goodwill” as a negotiating technique aimed at creating a specific mental dynamic in which both sides are pushed towards a specific outcome.
  • If you think Medinskii is uninspiring, there is even worse.  One member of the Russian delegation specifically is a total imbecile and a loudmouth who like to proffer inanities with a very loud voice.  This is Russian State Duma’s Foreign Affairs Committee Leonid Slutsky.  To show you how stupid (and probably corrupt) this guy is, read this article where he calls the Houthis “terrorists”!  There are some very sharp guys in that delegation too, I think of Boris Gryzlov for example.  As for what in the world Abramovich is doing in Turkey, I am as baffled by this as everybody else, especially since the claim that he was kinda poisoned about a month ago, and it must have been by the Russians, since Abramovich survived, like all the other putative previsions victims of Russian poisoning attempts (and, considering that Abramovich survived, this MUST have been “Novichok”, right?!)

So?  Is it time to freak out?

Nope, but it is time to make sure to convey to the Kremlin that we are all tense and that the Russian public opinion would be overwhelmingly against any type of Minsk 3.0, Abramovich or not.

Personally, I don’t like any of those talks, I tend to distrust Russian diplomats and I am quite aware that there are plenty of Atlantic Integrationists in the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Duma and Presidential Administration.  And, as I have mentioned, the history of Russia is full of examples of civilian diplomats pissing away what was conquered at a great price in blood.

That being said,

It is way, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too early to start freaking out.  First, if you listened, like I did, to the short statement of the Russian negotiators you will notice that the Russians only repeated the Ukrainian position, they did not say a word about what Russia would or would not do.  They presented “reduction in military activity” as a “sign of good will”, but these are empty words, the military activity that really matters today is the one in Mariupol and in the Donbass, and about that the Russians did not say a word.

I also remind you that Russia uses the following technique quite often: appear to make concessions to your enemy knowing full well that your concessions are never going to be acceptable to that enemy, and when that enemy shows that he will not accept your concession, take unilateral actions and blame it on your enemy.  That is *exactly*  what Russia did, it turns out very successfully, with the two Minsk Agreements.

So this is what the French called a “storm in a glass of water” – lots of rumors and armchair strategists proclaiming with great gravitas that “Putin is about the betray the Donbass”, which has been their mantra for 7 years and which they keep chanting while the Russians liberate town after town in the Ukraine.  Frankly, I am personally sick and tired of these second-guessing 6th columnist who are oh-so-certain that if THEY were in the Kremlin they would do so much better than Putin.  I wish they would learn to shut up, wait for the facts on the ground to parsed in sufficient number and care, and then only made conclusions.  But I know that this is a vain hope, those who have been saying that “all is lost” for 8 years now won’t shut up no matter what is really going on.

Which brings me to the latest news of the day: Mariupol.

There is some pretty good evidence that Mariupol is basically in Russian hands.  Yes, there are still a few scattered Nazis in the city, but they are mostly hiding in basements and in various well-protected locations inside the Azovstal industrial complex.  Also, the much-announced Ukronazis counter-offensive from Nikolaev to deblock Mariupol has totally failed, the units were immediately detected by the Russian intelligence service, so they were first hit with missile strikes and then finished off with Russian close air support.  Yesterday, a Mi-8 helicopter was seen probably trying to evacuate the commanders of the Nazi force in Mariupol, but it was shot down.

This brings all points to the same reality: Mariupol has fallen and the defenses of Nikolaev have been severely degraded.

One last comment: all this “storm in a glass of water” proves again how primitive and misguided the Russian public information remains.  I mean, seriously, how stupid are the folks in the Kremlin not to realize that ambiguous statements from Russian negotiators will immediately result in 6th column hysterics and a tsunami of rumors, some of them incredibly stupid and some of them very damaging to the Russian side.

Frankly, I would give the Russian PR/PSYOP/Information operations people a “F” for totally mismanaging the CRUCIAL aspect of public communications, especially during a war.

As for negotiating with the Nazis, I totally support such talks, but only if Russia is represented by one civilian, say Boris Gryzlov, and one military or ex-military man, like General Vladimir Shamanov.  Second, I would demand a total embargo on the progress of talks until the Russians decide that a major goal has been achieved or until the Russian side gets fed up and leaves (General Shamanov has a short temper and no appreciation for crooks or their bullshit).

As a blogger, I spend way too much time in that frustrating sequence:

  1. The Russians say something really asinine
  2. The 6th column freaks out and goes “AHA!  Told ‘ya!”
  3. Then I have to explain that while the comment is, indeed, asinine, it carries no weight at all until and unless the Russians put ink to paper on the top level.  Until then, all these declarations and statements are just hot air.

Every time a blogger needs to do that, it is proof that somebody on the Russian side screwed-up (again!) and is not taking his/her job seriously.

Please tell me that over time, and with more of these PR faceplants happening with a steady regularity somebody in Moscow will finally wake up, fire all the clowns who have no idea of what an effective information campaign should have looked like, and replace them with folks who actually understand both the nature and importance of their tasks.

But I am not holding my breath: being appallingly inept at information operations seems to be a Russian specialty.

But if that is really so, they the Russians have to 1) admit it to themselves and to the Russian people and 2) completely rebuilt the public information strategy and hire real professionals to execute it.

But that is wishful thinking: when I look at the faces of Medinskii or Abramovich I feel what many US Americans feel with they look at, say, Blinken or Musk – one is a born loser the other one a born crook.  A very uninspiring and depressing sight…

Anyway, that’s from me for today.

“See you” soon


PS: and if you wonder what the Nazi crazies are up to, here is a good one: they want to ban the letter “Z”. This tells you that the Ukies MUST be winning, right? If they are down to fighting letters of the alphabet, the war must be going so well for them that I can’t even put it in words, right?  🙂

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