Palestinian Martyr Ibrahim Nabulsi’s Last Will: Never Put Down Your Weapons

August 10, 2022

Palestinian resistance fighter Ibrahim Nabulsi, martyred in an Israeli operation (Tuesday, August 9, 2022).

Moments before his martyrdom, Palestinian resistance fighter Ibrahim Nabulsi called on his comrades to stick to resistance path and never put down their arms.

In a 22-second recording, Nabulsi said the house which other resistance fighter were stationed in was surrounded by Israeli occupation forces.

Expressing great emotions for his mother, Nabulsi said he will be martyred, calling on his comrades not to forsake their arms.

(Video of recording prepared by i24NEWS)

Nabulsi, and two others, Islam Sabouh and Hussein Taha, were martyred after fierce clashes with occupation forces. Nabulsi has been at large for months. He is said to be responsible for many attacks on occupation forces in and around Nablus.

The Israeli raid on Nablus Old City was described by both Palestinian and Israeli media as complicated.

Israeli Special Forces and snipers were engaged in the attack, Israeli media reported, adding that drones and missiles were used in the assault.

Nabulsi is known by Israeli enemy as a “cat with nine lives,” referring to the repeated failed hunting attempts, according to Israeli media.

Following martyrdom, mass funeral was held for the three (Nabulsi, Sabouh and Taha), with Nabulsi’s mother showing utmost levels of patience. In photos and videos circulate don social media, she appeared holding a machine gun, in a clear message that she will implement the will of her son.

Source: Al-Manar English Website and Israeli media

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