July War Memories: How Sayyed Nasrallah Contacted Hezbollah Fighters in Border Town

 August 13, 2022

Sixteen years have passed on the divine victory in 2006, and the stories of the 33-day war are still told by fighters who took part in.

Mohammad Al-Sayyed, a Hezbollah fighter who was along with many others confronting the Israeli attempts to advance in the southern town of Ayta Al-Shaab, speaks how Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah was following up on the battles taking place in the Lebanese border town.

During an interview on Friday, Al-Sayyed told Al-Manar’ Imad Marmal about the phone call Sayyed Nasrallah made during July War, recalling how the resistance leader was “a great leader following up on smallest details.”

“When he (Sayyed Nasrallah) called, he asked us to withdraw from Ayta, citing dangers on our lives. I didn’t know that he was Sayyed Nasrallah as he didn’t introduce himself. I thought he was just a commander in the resistance,” Al-Sayyed said, referring to the short name of Ayta Al-Shaab town.

“I felt somehow nervous and wondered right away: What are you talking about?”

“We will never leave Ayta. Either to deliver the key of victory or to be martyred here,” Al-Sayyed told Sayyed Nasrallah as he said during Al-Manar interview.

Another fighter, who was then known as the commander Abu Mohammad Salman, took the phone from Al-Sayyed and told Sayyed Nasrallah about details regarding the battles in Ayta.

“What a responsible and great leader Sayyed Nasrallah is! He was following up on smallest details of all battles taking place in the southern Lebanese towns during July War,” Al-Sayyed told Marmal.

Source: Al-Manar English Website

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