Campaign Against Iran Not About Hijab, It Is Way Beyond That

October 5, 2022


The mysterious death of 22-year-old Iranian woman Mahsa Amini at a Tehran hospital after collapsing at a police station is still receiving the attention of Western media and advocators of the West.

By now, there seems no need to remind readers of what is happening in Iran, it is the talk of the town.

Protests started in Iran, and these seemed to be too soon hijacked not only by violent rioters and thugs, but also by Western media along with anti-Iran activists that are leading the campaign against Iran on different media platforms, and on the ground.

Shortly after Mahsa’s death [she had slipped into a coma while receiving training on the proper rules of wearing a Hijab at the police center and died three days later], social media platforms were filled with allegations on mistreating and torturing her. Of course, Western media did not lose the chance to pick the story up and distort it and use it to distort Iran’s image and attack it.

The movement started to call for the removal of Hijab, an Islamic covering woman use to cover their hair in public places. It was all centered-on Hijab at the very beginning. But as expected, it was way beyond the issue of Hijab which is not understood or misunderstood by many non-Muslims or westerners. Anyways, Hijab was not the real issue. It was a wide-organized and orchestrated campaign against Iran’s government to increase economic pressures, target its culture and destroy its social values.

People are enemies to what they do not know. Many of Iran’s antagonists do not understand its logic, ideology or background and therefore get drifted and go with the flow. However, there is evidence that the campaign against Iran is orchestrated in cooperation with foreign meddlers.

According to a statement released by the Iranian Intelligence Ministry on Friday, the rioters have been backed by Western regimes and their mercenary media, who disseminated misinformation and distorted the sequence of events that led to Amini’s death even before the official investigation into the incident concludes.

Governments are involved too. Stories emerging in the news are evidence to some Western governments anti-Iran sentiments, who took advantage of the West-orchestrated protests and campaign to put more pressure on Iran. The government of Canada has imposed sanctions on a wide range of Iranian institutions and persons, including the 24-hour English-language Press TV, over alleged “rights violations” following the recent foreign-backed riots in the country.

The Canadian government announced the new sanctions in a Monday statement, claiming they were in response to “human rights violations” committed in Iran.

France followed Canada’s lead soon. France’s foreign minister said Tuesday that the European Union was looking to impose sanctions on several Iranian officials involved in the crackdown on protesters.

Speaking in an address to military cadets in Tehran on Monday, Leader of the Islamic Revolution Imam Sayyed Ali Khamenei severely censured the unrest that erupted in some parts of Iran following Amini’s death, stating that the deadly riots were orchestrated in advance by the United States and the ‘Israeli’ regime.

“I state it clearly that these developments were planned by America, the Zionist regime and their acolytes. Their main problem is with a strong and independent Iran and the country’s progress. The Iranian nation proved to be fairly strong during recent events and will bravely come onto the scene wherever necessary in the future,” the Leader said.

“If it were not for the young girl, they would have invented another excuse to create insecurity and trigger riots in the country on the first day of Mehr [the Persian calendar month of] this year,” he pointed out.

“Many riots broke out across the world, including in Europe. There are riots every now and then in France and Paris in particular. But the question is: Has it ever been the case for the US president and the House of Representatives to support the rioters and make statements? Is there another case where they have sent messages and stated that they are with them? Is there another case where mass media affiliated with American capitalism and their mercenaries in the region, including the Saudis, have supported rioters in other countries? And is there a case where Americans have announced that we will provide certain internet hardware or software to rioters so that they can communicate easily with each other?” the Leader added.

As the world tries to put maximum pressure on Iran, they still do not realize that things do not fall into place that way. We will have to wait and see how Iranians will come together soon at a certain point and realize this is another attempt to destroy a country that has been enjoying security.

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