Al-Bakhiti: Sanaa naval missiles to be decisive if siege not lifted

Oct 6 2022 00:23 

Source: Al Mayadeen Net

By Al Mayadeen English 

The member of the Ansar Allah Political Bureau, Muhammad Al-Bakhiti assures Al Mayadeen that a permanent or long truce is not accepted with a siege, warning of Sanaa’s naval missiles’ role.

Member of Ansar Allah Political Bureau, Muhammad Al-Bakhiti

Member of the Ansar Allah Political Bureau, Muhammad Al-Bakhiti, confirmed to Al Mayadeen on Wednesday that Sanaa “has achieved development in the field of naval missiles,” highlighting their “effective role in resolving the battle in the event that the siege is not lifted.”

In an interview on Al Mayadeen TV, Al-Bakhiti added that “the countries of aggression prevent ships from entering Yemen by force of arms,” ​​stressing that the Yemeni forces “will respond in a similar way.”

The Yemeni forces have “the ability and the audacity to strike the Saudi and Emirati oil facilities,” Al-Bakhiti confirmed, reiterating that this will happen “in the event that their demands are not met.”

Al-Bakhiti called for an increase in “the number of flights and destinations, the opening of the port and the disbursement of salaries,” saying that “the continuation of the siege means the continuation of the war.”

Regarding the UN truce, Al-Bakhiti indicated that Sanaa “cannot accept a permanent or long truce along with the continuation of the aggression and siege.”

Regarding the US role in the Yemeni war, the member of the Political Bureau indicated that “America does not wish to stop the war” because its continuation “is in its favor.”

“The leaders of Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and America know how serious we are in needing to achieve our demands,” he added.

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