Israeli Human Rights Violations in Palestine (Weekly Update 17 – 23 November 2022)

 November 24, 2022

Violation of right to life and bodily integrity:

3 Palestinians, including a civilian and a child, were killed, and 16 others, including 3 children, were wounded, and dozens of others suffocated in IOF attacks in the West Bank, including East Jerusalem. Details are as follows:

On 21 November 2022, Mahmoud Al-Sa’di (17) was killed and 4 others were wounded by IOF after the latter’s incursion into al-Hadaf neighborhood adjacent to Jenin refugee camp. Details available in PCHR’s press release.

On 22 November 2022, a member of the Palestinian armed groups was killed, and 6 civilians were wounded by IOF fire during the latter’s incursion into Nablus to secure the settlers incursions into Joseph’s Tomb. The next evening, 23 November 2022, Mohammad Hishab Abu Kishk (23) succumbed to a bullet injury in the abdomen in a stone-throwing against IOF on ‘Amman Street.

Meanwhile, those injured were victims of excessive use of force that accompanied IOF incursions into cities and villages and suppression of peaceful protests organized by Palestinian civilians, and they were as follows:

On 18 November 2022, 3 Palestinians, including a child, were wounded with rubber bullets during IOF’s suppression of Kafr Qaddoum weekly peaceful protest, north of Qalqilya. In the evening, a child was injured with a rubber bullet in the arm during clashes with IOF near Checkpoint (300), north of Bethlehem. A child was also wounded with a live bullet in the foot during clashes with IOF at the entrance to Al-Arroub refugee camp, north of Hebron.

On 19 November 2022, A Palestinian was wounded with a live bullet during clashes with IOF after the latter moved into Tulkarm, raided shops, and confiscated surveillance camera recordings.

On 20 November 2022, IOF beat up and kicked two sisters namely Raghad (13) and Dina Mustafa ‘Abyat (14) before detaining them for some time when they were in an agricultural land adjacent to the “Abi HaNahal” settlement established on Kisan village lands, east of Bethlehem.

In the Gaza Strip, 9 IOF shootings were reported on fishing boats off the Gaza shores  to the west, mostly in the northern Gaza Strip, and 2 other shootings were reported on agricultural lands in the eastern Gaza Strip.

So far in 2022, IOF attacks killed 169 Palestinians, including 113 civilians: 35 children, 8 women, 2 Palestinians killed by Israeli settlers and the rest were activists; 18 of them were assassinated in IOF’s attacks in the Gaza Strip and West Bank. Moreover, 5 Palestinian detainees, including a woman, died in the Israeli prisons.

Land razing, demolitions, and notices

IOF demolished 3 houses, rendering 3 families of 16, including 3 women and 8 children, homeless, demolished 4 facilities, including a school, and removed a crescent and ceiling of a minaret in an old mosque in the West Bank, including East Jerusalem. Details are as follows:

On 18 November 2022, IOF confiscated an agricultural tractor and stopped plowing a plot of land in Sha’ab al-Batem area, east of Yatta in Hebron, under the pretext of “closed military zone”.

On 20 November 2022, IOF forced a Palestinian to self-demolish his under-construction house in Ras Al-‘Amoud neighborhood in East Jerusalem upon an Israeli municipal decision, under the pretext of unlicensed construction, noting that the house is a 2-stoery floor built of bricks and pellets.

On 21 November 2022, IOF demolished a 2-storey house with an area of 250 sqms in Duma village, southeast of Nablus under the pretext of unlicensed construction in Area C, rendering 3 families of 16, including 3 women and 8 families, homeless. Also, IOF demolished a 40-sqm poultry farm in the same area. Meanwhile, IOF demolished a 2-story country house of 50 sqms and levelled a 1200-sqm agricultural land, including a 250-cup water container in southern Duma under the pretext of unlicensed construction in Area C. On the same day, IOF demolished a barrack used as a warehouse for agricultural tools in Nabi Elias village, east of Qalqilya under the pretext of unlicensed construction.

On 22 November 2022, the Israeli municipality crews and the Israeli Antiquities Authority removed the ceiling and crescent of a minaret in the Jerusalem Qal’ah Mosque in Bab Al-Khaleel area, East Jerusalem under the pretext of carrying out restoration works in the area and turning it into a Judaized Museum. On the same day, the occupation forces handed notices to stop construction works in 8 houses in Qarawat Bani Hassan, west of Salfit, under the pretext of not having a license.

On 23 November 2022, IOF demolished Al-Sumoud and Al-Tahadi School in Khirbet Safa Al-Fawqa, south of Hebron after confiscating students’ desks and seats. The 120-sqm school was built of bricks and tinplate and housed 4 classrooms, 2 administration rooms and a health unit. 22 students studied at this school coming from the mentioned area, noting that the school was established 3 months ago. On 17 November 2022, IOF handed a military order holding number (1797) to demolish the school within 96 hours.

Since the beginning of 2022, Israeli occupation forces made 134 families homeless, a total of 783 persons, including 154 women and 354 children. This was the outcome of IOF demolition of 150 houses and many residential and agricultural tents. IOF also demolished 102 other civilian objects, leveled vacant areas of land, and delivered hundreds of notices of demolition, cease-construction, and evacuation.


Settlers carried out 10 attacks, causing bruises to Palestinian civilians and damage to homes and vehicles in the West Bank. Details are as follows:

On 17 November 2022, settlers threw stones at Palestinian vehicles traveling on Street 55 between Nablus and Qalqilya. Also, settlers, protected by IOF, closed the entrance to Al-Tuwana village, south of Hebron, after organizing a march at the village entrance and chanting racist slogans calling for the death and expulsion of Arabs from the village.

On 18 November 2022, a child sustained bruises and fractures after settlers assaulted a house in the ‘Arab al-Maleihat Compound on the main road between Jericho and Ramallah. On the same day, settlers moved into the Qurna area in Yasuf village, east of Salfit, established tents on the Palestinian lands and threw stones at the Palestinian vehicles traveling near the entrance to Kafl Haris village, north of Salfit. In the evening, settlers from “Kiryat Arba” settlement attacked a house and punctured the tires of two vehicles in Al-Mohawel area, east of Hebron.

On 19 November 2022, a Palestinian was injured in the eye after settlers threw stones at him during a march they organized in Tel Rumeida in Hebron, under the pretext of celebrating the “Sarah Shabbat”. During the march, settlers, protected by IOF, attacked a house, removed the barbed-wire fence, forced shops to close on the old and new Al-Shalala Streets, attacked them with stones, assaulted vegetable stalls, broke the glass of a mosque door, and assaulted vehicles. Settlers also threw stones at the Palestinian vehicles traveling in northern Qalqilya.

On 20 November 2022, a child sustained bruises when he fell off his bicycle after settlers chased him and threw stones at him, east of Hebron.

On 21 November 2022, settlers slashed the tires of 4 cars, wrote racist slogans on two houses, and set fire to olive trees in Ramin village, south of Tulkarm.

Since the beginning of the year, settlers conducted at least 247 attacks. In two of the attacks, 2 Palestinians were killed.

IOF incursions and arrests of Palestinian civilians:

IOF carried out 176 incursions into the West Bank, including occupied East Jerusalem. Those incursions included raids and searches of civilian houses and facilities and establishment of checkpoints. During those incursions, 49 Palestinians were arrested, including 7 children. In the Gaza Strip, on 17 November 2022, IOF arrested a Palestinian from Deir al-Balah camp when he was on his way back from work via Beit Hanon “Erez” crossing.

So far in 2022, IOF conducted 7924 incursions into the West Bank, including occupied East Jerusalem, during which 4442 Palestinians were arrested, including 439 children and 45 women. IOF also conducted 34 limited incursions into eastern Gaza Strip and arrested 99 Palestinians, including 58 fishermen, 32 infiltrators, and 9 travelers via Beit Hanoun “Erez” Crossing.

Israeli collective punishment and closure policy and restrictions on freedom of movement:

The Israeli occupation maintains its illegal and inhuman 15-year closure on the Gaza Strip. Details available in PCHR’s monthly-update of the Gaza crossings.

In the West Bank, IOF continue to impose restrictions on the freedom of movement. On top of its 108 permanent checkpoints, IOF established 89 temporary military checkpoints in the West Bank, including occupied East Jerusalem, and arrested 2 Palestinians at those checkpoints.

On 17 November 2022, IOF closed with sand berms Al-Zarzour intersection connecting several neighborhoods in Hebron with.

During this week, IOF closed several times the checkpoints and entrances to villages in East Jerusalem and Bethlehem for long hours before reopening them after obstructing the citizens’ movement.

So far in 2022, IOF established 4089 temporary military checkpoints and arrested 185 Palestinians at those checkpoints.

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