Pro-Hezbollah Karami Hails Constitutional Council Decision: Tripoli’s Identity Won’t Change

 November 25, 2022

Lebanese MP Faisal Karami in an interview with Al-Manar (Thursday, November 25, 2022).

Lebanon’s Faisal Karami said that the Constitutional Council’s decision to restore his parliamentary membership is an indication of Tripoli’s Arabism identity.

The remarks of the pro-resistance Lebanese figure were in an interview with Al-Manar on Thursday, few hours after the Constitutional Council annulled the parliamentary membership of his rival Rami Fanj.

He stressed that the northern city of Tripoli will remain loyal to Arabism and national principles.

“The real congratulation is to the people who elected us, bet on our political choice and confronted all forms of fabrications and bullying campaigns. As for us, nothing has changed, neither our policy, nor our performance,” Karami told Panorama Today host Manar Sabbagh.

As he thanked people who elected his list, Karami hailed the courage of Constitutional Council chief Tannous Meshleb.

In this context, Karami slammed the performance of the Lebanese Interior Ministry during the parliamentary elections in May, calling to avoid in the future vote counting mistakes which he attributed to the electoral law.

“Attempts to overthrow Karami’s family in Tripoli is impossible, stressing that neither a parliamentary seat nor a ministry portfolio change the fact that this family is one of Tripoli’s prominent political powers.”

Source: Al-Manar

After winning the parliamentary seat and accepting the appeal, “Al-Jadid” entered Faisal Karami’s house to keep up with the atmosphere
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