IOF cry: We are before popular Palestinian Intifada – Israeli media

29 Nov 2022

Source: Agencies

By Al Mayadeen English 

Israeli media reports on the dangerous security situation for the Israeli occupation that has been ongoing for months in the occupied West Bank.

Palestinians during confrontations in the occupied West Bank, occupied Palestine

The recent period in the occupied West Bank saw an escalation in the security situation, which became “dangerous”, Israeli media said on Tuesday, stressing that the current situation is reminiscent of the situation ahead of the Second Palestinian Intifada.

An Israeli Channel 12 correspondent said that “since the latest operation in Gaza, there have been IOF soldiers stationed in the area,” noting that military sponsorship prevents the size of these forces is revealed or reported on by the media.

“It is prohibited for us to talk about the size of the deployed forces, but we confirm that they are heavily deployed, and the military is starting to complain about how difficult the situation has become.”

Military affairs commentator Amir Bar Shalom confirmed the report, saying that the situation was very reminiscent of a “dangerous phenomenon: the Second Intifada.”

“In light of the recent wave of attacks, there have been reports that senior officials in the security and military establishments attended today a closed discussion in the Knesset’s Foreign Affairs and Security Committee, whereby they warned clearly about the coming months. Is this true?” the anchor asked.

“That is true. There was a discussion today within the temporary Foreign Affairs and Security Committee of the Knesset, which was attended by senior officials in the security and military establishments, as well as representatives of the Israeli army and the Shin Bet,” the political affairs commentator responded.

“The attendees spoke pessimistically regarding everything related to the continuation of the wave of Palestinian [operations],” he added.

According to the political commentator, the officials warned before the Knesset that an increase was expected in terms of Palestinian operations and an escalation in terms of the operations’ quality. The first sign of this was the twin operation that took place in occupied Al-Quds last week, he added.

The explosion came after a long period of increased oppression of the Palestinian people at the hand of the Israeli occupation, which has been on a usual yet increased rampage, which has seen “Tel Aviv’s” forces brutally murdering Palestinians left and right.

Former chief of the Israeli occupation forces’ military intelligence directorate Major General Tamir Hayman said Thursday that there were clear signed pointing to the outbreak of a Third Palestinian Intifada in light of the latest round of escalation from the people of occupied Palestine.

There are “clear signs that cannot be ignored indicating that there is an increased probability that a third Palestinian Intifada with unprecedented characteristics will occur,” Hayman stressed.

“The Palestinian arena is becoming more fomented than the majority of the public imagines,” the Israeli military official said, stressing that the occupation must “deal with the terrorist operations that took place in Al-Quds, such as kidnapping the body of Tiran Fero, as a sign that there will be an [Intifada] eventually.”

Palestinian freedom fighters managed on Wednesday dawn to seize the body of an illegal Israeli settler after he was killed in a traffic accident near the American University in the city of Jenin, north of the occupied West Bank.

Palestine: The Return of the Specter of the Second Intifada
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