Lions’ Den calls on Palestinians for resistance by any means possible

December 3, 2022

The Lions’ Den Resistance group says the government of Ben-Gvir and Netanyahu will be “the final nail in the coffin” of the Israeli occupation.

The Lions’ Den Resistance group

The Lions’ Den Resistance group confirmed that its fighters confronted Israeli occupation soldiers with heavy bullets in the Ras Al-Ayn area in Nablus.

In a statement, the group called on the citizens to confront the Israeli settlers’ attacks, block the roads, and engage with them using all means possible. 

The group mourned the martyr Ammar Muflih Adili, who was killed earlier today in the town of Hawara in Nablus.

The statement addressed the Palestinians by saying, “Get out there and recite Takbir, let the world hear the sounds of your Takbir in the streets and on the rooftops. Get out to block the roads and engage with them by any means possible. We stand by you, God willing, and we will not spare any opportunity to deal hurtful blows to them to make sure our wounds are healed.”

The Resistance group stressed that “the coming days are difficult, but they shall bring glad tidings, and the government of Ben-Gvir and Netanyahu will be the final nail in the coffin of this occupation.”

Earlier, an Israeli occupation soldier shot dead a Palestinian youth from point-blank range, in Hawara, near occupied Nablus.

Israeli media reported that an Israeli “border guard” soldier was wounded in an alleged stabbing attack in Hawara in the northern West Bank, while Israeli Channel 12 said two Israeli occupation soldiers were wounded.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health announced that the young man was killed.

According to Palestinian media, Israeli occupation soldiers prevented citizens and medical teams from approaching the young man, identified as Ammar Mufleh, to give him first aid.

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