The Jenin Massacre Won’t Go Unanswered, Hamas, Islamic Jihad Pledge

 January 27, 2023

By Al-Ahed News

In wake of the ‘Israeli’ occupation regime’s Thursday massacre in the Palestinian city of Jenin, Hamas Spokesman Abdul Latif al-Qanu’ told Al-Ahed News that “Our people and resistance in the West Bank are in the course of an open confrontation against the occupation, in which the struggle won’t stop before the end of the occupation.”

“The joint Operations Room is following up the unfolding events and will take a decision accordingly,” Al-Qanu’ stressed, vowing that “The resistance, our people in al-Quds and the West Bank, and the detainees are united together and we won’t hesitate to get involved in another Operation ‘Al-Quds Sword’.”

For his part, the Islamic Jihad Spokesman, Tareq Silmi, underlined that assassinating the movement’s leaders in Jenin won’t end the resistance, which will rather continue to overthrow all of the Zionist enemy’s policies.

“As long as crimes are taking place, we are talking of an open battle against the occupier. Such crimes won’t go unanswered,” Silmi affirmed.

The spokesman added in remarks to Al-Ahed News that the “Islamic Jihad dealt with what happened in Jenin by confronting the enemy and inflicting injuries upon the occupation military personnel. We are speaking of killing the head of the Centralized Special Unit of the ‘Israeli’ police, also known as ‘Yamam’, and this response was united and represented through the unity in the battlefield.”

Silmi further affirmed the movement’s full readiness to confront the enemy and thwart all of its policies and conspiracies that aim at killing the spirit of resistance in the West Bank and eliminating the Palestinian cause.

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