Head of Loyalty to Resistance Bloc: Enemies Want Lebanon’s Next President to Cross Swords with Hezbollah

February 7, 2023

By Staff, Agencies

Head of Loyalty to the Resistance Parliamentary Bloc has warned that the enemies are seeking to pick a president who would implement their policies and push ahead with their policy of confronting the Hezbollah resistance movement.

MP Mohammad Raad said the enemies’ attempts to drive a wedge between Hezbollah and the Lebanese nation have dismally failed.

“We have not brought the country to a shutdown. Our country is suffering from a state of paralysis because of the individuals and parties that are plundering its assets, looting its banks, obstructing viable policies and encouraging sanctions. They prevent electricity from reaching the Lebanese nation and do not allow foreign aid to get to ordinary people,” Raad said.

He said Lebanon’s economic crisis cannot be entirely blamed on previous governments and their wrong policies, and it could also be tied to Americans’ habit of being at loggerheads with Hezbollah and their relentless attempts to undercut the resistance movement.

“The reason is that Hezbollah is the biggest obstacle to projects of normalization with the ‘Israeli’ regime,” he said. “Enemies fell back on a campaign of maximum economic and financial pressures after they suffered a humiliating defeat at the end of ‘Israel’s’ 33-day war on Lebanon back in the summer of 2006.”

“Enemies are frantically trying to hold the resistance group responsible for the currency devaluation and the country’s plummeting credit scores,” the senior Lebanese legislator added.

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