We are doubling our strategic missile stockpile: Saree

March 19, 2023

Source: Al Mayadeen Net

By Al Mayadeen English 

Saree points out that the Yemeni armed forces contended a criminal coalition that was effectively and operatively spearheaded by the United States of America.

The Spokesperson for the Yemeni Armed Forces Brigadier General Yahya Saree on September 14, 2019 (AFP)

The spokesperson for the Yemeni Armed Forces, Brigadier General Yahya Saree, said, “Our armed forces managed to thwart the declared and undeclared goals of aggression against Yemen.”

Saree added commemoratively, in today’s press conference, “Today, as we approach the ninth year anniversary of the aggression against Yemen, we proclaim to the world that the Yemeni people have not and will not surrender.”

He also pointed out that “the [yemeni] armed forces contended a criminal coalition that was effectively and operatively spearheaded by the United States of America, who directed the coalition of aggression’s operation rooms,” pointing out that “the Americans were in charge of running espionage activity, monitoring, surveillance, and logistical support for the aggression.”

Brigadier General Saree also confirmed that the Americans directed each and every raid “by setting the target, training the pilots, supplying the planes with fuel, and guiding them into the Yemeni cities.”

Saree also revealed that the Americans “oversaw and managed the imposition of the blockade on Yemen,” stressing that “the battle of the Yemenis with the alliance of evil has not ended yet.”

The stock of strategic missiles was doubled

The top Yemeni official confirmed that the Yemeni missile force now possesses expertise and capabilities, which makes it “more ready to ram more enemy bases and facilities,” explaining that it possesses missile systems in abundance and in a wide-range variety, including “ballistic and winged.”

He added that his forces are continuing to “double the strategic stockpile of missiles,” as a deterrent force that has proven effective, explaining that “the unmanned air force granted the Yemenis a significant edge in their war against the aggressor’s coalition, and the competent employment of the missiles piqued the interest of foreign experts.”

Brigadier General Saree further confirmed that “the Saudi enemy is downplaying the losses in its ranks,” taking decisive action against whoever attempts to reveal them. 

In the meantime, he warned that “the client regimes” who launched this aggression against Yemen “must come to terms with reality, today Yemen has become significantly more powerful.”

He addressed the countries of aggression, saying, “Today, our missiles and drones can reach your capitals to target your military and vital installations,” vowing to redouble efforts in preparation for any potential developments, “including readiness to confront the forces of invasion and aggression.”

He pointed out that the aerial raids launched by the aggression against Yemen amounted to more than 274,302 raids, with only 59 raids last year.

Furthermore, Saree affirmed the armed forces’ readiness to “implement any directives to adequately deal with any foreign military presence on Yemeni territory,” stressing that “the fires that have ignited the war may flare up again.”

The losses of the Saudi enemy army amounted to more than ten thousand dead

The top Yemeni official went on to unpack in detail the operations carried out by the armed forces, noting that they conducted more than 13,229 military operations.

He pointed out that “the missile force carried out 1,828 military operations, of which 1,237 targeted enemy gatherings inside Yemeni territory,” and “589 missile operations targeted the enemy beyond Yemeni territory, including operations in the depths of KSA and UAE.”

On the other hand, the losses of the Saudi army during the 8 years of aggression against Yemen amounted to “more than 10,840 dead and injured,” while “the losses of the Emirati enemy amounted to more than 1,251 dead and injured, including high ranking military officers.” Furthermore, “36 Saudi officers and soldiers were killed and 45 others were injured during the eighth year of aggression.”

As for the mercenary forces, Saree said that “more than 40 Sudanese officers and soldiers were killed during the eighth year of the aggression, and 65 others were injured.”

“The losses in the ranks of the Yemeni mercenaries amounted to more than 261,243 dead and injured throughout the 8 years of the war”.

“In the eighth year, the death toll of Yemeni mercenaries exceeded 2,500, with more than 5,050 injured,” he said, adding, “Our forces succeeded in destroying more than 18,397 vehicles, armored vehicles, personnel carriers, tanks, bulldozers, and weapons.” 

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