Zionist Media: Hezbollah Building Watchtowers along The Border, Waging an Environmental Warfare

24 March 2023

By Al-Ahed News

‘Israeli’ Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper claimed that Hezbollah has built dozens of sites and watchtowers along the Lebanese-Palestinian border, adding that the Islamic Resistance’s elite force “Al-Rudwan Unit” is documenting all of the occupation army’s movements.

According to Yedioth correspondent, “In around half a year, Hezbollah finished the deployment of forces in dozens of sires and watchtowers along the [Lebanese-Palestinian] borders, some of which are just a few meters away from the fence.”

Citing the Chief of the Metula settlement Council David Azulai, the paper reported that “Hezbollah is repeating the days that preceded the Second Lebanon War,” asking “Where is the Lebanese Army that is supposed to implement the United Nations agreement on separating the forces, which was ratified after the Second Lebanon War [July 2006]? And where are the UN forces that are doing nothing?”

“One of the most important sites that has been established and attributed to Hezbollah is located on the mountain between the settlements of Metula and Kfar Yuval, at a topographic control point. This site is always inhabited by Hezbollah fighters,” according to Azulai.

He went on to claim that some six months earlier, Hezbollah started behind the [South Lebanon] borders operating to establish the site, which is surrounded by a fence of barbed wires and additional protection measures, in addition to building watchtowers in 30 points along the border.

The Yedioth report further alleges that settlers along the borderline always inform about the movement of white four-wheel vehicles that have dark glass windows, with Hezbollah forces from the elite “Rudwan” unit inside, who document the movements of the ‘Israeli’ army.

“For instance, in the Brigade 769 in the Upper Galilee, the brigade commander observes the engineering works to erode the woodlands and enhance suitable war sites for deploying heavy military vehicles, such as the armored vehicles, canons, and troop carriers.”

Meanwhile, the report mentioned that some Metula officials claim that in the past months, provocations against them increased, while ‘Israel’ fails to deal with this. Only to annoy us, Azulai said, Lebanese members unloaded trucks of cowpat, which bring hundreds of thousands of flies to the settlement. This is indeed an environmental warfare.

“Hezbollah witnesses our weakness, and what is happening within the ‘state’, and after a while, we will see Hezbollah flags on the site the party built just like the situation before 2006,” the Metula chief said.


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