Stop confusing Kurdistans! Syria’s leftists must turn home to Assad

February 22, 2018

by Ramin Mazaheri for the Saker Blog

Stop confusing Kurdistans! Syria’s leftists must turn home to Assad

As Assad-backed troops enter Afrin to fight Turkish invaders, the Syrian conflict has entered its decisive crossroads:

Will Northern Syria cooperate with Damascus, or not? This is the key to Syrian peace and territorial unity.

It’s also the question which will make or break claims that a Northern Syrian enclave which refuses to help expel uninvited Americans can somehow be a “leftist project”.

(I say it is a leftist project…IF they return to full cooperation with the Syrian government. I will detail my analysis of the political structure of “Rojava” in an upcoming article – this article only deals with immediate political concerns.)

No question can be answered, however, until I clarify some key facts about Northern Syria. Indeed, reporting about Northern Syria in the West is rife with the most fundamental errors, and the most egregiously false claims.

Firstly, the Kurds in Syria have only ever asked for autonomy, not independence.

People assume all Kurds are like Iraqi Kurds – separatists – but the Kurds in Syria want to stay within the Syrian state. This disavowal of independence is an undisputed, long-standing (if underreported) fact. Indeed, the arrival of pro-government forces in Afrin was met with celebrations – the “Arab Socialist Baath Party” is a nationalist one, it seems to have been forgotten. The fact that such celebrations could possibly raise some eyebrows only shows how terrible the West’s mainstream reporting is in Syria.

The second most important point is this: “Rojava”, “Syrian Kurdistan”, “Northern Syria” or the “Democratic Federation of Northern Syria” – whatever it is called – is among the most interesting (and newest) leftist projects in the world today.

For that reason alone, nobody is reporting on it honestly.

After all, the Western mainstream media has no governmental or private mandate to support the 99%…much less in a Muslim country…still less in an anti-Zionist country like Syria!

Rojava’s governmental culture is based around ethnic equality, collective unity, local emancipation and undoubtedly socialist-and-not-capitalist inspired democratic & economic ideals. Therefore…the capitalist-imperialist West totally ignores all of that and solely focuses on identity politics: thus, it’s always reported as just “the Kurds”.

That leads to the third important issue: foolishly lumping all the Kurds across Southwest Asia together, thereby assuming that there are no regional differences: For Western media it is as if Kurds walk around all day in a special “Kurdish daze”, so enamored with being Kurdish that the countries and local neighborhoods where they live have absolutely no effect on them or their worldview. Their “Kurdishness” is all-consuming, it seems! The theory underpinning this is identity politics: if you are Kurdish, then you must all think alike.

So it makes no difference if you grew up/lived in Saddam’s Iraq, modern Iran, Baathist Syria, or Istanbul: You are a Kurd and – as a Kurd – you can only possibly see things via the lens of your Kurdishness. But only the West proffers this absurd, one-dimensional view of the Kurds – not the Middle Easterners who live alongside them.

A fourth problem – an even larger one for those in Syria – is that the Kurds in Syria are not even “Kurds”!

What I mean is: Kurds are around ½ of the population of Northern Syria, but only compose around 1/3rd in some of the biggest areas of Rojava, such as Membij. There are Assyrians and Chaldeans – they are Christian. There are Sunni Arabs. There are Turkmen, who are not allied to Turkey and are Syrian patriots despite their name. There are Circassians, Armenians, Yazidis, Chechens and others. Hard as it is for non-Muslims to believe: All these people like each other, live & work together, intermarry and have done so for more than a millennia. You cannot even say that all the fighters in this area are Kurds, either, because the Syrian Democratic Forces forces – who helped rout ISIL – are majority non-Kurd.

But they are all Syrian – and they want it to stay that way.

This IS the case…even though Kurds in Iraq aimed for independence…and despite the Western anti-Assad propaganda.

Clearly, a major overhaul on the idea of “Kurd” is needed for many….

The Kurdish ‘Bad Century’ is relative to where they live

Anyone can have a bad century and finish as winners…look at the Chicago Cubs.

So in Northern Syria the “Kurds” are not even Kurdish nearly half the time, LOL, but let’s be like the West and look at the “Kurds” across their 4 main nations.

If we accept that “Kurdishness” is not all-consuming , we can see how the experiences of “Kurds” in Iraq (which also compose Assyrians, Chaldeans, Turkmen, etc.) – who lived under Saddam Hussein’s wars, were massacred by the anti-Iranian MKO homicidal cult, lived in a country forced to endure material shortages caused by US sanctions from 1990-2003, and who are enduring US invasion and occupation – are fundamentally different than the experiences of “Kurds” in Syria…where these things did not happen.

The experience of “Kurds” in Syria – which is bordered by the menacing, illegitimate state of Israel, which had a different political conception & practice of Baathism than Iraq (which provoked more enmity than cooperation between the two since 1966), which was invaded not by a “coalition of the willing” but radical terrorists, which is on the cusp of benefitting from the extraordinary national unity which can only be created by victoriously defeating foreign invaders – are fundamentally different than the experiences of “Kurds” in Iraq.

“Kurdishness” in Turkey is an vastly larger issue than Syria, because there are vastly more of them than in anywhere else.

“Kurdishness” in Iran is totally different than in any of the four primary Kurdish countries: they are more accepted there than any other country.

This is a result of the acceptance promoted by Iran’s modern, popular revolution of 1979 (by definition, you can’t have a “modern, popular revolution” based on racism/ethnic superiority). Indeed, Iran’s definitive cultural “female Iran-Iraq war experience” was the best-selling, award-winning story told by a Kurdish immigrant from Iraq to Iran – in the book“Da”, which means “mother” (not in Farsi). Such a thing could never happen in Turkey, obviously, nor Arab nationalist Syria and Iraq. This modern acceptance is why Iran is the only nation of the four where there is no chance of fomenting a Kurdish uprising in Iran: being Iranian and Kurdish is not any sort of contradiction – they are incorporated in the national self-conception about as much as any numeric minority can reasonably be, as the success of “Da” illustrates. And for this reason – which is called (Iranian Islamic socialist) “modern democracy” – there is no chance of any sort of a “Kurdish uprising” in Iran. Even amid this ongoing historical era of Kurdish militancy across the entire region, the PJAK Party (Iranian Kurdish separatists) gave up armed operations in Iran in 2011: it’s useless – Iran is different, and on the Kurdish question as well. Israel could spend a zillion usuriously-gained dollars on such a project and it would get nowhere…which is why they spend their time in the southeast (in Baluchestan with Jundallah).

And, to repeat, because this is so important: The people of Northern Syria have never, ever said they want anything but autonomy within Syria. This proves that Syrian “Kurds” are not Iraqi “Kurds”, where Barzani and their bid for independence have been neutralised…much to the dismay of the US & Israel.

An often ignored (or not known) point is that Iraqi “Kurds” had been wooed (or led astray) by the US for two decades via preferential economic, political, cultural and immigration policies. The US paid for a lot of goodwill over many years. In Syria – LOL, not at all. So, Syrian “Kurds” have not come into contact with the American ideology anywhere as much…and their ideology is necessarily different (despite the overpowering Kurdish daze they walk around in, LOL!)

Only by ignoring these realities can one assume the “Kurds” of both regions share the same political outlook in February 2018.

So, I hope we are bit less konfused on who the “Kurds” really are.

Now, because of the leftist nature of northern Syria, we must de-konfuse our notions of their political ideology.

But I’m going to postpone that to part two – let’s talk immediate politics.

A very interesting leftist political project…but not if they ally with the US

It was with great alarm that greeted the recent US declaration that they will keep 2,000 troops in Northern Syria – that news turned off many to the possibility that northern Syria could possibly be leftist.

And rightly so, but Washington’s plans are simply their desire – there has been no official political deal: Rojavan leaders insist their cooperation with the US is strictly military to fight ISIL. Indeed, they have grown up in Syria, which has been attacked by Israel…but now they are going to be allies?

Certainly, the downfall of Barzani in Iraq is a blow to US/Israeli imperialism – so…of course they are refocusing to Northern Syria. But that doesn’t mean they will get what they want!

Certainly, Northern Syria cannot allow a military base inside its borders. There can be no “Syrian Guantanamo” to permanently menace a newly-liberated Syria, like in Cuba.

Let’s keep a couple war realities in mind: It’s not as if Northern Syrians could have stopped the US from planting soldiers and using an airstrip – there has been a huge war, after all, with a well-heeled army called ISIL to stop.

Let’s also remember that the Northern Syrians work with everybody to fight ISIL in Northern Syria: Russia, the US, Damascus, Iran, Hezbollah – everyone but Turkey. (Obviously, the US both fights terrorism and supports it.)

Rojavans…it may be now or never to fight for Syrian unity

The invasion by Turkey means Northern Syrians have now reached the point of no return: to work with Turkey (and thus the US) is to betray the Syrian people which Rojavans have always claimed to want to be.

Therefore, Syria is on the verge of peace and total victory…or major civil war: It will be decided by inter-Syrian diplomacy. Negotiations have been ongoing between the two areas for years, of course, and they are no doubt in overdrive right now.

The fundamental problem is this:

Damascus has always rejected the idea of a federated state and autonomy for Northern Syria. Northern Syria has held their ground militarily, and Damascus has been too occupied with ISIL to demand cooperation…but it’s February 2018, and here we are.

So what will Damascus do, and what will Rojava do?

I am not a Syrian, and thus my opinion should be worth very little – the future of Syria is only for Syrians to decide – but to me it looks like this:

Rojavans may view siding with Damascus as a risk regarding the re-installation of some Arab Nationalist policies they dislike (Rojava has 3 official languages for a reason, for example)…but siding with the Americans is a guarantee of leftist betrayal, a guarantee of a failure and a guarantee of regional bloodshed for decades.

Maybe Rojava can expel ISIL on their own, but they cannot expel the US and Turkey without Damascus…and they must be expelled. How can these troops stay if Damascus and Rojavans cooperate? They cannot, whatever the Pentagon wants.

Therefore, at some point – a point quite soon – Rojavans will need to openly embrace Damascus, in the name of Syrian unity and in the realization of issues larger than their own interests and sacrifices.

On the other side, there is nothing stopping Damascus from making concessions to win over Rojava…and yet, one easily sees the government’s hesitance: Making major changes to Syria’s political structure seems to require the democratic approval of the entire nation via vote. The granting of wholesale structural changes for one-third of the country during wartime appears to lack democratic legitimacy.

Rojava is where most of Syria’s oil is located. Certainly, those funds cannot be made the complete “autonomous” property of Rojavans. One easily sees how “granting autonomy” is a major question that goes beyond just the decades-long elevation of Arab culture over the culture of Turkmen, Chaldeans, Kurds, etc.….

Of course, it should not be surprising that Assad’s view of Rojava never gets an airing…but given Rojava’s leftist bonafides, nobody ever talks about them at all either. “Keep ‘em konfused with just ‘Kurds’” is the media line….

To sum up my view of the immediate political situation: Unity requires faith – Northern Syrians need to trust their fellow citizens that their success has earned them good faith credit in Syria’s common future.

And, finally, what choice does Rojava have? Turkey will never accept them (this is the pretext for their invasion), nor Damascus, nor Iraq. The only ones who will are the US and Israel…and that is leftist?!?!

No…this is why I predict a reconciliation. The failure of Syrian-Syrian diplomacy at this juncture is…civil war.

And who wants that in Syria?

In an upcoming second article I will examine what is the “leftist ideology” of Rojava, and how these ideas might interact with Arab Socialist Baathism in a unified, free, victorious state of Syria.

Ramin Mazaheri is the chief correspondent in Paris for PressTV and has lived in France since 2009. He has been a daily newspaper reporter in the US, and has reported from Iran, Cuba, Egypt, Tunisia, South Korea and elsewhere. His work has appeared in various journals, magazines and websites, as well as on radio and television. He can be reached on Facebook.

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What just happened in Korea and when will we ever learn?!

The Saker

What just happened in Korea and when will we ever learn?!February 20, 2018

Okay, a quick summary first: one of the Russian athletes participating in the Winter Olympics has tested positive for Meldonium.  On two different probes.  There is no way to explain that away, Alexander Krushelnitsky did have Meldonium in his body.  But he was also tested for the same substance just before leaving Russia for Japan (where the athletes were training) and he was clean then.  So he must have ingested that during the past two weeks while already abroad.  Wait, it gets better!  The dosage detected is the equivalent of one dose only.  Not only that, but Meldonium increases blood-flow and helps athletes who engage is extremely high intensity sports.  Have you ever seen a curling match?  Finally, to be effective Meldonium needs to be taken regularly, not just once.

Now let’s sum it up.  A Russian athlete takes one singe dose of Meldonium even though he knows with absolute certainty that 1) this will detected (Meldonium is THE drug Russians athletes, including Maria Sharapova, have been accused of taking in the past) 2) that this will not help him at all 3) that no amount of Meldonium could help, even in theory, an athlete competing in curling (in fact, if anything, it could be harmful).

Needless to say, anybody and everybody involved in this issue in Russia understands: this is self-evidently a “provocation”.  Even British newspapers realize the enormity of the nonsense the US press is now feeding its zombified readers and listeners (you know, the kind of folks who believe that magic bullets can zigzag or that 2 aircraft can bring about the collapse of 3 buildings).

While, in theory, a jealous team-member or some other person hating either Krushelnitsky or Russia could have given him that one single dose of this drug (any non-clear liquid would do as would any food), this seems to well-timed to be just case of personal revenge or malfeasance.

The sad reality is that Russia stupidly waltzed into a trap and now there will be hell to pay: good luck finding and proving that Krushelnitsky was given that chemical without his knowledge!  In my opinion, it was a mistake to go Pyeonchang to begin with, but now the damage is done: Russia is the laughingstock of the AngloZionists who pulled of a very simple (all the Russian athletes drink the bottled drinks given to them the organizers, use the same dining halls, etc.) and very ugly (yes, Russians can be naive, very naive at times) trick.  One small bottle liquid in a room and, TADAH!!, there you got it: the evil Russians are cheating and lying again!  What else to expect for these semi-Mongolian orcs form Mordor?

When will we ever learn!?

In my many contacts with Russians I notice one recurrent feature: most of them simply do not understand that they are at war and that the war which is being waged against them has absolutely no rules.  Whoever put that Meldonium into Krushelnitsky’s room or bottle or snack took a tiny risk and yet that resulted in yet another major PR blow delivered against Russia’s image and the against the morale of the poor Russian athletes who are already competing with an (illegally) reduced team and in terrible conditions (Hats off to whoever came up with that plan: it was nothing short of brilliant, very low risk and very high yield)

Have you heard anything about the conclusion of the expertise on the engine of the SU-25 recently shot down over Syria?  I haven’t.  How about the investigation of the downing of the MH-17?  What about the bombing of the Russian airliner (Metrojet 9268) over Egypt?  Again, maybe I missed it, but I didn’t see anything.  So what about this drink, or toothpaste, of snack or whatever was used to give Krushelnitsky this one single dose of Meldonium, just enough to be detected – do you expect that we will find out who done it?

I don’t.

Yeah, I know.  The Russian hockey team beat the USA 4-0.  So what?! Was that really worth going to Pyeonchang?

I really don’t think so.  The Olympics are a stupid, useless, corrupt waste of money, a disgusting display of crude nationalistic fervor which has nothing to do with real sports and Russia ought to be the first country to leave them, slamming the door loudly, and organize her own, real, sportive events.  In fact, I believe that Russia is big, rich and diverse enough to pull out of all the zombifying and vulgar “entertainment” the West is so good at spreading worldwide (stuff like the Eurovision or mindless TV “talent” shows).  Alternatively, we can simply sit, do nothing and wait for the IOC simply expel Russia from the next Olympic games, or even the entire Olympic movement, and then whine and sob about how unfair this all is, how innocent we are all, how much we care for de Coubertin and his Olympic spirit.  Is that really the better choice?

Each time Russia participates in such AngloZionist controlled events she ends up getting slapped in the face (remember the last Eurovision?) and walks away in impotent shame.  How can the Russians makes fun of the Ukie’s “Ukraine is Europe” when they themselves are constantly trying to play in the very same events, with the very same rules, organized by the very same people who all viscerally hate Russia to begin with?

When will we ever learn!?

The reality is a simple as it is horrible: the AngloZionist elites have declared and are waging total, full-spectrum, war on Russia.  Oh no, not a military war (yet?), that’s the kind of war they lost so often that’s they don’t have the stomach for it, but an “everything else but military” kind of war: Russia is the Evil Empire, Mordor, and she must be either completely enslaved or completely destroyed.  Have you noticed how recent US movies are, once again, constantly showing evil Russkies (bandits, hackers, terrorists, etc.) again?  When all the European comprador elites got together in Munich, what was their unanimous message?  “Russia is Evil, Russia Is A Danger! We Will Fight Russia!”  It’s WWII,  the Crimean War, the Napoleonic invasion or the Northern Crusade all over again (all of the West pulling all of its forces together again), but fought with different means.

And the Russians really seriously believed that they could travel to Korea to enjoy an innocent and peaceful competition in this context?

When will we ever learn!?

There *is* and Evil Empire out there: the AngloZionist Empire.  And it wants to crush and subjugate Russia no less than the Nazis, the Masons or the Latins did in the past.  Same plan, different methods, that’s all.  Just because this time around they are militarily weak does not mean that their political ‘soft’ power is not still immense and that they cannot defeat Russia: they most definitely can unless the Russians finally wake up and start acting like adults who understand that they are, yet again, locked into a struggle for their survival.

When will we ever learn!?

The Saker

ساترفيلد جاسوس إسرائيلي

فبراير 23, 2018

ناصر قنديل

– لسنا بصدد مناقشة الموقف الأميركي المعروف بانحيازه للمصالح الإسرائيلية، والعاجز عن لعب دور الوسيط النزيه في كلّ قضية تكون «إسرائيل» طرفها الثاني، كما هو حال ملف لبنان وثروته من النفط والغاز، الذي أثارت «إسرائيل» حول الحقوق اللبنانية في مياهه الإقليمية عاصفة لم تهدأ، ولا حول التاريخ الشخصي لدايفيد ساترفيلد كسفير أميركي سابق لدى كيان الاحتلال وقد عمل سفيراً في بيروت، وفي المهمّتين كان يعبّر بحماسة عن التزامه المصالح الإسرائيلية، ويتقن تحويل المكانة الدبلوماسية الأميركية إلى منصة لخدمة المصالح الأميركية.

– القضية هي في سؤال أمني عسكري حمله ساترفيلد للمسؤولين اللبنانيين، يتصف بوضوح بالطابع التجسّسي لحساب «إسرائيل»، ولم يتورّع فحمله بتكليف إسرائيلي بكلّ وقاحة ودار به على المسؤولين اللبنانيين، والسؤال هو:

هل سيطلب مجلس الدفاع الأعلى من حزب الله مباشرة أو بصورة غير مباشرة إيقاف منصات النفط والغاز الإسرائيلية إذا تعرّض العمل في البلوك التاسع لمعوقات أمنية وعسكرية إسرائيلية؟ وإنْ لم يطلب وقام حزب الله بالردّ هل سيقوم لبنان بتغطية هذا الردّ؟

وهو سؤال يشكل الجواب عليه هاجس القيادة العسكرية والاستخبارية في كيان الاحتلال وتحاول جمع المعلومات حول الجواب عليه، فتطوّع الجاسوس ساترفيلد لحملة والعودة بالجواب.

– من الطبيعي أن ينفتح لبنان على وساطات مثل الوساطة الأميركية في ملف النزاع النفطي المفتعل من جانب «إسرائيل» رغم الإدراك بحجم الانحياز الأميركي لـ«إسرائيل»، لكن من الطبيعي أيضاً أن يحذّر لبنان أيّ مسؤول دولي يلعب دور الوساطة من تحويل مهمّته لعمل تجسّسي لخدمة الحسابات العسكرية والأمنية الإسرائيلية، وصولاً لرفض مواصلته القيام بمهام الوسيط. ولا ينفع هنا الحديث عن نظريات من نوع التحسّب الأميركي لمخاطر التصعيد، وهو تحسّب يصبح مشروعاً لو كان عنوانه الجهة التي يمكن أن تبدأ بالعمل الأمني والعسكري، وهي قطعاً ليس لبنان، وليس الجهة التي تجزم بعزمها على الردّ فقط وهذا هو حال لبنان، والتحقق من صيغة وطبيعة الردّ لا وظيفة له في السياسة، والوساطة، بل هو سعي لجلب الاطمئنان الإسرائيلي في حال الإقدام على الاعتداء بماهية السيناريو الذي سيعتمده لبنان. وهو سيناريو عسكري أمني يُعتبر من أسرار الدولة ويشكل كشفه جريمة، عنوانها نقل أسرار الدولة لجهة عدوة.

– آن الأوان ليعلم ساترفيلد أنّ الموقف الذي لم يتوقعه من لبنان هو ورئيس الدبلوماسية الأميركية ليس صدفة، ولا موقفاً عابراً، بل هو تعبير عن خيارات استراتيجية ثابتة للدولة اللبنانية في الدفاع عن حقوقها السيادية، وله مندرجات تخصّ لبنان وحده في حال وقع العدوان، لأنّ مهمة الوساطة تنتهي مع أول طلقة إسرائيلية تستهدف لبنان براً وبحراً وجواً، ومهمة الوسيط التحقق من صدقية المنطلقات القانونية والتقنية التي يقدّمها كلّ فريق حول خلفيات موقفه والسعي للمواءمة بينها وبين معطيات القانون الدولي، وإبلاغ مَن يخرق هذا القانون بأنه لن يلقى أيّ تفهم في حال العدوان، وأنّ العالم سيقف مع المعتدى عليه، وأنّ الإصرار على رفض الحلول المنسجمة مع قواعد القانون الدولي سيعرّض المرتكب للعقاب الدولي، وإعلان وقف الوساطة. أما إذا وقع العدوان فكلّ وسيط ملزم بالوقوف في صف المعتدى عليه، وليس التجسّس على كيفية ردّه لينقلها للمعتدي كي يكمل خططه وحساباته قبل القيام بالعدوان.

– ساترفيلد ليس جاسوساً إسرائيلياً وحسب، بل وقح أيضاً.

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Arab MK: Saudi Arabia ’In Alliance’ With the ’Israeli’ Right, Doesn’t Want Netanyahu’s Downfall

Local Editor

22-02-2018 | 12:00

Arab Member of the “Israeli” Knesset Ayman Odeh, the chairman of the Joint List party stated that Saudi Arabia has an alliance with the “Israeli” right wing during an interview on Tuesday night.


Ayman Odeh

“There is a direct alliance between Saudi Arabia and the “Israeli” right and it is disgraceful,” Odeh said in an interview with the Lebanon-based Al-Mayadeen channel.

According to Odeh, President of the Palestinian Authority Mahmoud Abbas said “no” to the Saudi king, apparently referring to the so-called ‘peace’ plan proposed by the Riyadh regime to Abbas, in which the capital of the Palestinian state would be in Abu Dis.

Odeh said Zionist Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu would be weaker in the near future, because of the investigations, and ruled that any defeat for Netanyahu would harm the “Israeli” right and settlements in the West Bank.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Odeh made clear that “Saudi Arabia does not want the downfall of Netanyahu.”

“Saudi Arabia does not want the “Israeli” right to be replaced. Saudi Arabia believes that Netanyahu is the best man in the battle against Iran.”

Saudi Arabia, he explained, considers the Iranian issue as the m”So who’s Saudi Arabia’s ally and shares its view regarding this issue? Is it Avi Gabbay from the Labor Party or Yair Lapid of Yesh Atid? Or is it Netanyahu, the leader of the “Israeli” extreme right wing? All those watching us now can nod their heads in agreement and say this is the scientifically true.”

Netanyahu frequently boasts of the growing behind the scenes cooperation with some Arab nations like the Saudis or the Gulf States.

Odeh pointed out that in the past Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries used to say that there would not be normalization of relations with “Israel” before there’s a solution to the Palestinian issue.

However, Saudi Foreign Minister Adel bin Ahmed Al-Jubeir shamelessly announced earlier in December that the Gulf State will have normalized relations with the Zionist entity.

“We have no relations with “Israel”, we have a road map for relations with “Israel” called the Arab ‘peace’ initiative,” al-Jubeir admitted in an interview with FRANCE 24.

“There is a direct alliance between Saudi Arabia and the “Israeli” right and it is disgraceful,” Odeh said in an interview with the Lebanon-based Al-Mayadeen channel.

Source: News Agencies, Edited by website team

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Hezbollah: We’ll Defend every Single Meter in Our Territory

February 22, 2018

Sheikh Naim Qassem

Hezbollah Deputy Chief, Sheikh Naim Qassem, vowed that the Lebanese resistance won’t cede one iota of its country’s territory.

During a meeting in Beirut southern suburb (Dahiyeh) on Wednesday, Sheikh Qassem said that “Hezbollah sticks to accuracy while defending its territory.”

“We don’t accept that our land or our territorial water be lessened,” Sheikh Qassem stressed, clarifying that “the occupation counts for being a scheme rather than counting for an area.”

“We reject such a scheme and we have been resisting it, even if it was an occupation of only a single meter of our territory,” Hezbollah Deputy Chief assured.

In this context, Sheikh Qassem stressed full readiness of the resistance to confront all Israeli threats against Lebanon.

Talking about the upcoming parliamentary elections to be held net May, Sheikh Qassem stressed that political alliance between Hezbollah and Amal movement is firm and deep-rooted, hailing parliament Speaker Nabih Berri as the head of the political resistance in Lebanon.

On the other hand, Sheikh Qassem said that there is a US decision to prevent Iran from engaging in the development field in Lebanon, noting that the Lebanese authorities have been yielding to US pressures in this context.

Source: Al-Manar

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الحقائق المتصلة بالخط الأزرق ومناطق التحفّظ والنزاع

فبراير 20, 2018

العميد د. أمين محمد حطيط

من غريب ما يحصل في لبنان هو الاختلاق في التاريخ والتنازل عن المكتسبات، واختلاق أحداث لا صلة لها بالحقيقة دون ان يكون هناك سبب أو مكسب في ذلك لأحد. وآخر ما يتم تداوله اليوم خلافاً للحقيقة هو مسألة الخط الأزرق ومناطق التحفّظ حوله وهنا ومن أجل وضع الأمور في نصابها نرى من الواجب تبيان التالي:

1 ـ لجهة رسم الخط الأزرق. رسم الخط الأزرق في العام 2000 من قبل الأمم المتحدة ومن خلال لجنتين منفصلتين كلياً الأولى لبنانية أممية مؤلفهما فريق لبناني قوامه 5 أعضاء برئاسة العميد الركن أمين حطيط، وفريق دولي من 7 أعضاء برئاسة الجنرال سرينن نائب قائد القوات الدولية في الجنوب اليونفيل، واللجنة الثانية إسرائيلية أممية مؤلفة من فريق دولي من 5 أعضاء برئاسة الجنرال سرينن أيضاً وفريق إسرائيلي مشكل من 6 أعضاء. وبقيت كل لجنة تعمل في نطاقها حيث رفضنا أن نجتمع بالإسرائيليين كلياً، سواء على أرض لبنانية أو على ارض فلسطين المحتلة. وكان الفريق الدولي هو الذي ينقل المواقف والطلبات دون أن يكون هناك أي اتصال بين الطرف الإسرائيلي واللبناني الذي أصر على ان لا تشكل أي لجنة مع العدو إلا في إطار لجنة الهدنة التي الغتها «إسرائيل» من جانب واحد وبشكل غير مشروع في العام 1969.

أما القول إنّ الخط الأزرق رسم من قبل لجنة ثلاثية انبثقت عن تفاهم نيسان، فهو بعيد كلياً عن حقيقة التاريخ. ففي تفاهم نيسان نشأت لجنة خماسية فيها سورية وفرنسا ولن تكون مهمتها لا من قريب ولا من بعيد رسم حدود أو خطوط، بل كانت مهمتها حصراً معالجة انتهاك وقف النار التي تستهدف المدنيين، وليس من مصلحة لبنان مطلقاً أن يشرع وجود لجان مع «إسرائيل» خارج اتفاقية الهدنة الملغاة من قبلها، بما في ذلك اللجنة الثلاثية القائمة اليوم والتي تجتمع في الناقورة خلافاً للقرارات الدولية ولاتفاقية الهدنة ذاتها.

ومن جهة أخرى يجب ان يعرف الجميع ان ليس للخط الأزرق أي قيمة قانونية أو حقوقية، وهو مجرد خط اعتمد ليشكل أداة للتحقق من خروج «إسرائيل» من الأرض اللبنانية وأن مفاعيله وصلاحيته انتفت عندما أعلن اكتمال الانسحاب، وان «إسرائيل» سعت لأن تتخذه حدوداً جديدة يتم التفاوض حولها، من اجل ان تسقط حق لبنان بحدوده الدولية المعترف بها منذ العام 1923 لكن لبنان رفض وبكل شدة هذا المسعى وألزم الفريق الدولي بأن يذكر على خريطة الخط الأزرق بأن هذا الخط ليس حدوداً وليس من شأنه أن يمس بالحقوق المكتسبة.

2 ـ لجهة مناطق النزاع، كانت الصيغة الأولى التي تقدّمت بها الأمم المتحدة للخط الأزرق متباينة مع الحدود الدولية في 13 منطقة يبلغ مجموع مساحتها ما يزيد قليلاً عن 18 مليون م2، وقد رفض لبنان عبر لجنته العسكرية برئاستي القبول بهذا الخط. وبعد نقاش مرير دام أياماً داخل اللجنة اللبنانية الأممية عقدت جلستها الأخيرة منه في اجتماع عقد في القصر الجمهوري برئاسة رئيس الجمهورية اللبنانية العماد لحود أخذت الأمم المتحدة بملاحظاتنا وتراجعت عن خطها في 10 مناطق وتمسكت بـ 3 نقاط هي رميش والعديسة والمطلة، ومع تمسك لبنان بحقه في تلك المناطق اعتمد حلّ وسط يقضي بأن يعدّل الخط الدولي في المناطق الـ10 ويتحفظ لبنان على المناطق الـ 3 الباقية شرط أن يبقى الحال ميدانياً كما هو. وهذا ما حصل بالفعل ومنعت «إسرائيل» من التقدّم لقضم عديسه ورميش، ونشأت مقولة التحفّظات الثلاثة المذكورة.

لكن يفاجئنا البعض اليوم بالقول بالنزاع حول 13 منطقة. وفي هذا تنازل عما استحصلنا عليه في العام 2000 وعودة بالأمور الى نقطة الصفر. وفي هذا أيضاً مسّ بحقوق لبنانية ثابتة ووضعها موضع نزاع وجعل ملف الحدود موضع تفاوض كما تريد إسرائيل. وهذا خطر للغاية.

إنّ الموقف اللبناني الذي يجب أن يعتمد ليكون سليماً ويحفظ الحقوق يجب أن يقوم على ما يلي:

أ ـ وقف التداول بمصطلح الخط الأزرق. وهو خط انتفت فعاليته، والقول بالحدود الدولية فقط وبخط الهدنة المطابق لها والتمسك به وفقاً للإحداثيات المحددة باتفاقية بوليه نيوكمب، والمكرّسة بمعالم حدودية تترجم النقاط تلك.

ب ـ وقف العمل بأي لجنة لبنانية إسرائيلية لا تكون في إطار اتفاقية الهدنة، خاصة أن هذه الاتفاقية تؤكد أن خط الهدنة مطابق للحدود الدولية.

ج ـ رفض مقولة النقاط الـ 13 المتنازع عليها، لأن في ذلك تضييعاً وتنازلاً عن حقوق مكتسبة والقول بالمناطق الثلاث المتحفظ عليها.

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