Trump executive order: Indefinite detention of immigrant families, 2,300 immigrant children to remain separated from parents

Trump executive order: Indefinite detention of immigrant families, 2,300 children to remain separated from parents

By Kayla Costa
21 June 2018

On Wednesday afternoon, President Donald Trump signed an executive order paving the way for the detention of immigrant families along the US-Mexico border. The order is in response to overwhelming outrage in the population to the forced separation of thousands of children from their parents.

But last night, Trump administration officials made clear that the order was not retroactive, meaning that more than 2,300 children who have been torn away from their parents since early May would remain separated. Trump was explicit that his order does not limit the ongoing “zero tolerance” policy whereby parents are being criminally prosecuted for illegally crossing the border—an act that was criminalized by Democrats and Republicans alike.

Trump’s order also allows for family detention only “where appropriate and consistent with law and available resources,” and provides for separation if there is “a risk to the child’s welfare,” leaving wide-open loopholes for the continuation of the criminal and inhumane practice of tearing children away from their parents and placing them in separate detention camps.

Furthermore, it is possible that the order will be overturned within three weeks because a federal judge may rule that the order violates the 1997 court settlement reached in the lawsuit Flores v. Reno. In Flores, the Clinton administration reached a consent agreement with plaintiffs mandating that children be released from detention “without unnecessary delay.”

Trump’s order requires indefinite detention for children and their parents. If the federal judge overseeing the ongoing Flores case rules against Trump, then the policy of child separation will likely be reimplemented, giving Trump an excuse to blame judges for the separation policy.

The order is an effort to tamp down popular outrage which peaked this week following the release of images of youth being packed into cages and audio of young detainees crying out for their mothers and fathers as ICE agents ridiculed their suffering.

In a meeting with White House executives and congressmen before releasing the executive order, Trump said, “We have to be very strong on the border, but at the same time we want to be very compassionate.”

“We all want to keep families together,” Trump proclaimed. “At the same time, we have to be strong on the border, otherwise you’ll have millions of people coming up. Not thousands like we have now, you’ll have millions of people flowing up and just overtaking the country. And we’re not letting that happen.”

Since Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced the zero-tolerance policy in April, over 2,300 children have been taken from their parents at the border. Babies, toddlers, children and teens have been placed into internment camps where they are subjected to the terrible loss of their parents, along with physical and emotional abuse by guards.

In the “tender age” shelters that have been erected across southern Texas, young children mostly under five years old are being psychologically damaged.

“Normally toddlers are rambunctious and running around. We had one child just screaming and crying, and the others were really silent,” Colleen Kraft, president of the American Academy of Pediatrics, told CNN after visiting the shelters. She stated firmly that child detention centers are “nothing less than government sanctioned child abuse.”

Democrats claim to oppose the separation of families at the border, but this is nothing less than damage control aimed at blocking the possibility of mass demonstrations. Denouncing the cruel detainment of children at the border as “unconscionable”, the Democratic Party and sections of the Republican Party seek to hide their active role in the building of immigrant internment camps and a fascistic police force that have detained thousands of children and their families.

There are countless ways to point out the hypocrisy of the Democratic Party’s sudden concern over immigrant workers. Between 2014 and 2016, President Barack Obama oversaw the arrest and detention of 127,000 immigrant families. Many of the camps where children have been held in the Trump era were constructed by the Obama administration.

Photos of immigrant children sleeping in cages that circulated online earlier this year actually featured scenes from a child detention center in Arizona in 2014. Additionally, an American Civil Liberties Union report last month detailed widespread physical, sexual and mental abuse of child detainees by Customs and Border Protection under Obama’s watch.

In this way, the slogan “Families Belong Together,” which the Democrats have promoted in social media posts and demonstrations in front of detention centers and the White House, has exposed the bankruptcy of their official position that families belong together—not free from fear of deportation, but when they are arrested, abused and sent back to the violence and poverty they attempted to flee.

A legislative proposal put forward by California Democrat Dianne Feinstein is fundamentally identical to Trump’s executive order, calling to keep families together while working toward a bipartisan solution for increasing border security.

The political establishment does not have one drop of genuine concern over protecting immigrants from brutalization. Under Trump’s latest order the American Gestapo—ICE and CBP—will continue to detain families across the country and detain children and teenagers who cross the border without their parents. They will continue to rip immigrant parents from their workplaces and their homes while their families and friends watch in horror.

As the political establishment lurches to the far-right, wide layers of workers and youth oppose the assault on immigrants across the country. In Portland and Los Angeles, 24/7 camp-out blockade protests have been organized this week in front of ICE facilities where immigrants are temporarily detained in the deportation process. The demonstrations have attracted dozens to thousands at any given moment and have temporarily halted the activities of ICE and CBP in those facilities.

Rallies and demonstrations have drawn thousands demanding the reunification of families in cities and towns across the US with a nationwide day of protests set for June 30.

The popular demand to defend all immigrants in the United States will not find expression in the Democratic Party. All of those who wish to defend the basic democratic rights of immigrant workers and fight against the inhuman violence waged by immigration police must break with the Democrats and fight the capitalist system that gives rise to the need for tens of millions to flee their homes ridden by imperialist war and poverty. Only the independent mobilization of the working class, uniting workers across national and ethnic lines, can put an end to the abuse of immigrant workers and their children.


The USA, land of internment camps (gulags) . Very reminiscent of the time the USSR was under Zionist control

The United States of America: Land of internment camps

The United States government has implemented a policy of separating thousands of immigrant children from their parents and locking them in cages in desert tent cities. The American Academy of Pediatrics calls this “child abuse”, Amnesty International says it is “nothing short of torture”, and the United Nations denounces it as “despicable” and an “unconscionable” violation of human rights.

American history has no shortage of ugly episodes—the Trail of Tears, the jailing of fugitive slaves, the deportation of suspected radicals after World War I and the internment of the Japanese-Americans during World War II are only among the most notorious. But the present policy of inhuman persecution and victimization of children represents a level of political depravity and moral degradation that almost defies description. This is happening in the twenty-first century, in a country whose leaders boast endlessly and hypocritically of American democracy and respect for human rights.

Across the United States, thousands of children are currently sitting on concrete slabs locked in cages like animals. Many do not know where their parents are and they are barred from speaking to them. Each day there are 250 more detained children than the day before.

A constellation of camps and tent cities is cropping up across the country, some in desert areas where temperatures are over 100 degrees, to handle the growing detainee population. The crowded jails are filled with the sound of frightened children crying. Guards subject many children to verbal, physical and sexual abuse.

In its level of extreme brutality and callousness, the family separation policy resembles the policies of the Nazi Gestapo. It is a point of departure in American history from which there is no turning back.

The claim that the US represents a force for “democracy” and “human rights” worldwide is shattered.

Such claims were used to invade or intervene in those regions of the world from which tens of millions are now trying to flee. Throughout Central America in the 1970s and 1980s, the US backed dictators whose death squads murdered and tortured hundreds of thousands. To this day entire societies remain in ruin. The US killed some 3 million people in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos in the 1960s and 1970s. American imperialism continues to lay waste to much of North Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia, with the death toll in the millions. Now, the children of the victims of these wars are being thrown in cages by their former invaders.

In the face of popular outrage, the Trump administration has responded by expanding the child tent city networks and intensifying his fascistic attacks on immigrants.

Trump tweeted yesterday that “illegal immigrants, no matter how bad they may be, [are] pour[ing] into and infest[ing] our Country.” In an interview Monday, Attorney General Jeff Sessions said the key distinction between the immigration crackdown and Nazi Germany was that “in Nazi Germany they were keeping Jews from leaving the country.”

In a speech yesterday to a small business convention in Washington DC, Trump denounced immigrant parents as “child smugglers.” “When I said they’re not sending their finest,” he said, referencing his claim that immigrants are rapists and criminals, “it turned out I was 100 percent right.”

Trump is building a constituency for this filth. The crowd of businessmen hooted and applauded enthusiastically when Trump proclaimed, “We are taking ‘em out by the thousands!”

This speech also marks the first time that Trump has effectively called for the abolition of due process for immigrants. “We don’t want judges, we want security on the border,” he said. “We don’t want people coming in.”

He laughed at the right of immigrants to appear in court: “I don’t want to try people, I don’t want people coming in, you never get them out.” Immigration lawyers, he added, are “bad people” who “cheat” and “tell these people exactly what to say.”

These remarks indicate that plans are well underway within the Trump White House, where fascist Stephen Miller is directing policy, for drastic new attacks on immigrants that will place not only their rights but also their lives in danger. There is a dangerous logic to the language the administration employs and the policies it implements.

Millions of people want to know: How can this be stopped?

It is first necessary to recognize the impotence and complicity of the Democratic Party, which cynically claims to oppose the family separation program. Trump’s policies are an extension of deportation and detention policies enacted under Bill Clinton and, especially, Barack Obama, who deported 2.7 million people and built a network of jails and detention centers.

When Trump came to power, the Democratic Party voted by a 37-11 margin to confirm John Kelly, a retired general, as secretary of the Department of Homeland Security. Within weeks, Kelly first proposed implementing a family separation policy.

Later in 2017, Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer publicly offered support for Trump’s proposal to build a wall along the US-Mexico border. In January 2018, Senator Bernie Sanders, the former candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination who voted to confirm Kelly, proclaimed his willingness to collaborate with Trump’s anti-immigrant policy, saying, “I don’t think there’s anybody who disagrees that we need strong border security. If the president wants to work with us to make sure we have strong border security, let’s do that.”

The fight to defend immigrants requires the organized resistance of the working class based on a struggle against the underlying cause of the crisis, the capitalist system.

The entire American political system is rotten to the core. The American ruling class has carried out a quarter-century of imperialist plunder and overseen unbridled corporate exploitation, killing millions, producing tens of millions of refugees and introducing an unprecedented degree of repression, surveillance, censorship and backwardness into domestic life. Trump, his fascist aides and their Democratic accomplices are the product of this process of political degeneration.

The fight in defense of immigrants must seek to unite workers around the world against xenophobia and nationalism. The establishment of child camps in the US is part of a broadening international phenomenon.

Everywhere the ruling class is whipping up racism and national chauvinism to (1) create the juridical framework and physical infrastructure for the repression of striking workers and protesting youth and (2) weaken the working class and dim anti-war sentiment by pitting workers against each other based on race and nationality.

In Italy, Interior Minister Matteo Salvini has called for a national registry of the entire Roma population. The right wing’s demand for the deportation of 500,000 immigrants has created an atmosphere in which violent attacks on immigrants are frequent.

In Germany, Chancellor Angela Merkel faces calls for mass deportations from within her own party and the neo-fascist Alternative for Germany. The French government severely restricted the right to asylum in April.

All across the world, heightened attacks on immigrants parallel a wave of strikes and protests by the working class. As Leon Trotsky wrote in his 1934 essay Nationalism and Economic Life, under capitalism, the ruling class seeks to “protect [itself] by a customs wall and a hedge of bayonets.”

The Socialist Equality Party calls for demonstrations and protests in defense of the rights of immigrants. We demand:

* The immediate release of all children detained in the United States, as well as all immigrants detained in camps and detention centers across the world

* The abolition of the American Gestapo—the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and Customs and Border Protection (CBP)

* Active noncooperation with the deportation machine

* Immediate amnesty for all immigrants without papers in the United States and guarantees of the right to travel and work

* The provision of trillions of dollars in public services and job training programs to all workers, immigrant and non-immigrant alike. There is enough wealth and room for all.

The working class must bring its social power to bear on the fight to defend immigrants. Committees in workplaces and neighborhoods must be formed to defend immigrant co-workers and neighbors, and to provide support and assistance against the American Gestapo’s terrorization of work locations and communities. The government does not have the right to tear workers from their jobs and loved ones from their families.

This can take place only on the basis of a revolutionary fight against the capitalist system.

Eric London

Not satire: ISIS supporting israel tries to link the #BDS Movement to ‘Terrorism’

Israel Intensifies Efforts to Link the BDS Movement to ‘Terrorism’

Erdan unveiled what he described in a post on Twitter as a “map of the Delegitimization Network – aka, the Hate Net”, which the minister claimed “mapped out the 42 leading #BDS orgs, their hub in Ramallah & the connections between them”.

The minister told an audience of Israel advocates that “a coordinated and financed network of [boycott] organizations is led from Ramallah and Gaza, a quarter of which have links to terrorist organizations, including Hamas and the PFLP [Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine]”.

Erdan’s ministerial responsibilities include overseeing the Israeli authorities’ efforts to undermine and sabotage the BDS campaign.

“The perpetrators of this hate-filled campaign, who derive their ideology from the PA [Palestinian Authority] and Hamas, are united in their goal of attacking Israel, and are leaving no stone unturned in their efforts”, he declared Tuesday.

The Israeli minister claimed that “because of the policies we have led on this issue, millions of dollars, the fuel of the boycott movement, have been stopped in recent years, whether by international organizations or by states”.

According to the report, “Erdan also noted that the boycott campaign has been ramping up its activities of late, and have been lobbying politicians in various countries, and working towards trade embargoes of Israel, including halting cooperation with Israel’s defense industries”.

“The relationship between terrorist organizations and the BDS movement has never been closer, ideologically or operationally. I will continue to go after the perpetrators of this antisemitic hate campaign stemming from Gaza and Ramallah”, Erdan said.

A couple of weeks ago Lord Sugar was wailing about “anti-Semitism” but clearly sees nothing wrong in racism

Calls for BBC to drop Lord Sugar after ‘racist’ Senegalese footballers Tweet

a man looking at the camera© Provided by The Telegraph Lord Sugar could be dropped by the BBC and face a parliamentary investigation after he tweeted a “joke” comparing the Senegal football team to beach hawkers in Spain.

The businessman, who has appeared in The Apprentice since 2005, posted a doctored image of the team posing with sunglasses and counterfeit handbags, and wrote: “I recognise some of these guys from the beach in Marbella. Multitasking resourceful chaps.”

Embarrassingly for the BBC, his tweet coincided with the publication of the corporation’s ethnic diversity report, which called for a “substantial culture change” and recommended that managers be given compulsory cultural awareness training.

israel “soldiers” set dogs on elderly Palestinians and teens in Jenin refugee camp

Israel soldiers set dogs on elderly Palestinians and teens in Jenin refugee camp

Israeli occupation forces set dogs on elderly Palestinians and teenagers in their homes during a raid of Jenin refugee camp in the occupied West Bank last month.

According to rights group B’Tselem, on 7 May, a group of some ten Israeli soldiers raided Jenin refugee camp at around 4am, along with “two attack dogs”. The soldiers “forcibly entered two homes, woke up all the residents, turned the homes topsy-turvy, and detained two people”.

In one house, home to Zahra Ya’qub, 85, her son Salah, 44, his wife Sabah, 40, and their three children, soldiers “muscled in”, and “assaulted the couple with dogs that knocked down Sabah”.

B’Tselem continued: “One soldier kicked Sabah while she was lying on the ground and shoved her into the bedroom. Salah pulled her into the bedroom and then helped his mother in. Two soldiers stood by the door and prevented the members of the family from leaving.”

In the meantime, the account continues, “the soldiers went into the other rooms in the house, conducted searches, and arrested one of the sons, ‘Abd a-Rahman, 20, who has intellectual disabilities. The soldiers led ‘Abd a-Rahman into the bedroom, handcuffed with plastic cable ties”.

Read: Israeli forces fire grenade at couple holding baby

The next house to be raided was the home of the Salit family, where ten people live: 73-year-old Hashem; his 46-year-old son Samir with his wife and seven of their children, three of whom are minors aged 7 to 13.

Here, “the soldiers broke down the front door and entered the ground floor”, where “the soldiers, accompanied by one dog, assaulted the grandfather”, with the dog “knock[ing] the 73-year-old man onto his back and scratch[ing] his arms. The soldiers left him lying there injured.”

The soldiers then went into another room, and “set the dog on Muhammad (13). The dog knocked the boy to the floor and bit his finger through the muzzle. The soldiers handcuffed Muhammad, threw him to the floor, and covered him with sheets to keep him from seeing what was going on.”

B’Tselem notes that “night raids by the Israeli military on the homes of Palestinians in the West Bank have long since become a regular part of the routine imposed by the occupation regime”.

“In these raids, everyone in the home, including small children, is made to get out of bed. In this instance, the soldiers even had dogs with them, and they used them to assault some of the people in the home and terrorize the others.”

The NGO concluded:

This conduct is not a local initiative by individual soldiers or commanders in the field. It is part of the Israeli military’s policy in the West Bank. Therefore, it is abundantly clear that no one will be held to account in any way for what happened in Jenin R.C. last month

How Britain Facilitates the Shameful israeli Naval Blockade on Gaza

How Britain Facilitates the Shameful Israeli Naval Blockade on Gaza

Written by Rory Wood

The UK supplies the hardware, the expertise and the moral support to Israel that allow them to continue controlling the open prison that is Gaza


“Thanks in no small part to British cheerleading, the Israeli Navy are more emboldened and equipped than they ever have been, and the raids and patrols have increased in frequency.”

40% of World Health Organisation essential medicines are inaccessible in Gaza. The only painkiller available at al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza City is ibuprofen: the go-to headache remedy in the West is rationed between men, women and children who bleed and clutch their bullet wounds on corridor floors in the 24-48 hour wait to receive treatment. Once surgery begins more corners have to be cut; blood supplies are exhausted due to a lack of lab facilities to transfer it. Overworked doctors improvise and sometimes work miracles, but more often than not Palestinians suffer easily preventable deaths.

8,000 Gazans were shot over the last three months during the Great Return March, pushing a normally inadequate medical system into crisis. This crisis demands expedited cargoloads of vital supplies: something which should be easy for a a strip of land on the Mediterranean, where 30% of the world’s merchant ships are in transit at any time of year. However, Israel has enforced a brutal embargo on Gaza since 2007, and the UK Navy lends a hand to this siege that the UN Human Rights Council have declared a ‘flagrant contravention of international human rights and humanitarian law’.

Israel break the Oslo I accord by shooting at Palestinian fishermen who travel beyond 6 km from the shore, rather than the agreed 37km; they violate UN law by sinking aid flotillas and slaughtering humanitarian workers. If the UK Foreign Office’s stated objective to ‘stand up for human rights by working with international bodies’ was sincere we would not be assisting the IDF in their transgressions.

Minister of State for the Armed Forces Mark Lancaster admitted in a FOIA request that the five British vessels have taken part in Israeli tactical exercises and defence engagement activities since 2016.

Mad Dog Mattis, the destroyer of Raqqa, frets about losing moral authority

Mad Dog Mattis, the destroyer of Raqqa, frets about losing moral authority

Mad Dog Mattis, the destroyer of Raqqa, frets about losing moral authority
It’s parallel universe time when US Pentagon chief James ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis complains that America’s “moral authority” is being undermined by others – specifically Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

This is the ex-Marine general who gained his ruthless reputation from when illegally occupying US troops razed the Iraqi city of Fallujah in the 2004-2005 using “shake and bake” bombardment of inhabitants with banned white phosphorus incendiaries.

A repeat of those war crimes happened again last year under Mattis’ watch as Pentagon chief when US warplanes obliterated the Syrian city of Raqqa, killing thousands of civilians. Even the pro-US Human Rights Watch abhorred the repeated use of white phosphorus during that campaign to “liberate” Raqqa, supposedly from jihadists.

These are but two examples from dense archives of US war crimes committed over several decades, from its illegal intervention in Syria to Libya, from Iraq to Vietnam, back to the Korean War in the early 1950s when American carpet bombing killed millions of innocent civilians.

For Mattis to lament during a speech at a naval college last week that America’s moral authority is being eroded by Putin is a symptom of the delusional official thinking infesting Washington.

According to Mattis, the problem of America’s diminishing global reputation has nothing to do with US misconduct – even though the evidence is replete to prove that systematic misconduct. No, the problem, according to him, is that Russia’s Putin is somehow sneakily undermining Washington’s moral authority.

Mattis told his audience: “Putin aims to diminish the appeal of the western democratic model and attempts to undermine America’s moral authority.” He added that the Russian leader’s “actions are designed not to challenge our arms at this point but to undercut and compromise our belief in our ideals.”

The US Secretary of Defense doesn’t elaborate on how he thinks Russia is achieving this dastardly plot to demean America. It is simply asserted as fact. This has been a theme recycled over and over by officials in Washington and Brussels, other Western government leaders and of course NATO and its affiliated think-tanks. All of which has been dutifully peddled by Western news media.

It is classic “in denial” thinking. The general loss of legitimacy and authority by Western governments is supposedly nothing to do with their own inherent failures and transgressions, from bankrupt austerity economics, to deteriorating social conditions, to illegal US-led wars and the repercussions of blowback terrorism and mass migration of refugees.

Oh no. What the ruling elites are trying to do is shift the blame from their own culpability on to others, principally Russia.

American political analyst Randy Martin says that Mattis’ latest remarks show a form of collective delusion among Western political establishments and their aligned mainstream news media.

“What a powerful delusion Mattis and Western leaders like him are encumbered with,” says Martin. “The US undercuts and compromises its own avowed beliefs and ideals because it has lost any moral integrity that it might have feasibly pretended to have due to decades of its own criminal foreign conduct.”

The analyst added: “America’s so-called moral authority is the free pass it gives itself to topple democracy in Ukraine, replacing it with neo-Nazis; it has turned economically prosperous Libya into a wasteland, after murdering its leader Muammar Gaddafi; it funds and openly sponsors the MKO terror group in Iran for regime change in Tehran; and it is neck deep in fueling the Saudi coalition’s genocidal war in Yemen.”

Despite this litany of criminality committed by the US with the acquiescence of European allies, Washington, says Martin, “preaches a bizarre doctrine of ‘exceptionalism’ and somehow arrogates a moral right to dominate the world. This is the fruit of the diseased minds of sociopaths.”

This week, three headline-making issues speak volumes about America’s declining moral authority.

First, there are the harrowing scenes of thousands of migrant children being ripped away from parents at the Mexican border, forcibly housed in wire cages, sobbing relentlessly from the trauma. There has been an outcry around the world over the heartless “zero-tolerance” policy by the Trump administration. The United Nations condemned it as “unconscionable”.

One editorial writer for the Washington Post called Trump’s policy “barbarous”, and said it was inflicting “great damage to the fabric of our democracy”.

Secondly, the Trump administration is recklessly pushing ahead with a trade war against China and its Western allies. The unilateral imposition of tariffs by the White House in disregard for international trade laws has prompted European officials to deplore how Trump is “undermining the global rules-based system”.

Thirdly, there is widespread horror at the humanitarian catastrophe unfolding in Yemen where millions of civilians are in danger of starving to death due to the US-backed Saudi and Emirati offensive on the critical port city of Hodeida.

Lastly, the US withdrawal this week from the Geneva-based United Nations Human Rights Council, which UN ambassador Nikki Haley lambasted for being a “cesspool of prejudice” against Israel, caused consternation that Washington was cynically trying to shut down criticism of its support for Israel and its illegal occupation of Palestinian territory.

In all three issues, US global standing is tarnished by its own policy-making, decisions and conduct. Increasingly, Washington is becoming the full-fledged rogue regime that many observers had already concluded it was from decades of illegal wars and subterfuges. What is different now is that the rogue image is becoming impossible to not notice or to conceal by self-serving propaganda and myths that the Western media indulged in for decades.

Mattis’ protests about the US losing its moral authority are more to do with a growing fear of one’s own nakedness. Like the emperor who had no clothes, the naked ugliness of American global power is becoming more and more exposed.

Arguably, it is not a case of US power becoming more malevolent or wayward over time. That has always been the case; only in the past the perniciousness was handily concealed by an efficient, servile news media.

With increasing global communications and alternative sources of news and analysis, the erstwhile media monopoly that the US enjoyed along with its Western lackeys is no longer dominant. Western public in particular have more information sources to allow a more critical, independent assessment of their governments and the official narratives. This is why the supposed “moral authority” of the US government is being challenged. People are seeing through the veil of lies and misinformation, and making the correct conclusions.

Not only no clothes, but the emperor’s hands are covered in blood from massive crimes against humanity and atrocious wars of aggression that were previously denied or hidden.

One suspects that what’s really agitating Mattis and other apologists for US illegal wars and malevolent conduct is that the unvarnished truth is being told by alternative sources.

America’s purported “moral authority” is not being lost. It never had any in the first place. What’s being lost is the illusion of authority

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