Why the recent developments in Syria show that the Obama Administration is in a state of confused agony

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The latest developments in Syria are not, I believe, the result of some deliberate plan of Why the recent developments in Syria show that the Obama Administration is in a state of confused agonythe USA to help their “moderate terrorist” allies on the ground, but they are the symptom of something even worse: the complete loss of control of the USA over the situation in Syria and, possibly, elsewhere.  Let me just re-state what just happened:

First, after days and days of intensive negotiations, Secretary Kerry and Foreign Minister Lavrov finally reached a deal on a cease-fire in Syria which had the potential to at least “freeze” the situation on the ground until the Presidential election in the USA and a change in administration (this is now the single most important event in the near future, therefore no plans of any kind can extend beyond that date).

Then the USAF, along with a few others, bombed a Syrian Army unit which was not on the move or engaged in intense operations, but which was simply holding a key sector of the front.  The US strike was followed by a massive offensive of the “moderate terrorists” which was barely contained by the Syrian military and the Russian Aerospace forces.  Needless to say, following such a brazen provocation the cease-fire was dead.  The Russians expressed their total disgust and outrage at this attack and openly began saying that the Americans were “недоговороспособны”.  What that word means is literally “not-agreement-capable” or unable to make and then abide by an agreement.  While polite, this expression is also extremely strong as it implies not so much a deliberate deception as the lack of the very ability to make a deal and abide by it.  For example, the Russians have often said that the Kiev regime is “not-agreement-capable”, and that makes sense considering that the Nazi occupied Ukraine is essentially a failed state.  But to say that a nuclear world superpower is “not-agreement-capable” is a terrible and extreme diagnostic.  It basically means that the Americans have gone crazy and lost the very ability to make any kind of deal.  Again, a government which breaks its promises or tries to deceive but who, at least in theory, remains capable of sticking to an agreement would not be described as “not-agreement-capable”.  That expression is only used to describe an entity which does not even have the skillsetneeded to negotiate and stick to an agreement in its political toolkit.  This is an absolutely devastating diagnostic.

Next came the pathetic and absolutely unprofessional scene of US Ambassador Samantha Powers simply walking out of a UNSC meeting when the Russian representative was speaking.  Again, the Russians were simply blown away, not by the infantile attempt at offending, but at the total lack of diplomatic professionalism shown the Powers.  From a Russian point of view, for one superpower to simply walk out at the very moment the other superpower is making a crucial statement is simply irresponsible and, again, the sign that their American counterparts have totally “lost it”.

Finally, there came the crowning moment: the attack of the humanitarian convey in Syria which the USA blamed, of course, on Russia.  The Russians, again, could barely believe their own eyes.  First, this was such a blatant and, frankly, Kindergarten-level attempt to show that “the Russians make mistakes too” and that “the Russians killed the cease-fire”.  Second, there was this amazing statement of the Americans who said there are only two air forces which could have done that – either the Russians or the Syrians (how the Americans hoped to get away with this in an airspace thoroughly controlled by Russian radars is beyond me!).  Somehow, the Americans “forgot” to mention that their own air force was also present in the region, along with the air forces of many US allies.  Most importantly, they forgot to mention that that night armed US Predator drones were flying right over that convoy.

What happened in Syria is painfully obvious: the Pentagon sabotaged the deal made between Kerry and Lavrov and when the Pentagon was accused of being responsible, it mounted a rather crude false flag attack and tried to blame it on the Russians.

All this simply goes to show that the Obama Administration is in a state of confused agony.  The White House apparently is so freaked out at the prospects of a Trump victory in November that it has basically lost control of its foreign policy in general and, especially, in Syria.  The Russians are quite literally right: the Obama Administration is truly “not-agreement-capable”.

Of course, the fact that the Americans are acting like clueless frustrated children does not mean that Russia will reciprocate in kind.  We have already seen Lavrov go back and further negotiate with Kerry.  Not because the Russians are naive, but precisely because, unlike their US colleagues, the Russians are professionals who know that negotiations and open lines of communications are always, and by definition, preferable to a walk-away, especially when dealing with a superpower.  Those observers who criticize Russia for being “weak” or “naive” simply project their own, mostly American, “reaction set” on the Russians and fail to realize the simply truth that Russians are not Americans, they think differently and they act differently.  For one thing, the Russians don’t care if they are perceived as “weak” or “naive”.  In fact, they would prefer to be perceived as such if that furthers their goals and confuses the opponent about their real intentions and capabilities.  The Russians know that they did not build the biggest country on the planet by being “weak” or “naive” and they won’t be take lessons from a country which is younger that many Russian buildings.  The western paradigm is usually like this: a crises leads to a breakdown in negotiations and conflict follows.  The Russian paradigm is completely different: a crisis leads to negotiations which are conducted up the the last second before a conflict erupts.  There are two reasons for that: first, continuing to negotiate up to the last second makes it possible to seek a way out of the confrontation up to the last second and, second, negotiations up to the last second make it possible to come as close as possible to achieving strategic surprise for an attack.  This is exactly how Russia acted in Crimea and in Syria – with absolutely no warning signs or, even less so, a well-publicized display of power to attempt to intimidate somebody (intimidation is also a western political strategy the Russians don’t use).

So Lavrov will continue to negotiate, no matter how ridiculous and useless such negotiations will appear.  And Lavrov himself will probably never officially utter the word “недоговороспособны”, but the message to the Russian people and to the Syrian, Iranian and Chinese allies of Russia will be that at this point Russia has lost any hope of dealing with the current US Administration.

Obama and Co. now have their hands full with trying to hide Hillary’s health and character problems and right now they probably can think of only one thing: how to survive the upcoming Hillary-Trump debate.  The Pentagon and the Department of State are mostly busy fighting each other over Syria, Turkey, the Kurds and Russia.  The CIA seems to be fighting itself, though this is hard to ascertain.

It is likely that some kind of deal with still be announced by Kerry and Lavrov, if not today, then tomorrow or the day after.  But, frankly, I completely agree with the Russians: the American are truly “not-agreement-capable” and at this point in time, both the conflict in Syria and the one in the Ukraine are frozen.  I don’t mean “frozen” in the sense of “no fighting”, not at all, but I do mean “frozen” in the same of “no major developments possible”.  There will still be combats, especially now that the Wahabi and Nazi allies of the USA feel that their boss is not in charge because he is busy with elections and race riots, but since there is no quick military solution possible in either one of these wars, the tactical clashes and offensives will not yield any strategic result.

Barring an election-canceling false flag inside the USA, like the murder of either Hillary or Trump by a “lone gunman”, the wars in the Ukraine and Syria will go on with no prospects of any kind of meaningful negotiations.  And whether Trump or Hillary get into the White House next, a major “reset” will take place in early 2017.  Trump will probably want to meet Putin for a major negotiations session involving all the key outstanding issues between the USA and Russia.  If Hillary and her Neocons make it into the White House then some kind of war between Russia and the USA will become almost impossible to prevent.

The Saker

PS: some Russian military experts are saying that the kind of damage shown in the footage of the attack on the humanitarian convey is not consistent with an airstrike or even an artillery strike and that it looks much more like the result of a blast of several IEDs.  If so, then that would still not point at Russia, but at the “moderate terrorist” forces in control of that location.  This could still be a US ordered-false flag attack or, alternatively, the proof that the US has lost control over its Wahabi allies on the ground.

How Shimon Peres Stole the Nuclear Bomb with a Bluff, and Why Military Censor Doesn’t Want Israelis to Know about It

Global Research, September 23, 2016
Richard Silverstein 16 September 2016

Shimon Peres had a severe stroke two days ago and while his health has improved since he entered the hospital, at age 93, he is in the twilight of his years.  It’s appropriate to take stock of his legacy as an epochal figure who spans the founding of the State to the present day.  I can’t think of another active Israeli politician with that length of service or span of history.

When Peres dies, an entire nation will mourn him as a founding father of the state.  Someone who served it faithfully and diligently for nearly seven decades.  The accolades will pour forth.  Newscasters will show historic footage of him with his political mentor, David Ben Gurion, and intone solemnly about the deeds of the Great Man.

But, as is often the case in these matters, the truth lies elsewhere.  Peres began his career as Ben Gurion’s errand boy.  He was diligent and inventive.  What the boss needed done, he always figured out a way to accomplish.  Eventually became his chief fixer.  That’s how he was assigned the monumental task of getting Israel the Bomb.  Such a task is no small feat and it required immense amounts of grit, determination, invention, and even outright thievery.  Peres was more than up to the task.

israeli censorship nuclear bomb

Uncensored version of Wall story which describes Peres’ bluff which enabled French to circumvent international nuclear prohibition against selling uranium to Israel

From almost the first moment after the State was founded Ben Gurion aspired to create a nuclear weapon.  He saw it as his Doomsday device.  The ace he could draw from the deck if all the cards were stacked against him.  Though Israel’s actual strategic strength was quite robust, Ben Gurion suggested otherwise.  In a famous episode of that era, he’s reputed to have looked at a map of the Middle East spread upon the wall of his study and exclaimed to those around him:

“I didn’t sleep a wink last night because of this map.  What is Israel?  A single tiny speck.  How can it survive amidst this Arab world?!”

This was part and parcel of the Israeli strategy of portraying itself as the eternal victim, the weaker party to every conflict, who required moral and military support to prevent its destruction.  None of it was true.  But in the aftermath of the Holocaust, the world felt it couldn’t to take a chance that it might happen again.  That’s how Israel became little David to the Arab Goliath in the eyes of much of the world after 1948.

Though the conventional Israeli belief is that Israel’s  WMD was meant to protect Israel from imminent destruction should  it suffer a catastrophic defeat, that theory is wrong either in whole or in part.  In actuality, Israel never faced such a threat.  It always maintained military superiority over its enemies in every war from 1948 through 1967 (and after).

Ben  Gurion’s real goal in obtaining nukes was political.

He wanted to ensure Israel would never have to negotiate away the gains it made on the battlefield.  He wanted a weapon he could hold over the heads of any enemy, that would ensure he never had to renounce anything that was rightfully Israel’s (in his mind at least).  So Israel’s Bomb has enabled it to reject virtually every peace initiative offered going all the way back to 1967.  Israel’s leaders knew that the U.S. would never gamble that it wouldn’t use WMD if it had to.  So American presidents already had one hand tied behind their backs in such negotiations.  In a card game, when one party holds the ace of spades in his pocket and everyone else playing knows this, it’s not much of a game, is  it?

Israeli Opponents of the Bomb

It would be a misnomer to believe that Ben Gurion and Peres were lionized by their peers for their visionary project.  Opposition to an Israeli Bomb was strong and crossed party lines.   Among those who were against were future prime minister Levi Eshkol, Pinchas Sapir, Yigal Alon, Golda Meir, and Israel’s leading weapons developer, Yisrael Galili.  Even then IDF chief of staff Chaim Leskov opposed the Bomb.  Prof. Yeshayahu Leibowitz, in his typically prophetic fashion created an NGO that called for making the Middle East a nuclear-free zone (it was called in Hebrew “the Public Committee to Demilitarize the Middle East of Nuclear Weapons”).  It was probably the first such call anywhere in the world.  In one matter, he turned out to be wrong.  He predicted that by building the nuclear reactor Israel would tempt its enemies to bomb and destroy it.  Afterward, Lebowitz predicted, they would call Dimona: “Shimon’s Folly.”

The sheer chutzpah that Peres employed to get what he wanted was astonishing.  He played on the heartstrings of German guilt to obtain funding for the  nuclear arms project.  He recruited Arnon Milchan as a covert operative to organize a conspiracy to steal highly enriched uranium from the U.S. depository where it was stored.  Peres negotiated with the French a complex deal to build the Dimona plant, which to this day produces the plutonium for Israel’s WMD arsenal.

The defense ministry director general traveled extensively to France in those days and cultivated the entire political leadership in pursuit of the necessary agreements to build the Dimona plant.  On the very day he flew to France to sign the final deal, the government in Paris fell.  Though Ben Gurion saw Peres’ trip as wasted, the latter refused to give up.  He went to the resigning prime minister and suggested that they back-date the agreement to make it appear as if it had been signed before the resignation.  The French leader agreed.  And so, Israel’s Bomb was saved by an audacious bluff.  When someone asked Peres afterward how he thought he could get away with such a stratagem, he joked: “What’s 24 hours among friends?”

Peres facilitated outright theft as well.  If Israel waited to produce the highly enriched uranium it would need to create a Bomb on its own, it would’ve taken years longer than it did.  If it could procure the uranium by other means it would immensely speed the process.

That’s how the father of the Israeli Bomb recruited future Hollywood film producer Milchan to steal hundreds of kilos of nuclear materials from a warehouse in Pennsylvania with the connivance of American officials who were pro-Israel Jews recruited to the task.

Roger Mattson recently published a book on the subject, Stealing the Atom Bomb: How Denial and Deception Armed Israel.

This article summarizes his findings. Among them, are that a group of American Jewish scientists and engineers founded the company which likely embezzled and transferred to Israel enough material to make six nuclear bombs. Several officers of this company later became national officers in the Zionist Organization of America. A founder of the company fought in the Haganah during the 1948 War and was a protege of future Israeli intelligence chief, Meir Amit. Key figures in U.S. intelligence even suggested that the company itself was established by Israeli intelligence in order to steal U.S. materials and technological expertise in the service of Israel’s nuclear weapons project. All of this means that leaders of one of the key organizations in the Israel Lobby aided and abetted a huge national security breach which gave Israel the bomb.

If you’re a pro-Israel advocate you likely see such figures as heroes. If so, consider this: Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were executed in 1956 for doing far less harm to America’s nuclear program than these individuals did.

Israel Lobby’s Covert Fundraising Program

The WMD project was extraordinarily expensive.  The new State, saddled with huge expenses to feed and house millions of  new immigrants, had no budget to fund it.  That’s where Peres turned to wealthy Diaspora Jews like Abe Feinberg to covertly raise funds for the Israeli bomb.  Feinberg spearheaded a fundraising campaign which raised $40-million, equivalent to $260-million in today’s dollars.  Feinberg also conspired through his Democratic Party connections to secure from Pres. Johnson Israel’s right to refuse to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation pact.

Nasser announces the nationalisation of the Suez Canal

The Israeli news portal Walla describes the brilliant stratagem Ben Gurion and Peres concocted that drew France to Israel’s side in the effort to make a Bomb.  It began in 1956 with a secret meeting at a French villa outside Paris with a high-level British and French contingent.  The goals of the French and British were aligned with those of Israel, but not completely so.  The British and French wanted to give Egypt’s new firebrand leader, Gamal Nasser a black eye for nationalizing the Suez Canal and offering aid to the Algerian resistance.  They hatched a plan to attack Nasser and carve up Egypt’s strategic assets for themselves.  Israel was happy to go along for the ride.  But it had a separate goal–to garner European support for its nuclear effort.

After getting the go-ahead sign from Ben Gurion, Peres approached his French counterparts and announced Israeli agreement to join in the attack which later came to be known as Operation Kadesh.  But Israel, he told them, faced far more danger in the venture than either the British or French.  If Israel lost, its very existence could be threatened.  That’s why it needed a strategic weapon that could prevent its annihilation in the event of a disastrous defeat.

As negotiations proceeded with the French, they warned the Israelis that there were prohibited from selling them uranium under international agreements.  Peres came up with a typically brilliant and devious solution:

“Don’t sell it to us, lend it to us,” he said.  “We will return it to you after our mission is completed.”

So began the real effort to build an Israeli Bomb.  The reactor was completed in 1960 and by 1967 Israel had its first primitive nuclear weapon to use in case it lost the 1967 War.

For some strange reason, the Israeli military censor disapproved of Walla talking about Peres’ “bluff” regarding back-dating the French-Israeli nuclear agreement. In the censored version, you won’t find any reference to it. Nor will you find the story about Peres’ suggestion that the French “lend” the uranium to Israel, since it was illegal to sell it.  My guess is that with Peres’ demise likely, they preferred not to tarnish the Old Man’s reputation any more than necessary. Which raises the question: why is a censor stooping to protect Israeli politicians’ reputations rather than protecting the security of the state, which is its putative mission?”

من كوهين الأول الى كواهين الربيع العربي .. ساحة المرجة تنتظر بفارغ الصبر مشهد اعدام الجواسيس

بقلم نارام سرجون

اعدام كوهين في ساحة المرجة

اليوم سنعيد الزمن الى الوراء .. وسنأخذكم جميعا الى عام 1965 .. الى ساحة المرجة لا للسياحة .. ولكن لحضور مهرجان سوري نادر .. حيث يتجمع الناس لمشاهدة الجاسوس الاسرائيلي كوهين معلقا على حبل المشنقة قصاصا من مغامرته في دخول سورية للتجسس عليها ..

واذا كان الثورجيون لايحبون ان نعود بهم الى ذلك الزمن فاننا سنأخذهم عنوة الى تلك اللحظات التي عاقبنا فيها الجواسيس الاسرائيليين .. سنجرهم من آذانهم .. ونضعهم وجها لوجه أمام كوهين المعلق لأنهم سيرتجفون هلعا من أن ينتهوا ذات النهاية .. وسنذكرهم من خلال هذه الرحلة عبر الزمن أن عاصمتنا ليست مثل عواصم العرب التي يتجول فيها الجواسيس وجواسيس الجواسيس كما لو انها عواصمهم .. ونكرر من خلال هذا المشهد أن دمشق لاتجامل الجواسيس وأصدقاء الجواسيس وعملاء الجواسيس .. واننا اليوم ندفع ثمن هذا الموقف الذي لن نرجع فيه ولو وضعوا الشمس في يميننا .. والقمر في يسارنا .. ونكرر اننا مستعدون لدفع كل ثمن ولن نسمح لخلفاء وحلفاء كوهين أن يدخلوا عاصمتنا سواء كبروا باسم (الله أكبر )ورفعوا الأذان وأقاموا الصلاة وحكموا بشرع الله .. أو غنوا لنا نشيد الحرية والديمقراطية بكل اللغات .. الجواسيس الذين يدخلون دمشق مصيرهم المشنقة ..

اليوم هناك كوهين في كل زاوية يتربص بنا .. وروح كوهين تختبئ تحت عمائم كل مجاهدي الناتو .. ويتلصص علينا بعينيه من بين غابات اللحى .. ويطل علينا وجه كوهين من رؤوس الأقلام المأجورة .. ويسيل لعابه مع الحبر الذي يكتب لنا بيانات الثورة .. وتطوف روحه على كل كتائب الثورجيين تطلب منهم أن يبحثوا لها عن جسده الذي اختفى منذ أن نقل من ساحة المرجة .. ولكن هيهات .. لن ينتصر كوهين ودولة كوهين على ارادة دمشق ..

ولاشك أن جيلنا يتوق لأن يرى عددا من الكواهين العرب والسوريين في نفس المكان والموقف .. فكم تحتاج ساحة المرجة الى مثل هذه المهرجانات الشعبية الوطنية بدل ساحات اعدام الأسرى السوريين والجنود السوريين في ساحات تطوف فيها روحه التي تنتقم من كل السوريين مثلما أرواح السحرة والمشعوذين في القصص ..

وكم في بلادنا من ابنائها ممن فعل بها أكثر مما فعل كوهين .. وآلمها وجرحها وعذبها ..

وImage result for ‫عزمي بشارة كوهين‬‎كان لاسرائيل خير جاسوس وخير خلف تفوق على كوهين ..

ولكني من بين كل الكواهين في هذا الزمن فانني أنتظر كوهينا بعينه .. أتمنى أن أفيق صباح أحد الأيام وأمر بساحة المرجة واراها مكتظة بالجماهير وقد اختنقت بالناس .. فأندفع بينهم وأشق طريقي بصعوبة ..

وأصل الى المشنقة .. وأرى عليها جسدا يتدلى بشنباته الضخمة .. وأعني خليفة كوهين .. وجاسوس الجواسيس .. وكوهين الكواهين .. المفكر العبري أستاذ كوهين .. هل عرفتم من أعني؟؟

المحامي جريس بولس: بشارة حاول شرائي بـ300 ألف يورو وسأستقيل من التجمع


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Zionist Entity’s Embassy in Ankara attacked


Wednesday, 21 September 2016 11:54

ANKARA-Two persons have carried out an attack against the Israeli embassy in Ankara, with police shooting and capturing a suspect.

Private broadcaster NTV said one person had been “injured and neutralized” in the Wednesday incident, in which the assailants tried to storm the Israeli mission, according to Press TV.

Emmanuel Nahshon, a spokesman for Israel’s ministry for foreign affairs, said that an attacker apparently armed with a knife had tried to enter the embassy before being shot and slightly wounded.

He said the attack took place in the “outer perimeter” of the embassy, adding, “The attacker was wounded before he reached the mission building”.

The incident comes months after Ankara and Tel Aviv resumed diplomatic ties after a six-year freeze.

Ankara and Tel Aviv’s once close relations soured after Israeli commandos raided the Gaza Strip-bound Turkish-flagged Freedom Flotilla in international waters of the Mediterranean on May 31, 2010, killing nine Turkish citizens and injuring about 50 other people.

A tenth Turkish national later succumbed to his injuries.

The two sides, however, announced a reconciliation agreement on June 27, after several rounds of negotiations. Later, Ankara and Tel Aviv began the procedure of exchanging ambassadors.


Syrian Troops Liberate Handarat Heights in Northern Aleppo

Tue Sep 20, 2016 5:9
Syrian Troops Liberate Handarat Heights in Northern Aleppo
TEHRAN (FNA)- The Syrian army forces won back control of Handarat heights in the Northern parts of Aleppo hours after the end of ceasefire.

The army and its allies started operations to cleanse the strategic Handarat refugee camp of terrorists on Tuesday morning and they could drive back the Ahrar al-Sham militants from the Northern heights of Handarat camp after heavy clashes.

The terrorists withdrew from the Northern heights of Handarat after sustaining tens of casualties in the army’s surprise attack.

Liberation of Handarat heights is the first step towards retaking the entire refugee camp from the terrorists.

The Syrian Army declared end of ceasefire on Monday, regretting that militants did not adhere to any of the provisions stated in the truce agreement.

The Syrian army reaffirmed commitment to fight against terror after the end of truce, and did not add whether the truce will be reinstated any time in future.

The truce started last week. On September 9, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and US Secretary of State John Kerry announced a new peace plan to address the conflict in Syria that called for a ceasefire and anti-terrorism cooperation among other clauses of the treaty.

According to the Russian General Staff, the terrorist groups in Syria have violated the ceasefire over 300 times since it took effect.

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Stupid Kurds of YPG asking Damascus to fight Turkey and assist in the federalisation of Syria

Syria’s Al-Watan newspaper has reported that the Kurdish YPG-led Syrian Democratic Forces have requested help from the Syrian government and Russia in dealing with Turkey’s incursion into the country. To date, Turkey’s military, and it’s Free Syrian Army and Islamist proxies have captured scores of villages from the YPG.

This unusual request comes after the YPG and Kurdish police targeted the National Defense Force (NDF) in an unprovoked attack and evicted the NDF and Syrian Army from Hasakah as part of a peace deal.

The report also claimed that the Kurdish authorities were planning on conducting a census and then announce their ambitions to federalise their areas of control within a month. Effectively the Kurdish authorities are asking Damascus to fight Turkey and assist in the federalisation of Syria.

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Eight Injured in Minnesota Mall Stabbing, Suspect Shot Dead

US Police Patrol and Ambulance

September 18, 2016

A man making “some references to Allah” stabbed and injured eight people in a shopping mall in the US state of Minnesota Saturday night, before being shot dead by an off-duty officer, police said.

The suspect “asked at least one person if they were Muslim before he assaulted them,” Blair Anderson, the police chief in the city of St. Cloud where the attack took place, told journalists.

But he emphasized that the assailant’s motivation remained unclear and said “whether that was a terrorist attack or not, I’m not willing to say that right now because we just don’t know.”

The attack came as 29 people were injured in a deliberate explosion in a busy New York neighborhood Saturday. Mayor Bill de Blasio said there was no known link to terror at this stage.

Anderson said the armed suspect entered the Crossroads Center mall in St. Cloud — a city of about 67,000 people some 70 miles (110 km) northwest of Minneapolis — and attacked at least eight people.

The lone suspect was wearing a private security uniform and had at least one knife, and “made some references to Allah,” the police chief said.

“That suspect was confronted by an off-duty police officer and summarily shot and killed,” he said.

Anderson said the eight people injured were taken to a hospital, where one is expected to remain.

The suspect had a history of minor traffic violations, Anderson said, adding that police do not currently have reason to believe the attack was connected to any other incident.

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton said she had been briefed about the Minnesota stabbing as well as Saturday’s explosions in New York and a pipe bomb blast hours earlier in a trash can in New Jersey in which no one was injured.

The St. Cloud mall was put on lockdown in the aftermath of the attack, with local media reporting that people were being allowed to leave late Saturday. The facility will remain closed as police continue their investigation.

“It’s an awful day,” Anderson said. “Starting tomorrow things won’t be the same here.”

Source: AFP

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